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  1. I was in the red house when the guy in a purple mask next to me shot out the window suddenly, next thing i knew we were also being shot at and people were yelling. After a cease fire was called we handed over the purple mask fellow and allowed the opposing group to handle their business outside of town on their own terms, after which they decided to rob us i guess. The hostileRP was stale and boring, people were killed despite their compliance, people RPing as injured were ignored. It was VERY clear all they cared about at that point was taking our guns and the truck we had parked in town. They had been hanging around our group for several days prior trying to provoke us into giving them a reason to attack us, calling us names, and purposely rejecting our requests to keep weapons shouldered in town. One person had inspected Jackson's inventory and asked one of his friends "they were told they would be shot if they had any weapons on them, right?" and when that was confirmed, Jackson was gunned down. "Knives are pretty dangerous he could've lunged at me." or something very similar was said, and I understand it's a realistic thing to think in RP, however, Jackson's hands were securely tied BEHIND HIS BACK and the constraints of the game literally would not have allowed him to do such a thing. Maybe that's a weak arguing point in the sake of RP, but that's just my 2 cents.
  2. I spoke with Norway about this incident and it's been sorted out as unintentional, so I'd like to close the report.
  3. S1 at NWAF 2019-10-21, 04:02 Murphy Mills The only names of some of the friendlies i remember were Ryan, Nick, and Dommy i think. Didn't get any last names. Not a clue who the suspects were This screenshot was taken mere SECONDS before the related incident occurred A group of rather friendly fellas had gathered at the NWAF and were casually chatting and trading some things when someone ran up screaming "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW NOW NOW" and I was shot immediately before i had a chance to even reach for my surrender hotkey so i have no idea what happened following that.
  4. Murdawg

    Murphy's Law

  5. *He parks the truck and turns off the ignition, taking a deep breath before pressing the PTT button on his radio* "Frank if you're still alive out there to hear this, it's Murphy. I drove a while before tuning into the frequency you gave me and...well I'd rather not think about it. I can't remember if I told you where I was heading, but if you manage to find Scott still breathing, he knows. Come find me." *He releases the PTT button and lets out a shaky sigh*
  6. I was on a hiking trip through the Chernarussian Black Mountains with 3 friends from my previous construction job when everything went south. I'm a bit of an introvert, but Aaron, Larry, and Mark had always made me feel like a part of the group. They even offered to cover the travel costs, but I told them that was too much. I was just glad they had wanted me along in the first place. I'd always been an outdoorsman, I would be in good company, and I hadn't seen them in too long. What could go wrong? My group and I had been resting at a hotel in Novodmitrovsk after returning from our hike when the first bombs dropped. I developed a sort of sinking feeling while watching the news reports. Things seemed serious, and only to be getting worse. I had started to regret agreeing to the trip, but my friend Aaron had assured us all that things would be fine. We were leaving for Novigrad in just a couple of days, after all. I awoke to pandemonium in the streets. Larry and Mark had left for coffee a short while before. Aaron hardly gave me enough time to get dressed before dragging me out to look for them, rattling on about people going crazy in the streets. My panic had reached a peak by the time we were out in the streets, and everything after that is a blur. I don't remember when exactly, but I'd been separated from my friend at some point. Panicked, confused, and now alone, I fled into the woods to the northeast. My skills in hunting, fishing, and construction allowing me to survive...mostly.
  7. Hi everyone i just joined and im already running in the 90s cant wait to have a good time here
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