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  1. POV of Nathaniel Maylor. After entering Chernogorsk and chatting briefly with the other group of men and receiving some raw venison, upon hearing the word "initiation" I begin to move to cover behind the same wall as the Viscount. Upon taking fire from the group of men, I immediately return fire and (I believe) killed one of the attackers. As I had not reached the safety of the wall, I am then myself killed and and taken out of the fight. (I feel like this is perhaps too short, but it is all that involved myself in the incident. Let me know if I should be going into more detail, but all relevant information is there.)
  2. Can't you see they're suffering? Help them!
  3. Have another Cavalier endorsement. It would be great not to have to carry around spare hats and gloves and boots just in case of an emergency. Also give us pith helmets. Please. We need them.
  4. On the 3rd of February, 1990, Nathaniel Maylor was born to John Thomas Maylor and Mary Josephine Maylor at the Royal London Hospital. His father was a barrister for the Navy Legal Services and his mother, though not formally employed, an avid hobby painter. Nathaniel spent his earliest years with his mother at the family's country home in the Peak District. His primary school years went by with little of note occurring. Though enrolled at a decent boarding school, living away from home was not to his liking. He is known to have gotten into at least three fights whilst there, though others may not have been discovered. Later in life he enrolled at Oxford University studying law, intending to follow in his father's footsteps. Though he enjoyed life at university, he did feel as though a career in legal matters was not what he truly wanted. Despite making several good friends, a certain Edwin Ashford, among them, he decided to abandon his studies of law and dropped out of Oxford. Upon his father's hearing of this, he made an effort of ostracising Nathaniel. He found that he no longer had a home to welcomed back into. Needing some place to live, and a new purpose in life, Nathaniel decided to embark on a more adventurous path. He attended and completed the Potential Officers Course at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines at Lympstone, Devon and went on to do well at the Admiralty Interview Board, ultimately being placed on the Young Officer Training Course. Military life seemed to suit him more than the life of one studying law, and he found himself content and happy with his new path in life. After several years of exercises in allied nations and two deployments abroad, the now Lieutenant Maylor decided on becoming a reservist, thinking a little quiet time would do him good. Receiving an invitation to the grand opening of his old Oxford friend Edwin Ashford's new museum in the small Black Sea nation of Chernarus, Nathaniel decided on going. A little holiday couldn't do anyone any harm, after all...
  5. Håkon spent his early days in school, doing rather poorly, and his free time at his father's country home. Håkon and his father would often times take hikes into the mountains, and go camping in the forest. His father, a slight alcoholic, was good at heart, and had an odd obsession with history. He would collect old weapons and books such as Heimskringla, or the Sagas of Norwegian Kings. His mother was a school teacher in the next municipality over, and was a kind and reserved woman, from whom Håkon inherited his innate quietness. Once older, and out of school, Håkon would take odd jobs at the surrounding farms, caring for the animals, clearing fields, and logging. He also took up the hobby of hunter, and would even at times sell the game he hunted, to earn a little money on the side. This skill, as he would learn later in life, would prove itself quite useful. Later in life, Håkon's father, Torkild, was killed in a squabble with one of his rather dubious friends. While the loss was quite hard, he had been anticipating it for a while. To cope with said loss, he took to the life of a hermit, he would spend his days in a cabin him and his father built when he was younger. He would hunt for food, get water from the surrounding streams and live off the land. This continued for around four months, before Håkon got tired off it all. He decided to strike out into the unknown and see the world. He would visit friends of the family in France, Britain and other European countries. He made a friend in The Netherlands, who considered himself a bit of a fancy traveller. He told Håkon of a nation on the shores of the Black Sea. They decided to journey there together, perhaps find some work there and stay for a while.
  6. First of all, it's virtually impossible to enforce. If you go around checking that people in the official TS aren't going OOC, they will just hop on their own server. Secondly, when me and my mates are say, walking or driving somewhere, we enjoy making banterous conversations and telling bad jokes, all of wich is OOC. I agree, however, that OOC TeamSpeak chatter can get rather annoying while RPing, so perhaps instead, a strong suggestion from the administration to mute TeamSpeak while conducting RP with people outside of your own group.
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