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  1. Gonna miss you daddy

  2. Hello fellow community members I hope you are all having a lovely day!


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    Your cup makes me angrey!!!!!!!1!!!!11 >>>>>:^((((

  3. @Law o7 is an upstanding member of this community and I wish her great fortune in her life

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      Law o7

      lol thx

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      Remember @Law o7 life for a free ipad mini

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    Hello nice to see you today in Chernogorsk I heard you like bananas if you wish to trade I have many bananas available for purchase

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      Law o7

      Hello community member. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I hope you're having a wonderful day! I certainly do enjoy bananas and would love to engage in a trade! :) Like for a free mac book.

  4. Hello fellow Zimbabwean I hope you are having a great day and you are graced with great fortunes

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      I'm having an amazing day amazing community member Curtis who happens to have beautiful eyes. 

  5. Hello valued community member I hope you are having an enjoyable day today!

  6. It has arrived

  7. Had some sick RP with VDV and CDF today god knows how many of you were there but Josefina will have her revenge!
  8. Josefina Lopez

    Josefina was born in Rasman, Takistan. From an early age, she got into trouble for small crimes such as theft and carjacking. After years of fighting to survive on the streets of Feruz Abad she was taken in by the MS-13 gang who recently came into the area. At first, she was sceptical of the gang but they took her in when she was most vulnerable and she was gracious of the hospitality shown by the gang. She became family and a part of the gang, becoming almost like the mother of the gang, she cared for gang as if they were her children. Making sure they never went hungry and were always taken care of. Josefina had been there from the beginning for many current members often even being there to see their birth. MS-13 looked up to Josefina and treated her with the upmost respect, when the gang sent a crew to Chernarus to establish a home for MS-13. Josefina was sent alongside the crew as she had never been outside of her homeland of Takistan and wanted to see a different country, so she jumped at the chance to move. Arriving at Chernarus a few years before the infection began she became an invaluable member of MS-13, She arrived with Julio Martinez, Pablo Martinez, Carlito’s Martinez, Jose Martinez and Raul Martinez in an attempt to secure MS-13 permanently in Chernarus. As Josefina was getting older she became more delusional over the state of the world. When the infection hit, Josefina didn’t think of much of the infected not realising how dangerous the world was but with her family around she didn’t have much to worry about.
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    RIP :(

    1. WildCurtos

      Forever in our hearts...