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  1. Imagine being called into work 2 days in a row 😭

  2. Tomu


    Hi, welcome to dayzrp I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  3. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2492/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/DrThomasOakley
  4. Something really cool might happen soon. Like really cool. Like probably kinda cool. maybe

    1. Miamomoh


      confused will smith GIF

  5. Exciting times.

  6. I joined because I saw a you-tube series ages ago, this was back in the mod. At the time I was too young to join but when SA came out I remembered and decided to join the community.
  7. Make sure you are only placing the last bit of the link into the field not the whole one. Show in blue, if this doesn't solve it it may be something website side rather then a youtube problem. You can also use a mp3 upload site and use it that way too. www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgKKgzVhMgY
  8. The saddest part about my fake twitter is I put more effort into it then I do on my actual personal one 


    1. Banshee


      My personal twitter is a graveyard,.

  9. IMG_2338.jpg.084cb1e9addf9515ef243439e1c1168b.jpg


    Yep, it's done. Go follow I guess.

  10. Tomu

    Hi everyone

    Hey welcome to DayzRP, I hope you are successful and enjoy your time here!
  11. We back

  12. so sad


    1. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb




    1. UniiLR


      welcome back GIF

  14. Next week, I’m coming home! After what feels like an age, can’t wait to see you lot in game! 

    1. HarveyLR



    2. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb

      EXCITED ❤️


  15. My man is purple! 

  16. Congrats para! 

    1. Para


      Thanking you

  17. Oh no but oh yes at the same time congratulations peril ❤️

  18. Congratulations!!!

    1. Jade


      Thanking you tomu 😄

  19. Nope it all changed move in day is july 1st

    1. HarveyLR


      In a months time you better be here...

    2. Tomu


      I will for you @Harvey

  20. I like how the town my uni is in, ddosnt want students back and there is a good chance, I will start paying 480 a month for a house I cant even live in. 

  21. I always wanted another lore wipe, however looking back at the memories and fun ive had on these characters makes me very sad. However its time to start new memories, even though I wont get to finish this characters off. Stupid COVID-19.


    Thank you to all my friends from all the groups. Mainly The Order and Kings Ridge.

    1. daizchen


      i miss dr. schaeffer


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