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"Death is the only certain thing in life."

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  1. Tomu

    Good to be back!

    welcome back! hope to see you around!
  2. Tomu


    Guess who just fractured his ankle and seriously sprained it. This guy.

    1. DrMax


      What a stupid thing to do! Silly boy! 

  3. Tomu


    sick kill me GIF

    1. daizchen


      f, rip


  4. Tomu

    Just saying hi

    Hey, welcome to Dayzrp. I hope you enjoy your time here and hope to see you in game.
  5. Tomu

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    There have been some nordic groups, however I do really like the idea, if it was actually done properly
  6. Tomu

    Meanwhile... At Winter’s...

    This is the only anthem that should be played on any radio station
  7. Tomu


    Hey, glad to see someone new around!
  8. Tomu

    Guess i'll leave then.

    no stay the are really fun to play with
  9. Tomu


    He’s back 



      Sorry we're closed.

  10. Tomu


    @daizchen soon ❤️

  11. Tomu


    miss you all

  12. Tomu

    Group Base Threads/Section

    Deffinalty want to see this added, I think these bases do need to be spoke about and the community needs to have an avenue to voice there opinions too
  13. Tomu

    KoS & Griefing - Novaya Petrovka - S1 - 14-12-2019 Server Time 04:24

    @Fae we destroyed 1 watch tower, which was two panels and a frame, we destroyed the top panel first and that’s where I climbed over @iBUYCHOWDER and @BrycePottre destroyed the second panel, and tried to crawl through the gap, but due to the floor and the lip they where unable to climb through the framework, and destroyed the bottom frame work to get it after me link to video showing panel destroyed @ 10mins in
  14. Tomu


    Only like 4 hours left of my journey been on a coach for 7 hours now and it’s killing me 

  15. Tomu

    KoS & Griefing - Novaya Petrovka - S1 - 14-12-2019 Server Time 04:24

    Yep I was with @BrycePottre and @iBUYCHOWDER, on the first raid of the base, When I first got in i looted around waiting for the others to get in, Whitest they where finishing on the door, I started on a combination lock on the back, I got in and then opened the crates to find I couldnt put the items such as dry bags back in, I put the individual items back in after speaking to @Inferno in helpdesk, later both @BrycePottre and @iBUYCHOWDER attempted to put the drybags into the boxes with no luck. after we had looted what we needed we then left without taking any of the tents or the boxes. Will provide vod if needed
  16. Tomu



    1. Tomu


  17. Tomu

    So the new update is kinda...

    I think at the moment knives are fine, Yes they get destroyed rather fast. However due to the current weather on the map, most of the infected are frozen or at least harder on the outside. Meaning they are going to be a little tougher to get through. So knives should be going blunter/getting destroyed quicker.
  18. Tomu


    I suppose now is a good time to come back for a week lets get playing

  19. Tomu


    this deadline is going to kill me

    1. Rinkatorin


      Oh my Goodness ya are still playing on dayzrp? Don´t hear about you for long time

  20. Tomu

    • Tomu
    • Peril


  21. Tomu


    imagine spending all your time doing uni work and being sad

    1. Major


      Yeah I just do it and fuck off 

  22. Tomu


    Look who might be back soon.


    wave hello GIF

    1. DrMax



    2. Peril


      Who? 😉

  23. Tomu

    • Tomu
    • Saunders

    Congratz btw!

    1. Saunders


      Thanks mate!

  24. Tomu


    Thanks to all the staff team it was a joy to work with you all, Ill see you all soon! After moving into uni!

    1. Rover


      God speed and good luck with the schooling!

    2. Hofer


      Good luck @Tomu. Sad to see you go but understandable.

    3. Peril


      sad doctor who GIF

    4. Fae


      captain america ok GIF

    5. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      han solo salute GIF

    6. Realize


      jacques chirac archive GIF by franceinfo

    7. Tomu


      terminator ill be back GIF

      dont you worry, ill be back right on your tail @Peril my eternal rival.

  25. Tomu

    Non-lethal Bullets/Weapons

    This implemented could add a whole new aspect to military/security crowd control and even hostage/prison rp. so a +1 from me!
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