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"Death is the only certain thing in life."

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  2. Tomu


    imagine spending all your time doing uni work and being sad

    1. Major


      Yeah I just do it and fuck off 

  3. Tomu


    Look who might be back soon.


    wave hello GIF

    1. DrMax



    2. Peril


      Who? 😉

  4. Tomu

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    • Saunders

    Congratz btw!

    1. Saunders


      Thanks mate!

  5. Tomu


    Thanks to all the staff team it was a joy to work with you all, Ill see you all soon! After moving into uni!

    1. Rover


      God speed and good luck with the schooling!

    2. Hofer


      Good luck @Tomu. Sad to see you go but understandable.

    3. Peril


      sad doctor who GIF

    4. Fae


      captain america ok GIF

    5. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      han solo salute GIF

    6. Realize


      jacques chirac archive GIF by franceinfo

    7. Tomu


      terminator ill be back GIF

      dont you worry, ill be back right on your tail @Peril my eternal rival.

  6. Tomu

    Non-lethal Bullets/Weapons

    This implemented could add a whole new aspect to military/security crowd control and even hostage/prison rp. so a +1 from me!
  7. Tomu

    The main reason for Combat Logging

    I do agree with @Voodoo, More severity and punishment for rule-brakes such as KOS ect seems fair along with a ban. Also more on the point if they are guilty of combat logging, in a major way, not as stated above me for missing 30 seconds or something , I believe people should have there gear reset. Thats the thing they are trying to avoid and to me thats just gearRP.
  8. Samuel was born to two young parents and with in the first couple of months he was taken by Social Services, and placed into foster care after a string of domestic abuse between his Biological parents. After reaching the age of 5 he moved out of his first foster home, and was placed into a new home. Feeling unwanted he started to act up, over the course of his childhood he bounced around foster homes in London. Ending back in Peckham where he was born, He felt unwanted. No matter who with or where he stayed. By the age of 13 he was placed in Specialist care for multiple mental health issues, Originally working with CHAMS, then moving into South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust. Inside he met another child name Toby. Toby and Samuel became quick friends. Around the same age both being 13, they seemed to get along. Unlike the rest of the minors, and despite there problems. They would cause trouble in the hospital, begging with small things to moving to assaulting staff, trying to escape among other things. Toby told Samuel about what life was like for him, his bother being part of a gang, he heard stories of what it was like in London, especially after the 2011 riots. 2 years had past. Toby had left and no one wanted Samuel with his history so he was left in the hospital, still struggling with paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis. On his 16th birthday he was released from hospital and moved in with a new family back in Peckhem. After a short while he met back up with Toby, his only friend and at 16 started working in gangs with him. Over the course of the year he started doing more crime leading up to a big fight that left Toby dead. Unsure what to do Samuel ran to one of his fellow gang member who was Romanian, Deciding to go back to his home country of Romania. After the outbrake hit, they escaped to the coast after a year they came across a man with a boat. who was "selling safety" Within a week they where in Chernarus and thats where his story starts.
  9. Tomu


    Im finally back. 


    bom dia hello GIF

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    AYYY well done!

  11. Tomu

    Interview With A Community Member: Saunders

    Interview me. and great read loved it!
  12. Tomu

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    • Roland

    Happy belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it hope you had a great day!

  13. Tomu



    1. Mademoiselle



    2. Tomu



    3. Luke


      Woop woooop! Well done of the green man!

  14. Tomu


    tired sloth GIF

  15. Tomu

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @R3d D3ad and @daizchen Thanks for all the fun RP recently, looks like the next few weeks are gunna be fun fill atleast!
  16. Tomu

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    • Peril

    ❤️ Congratz you amazing person!

    1. Peril


      Hold things down in the Helpdesk for me solider ❤️

    2. Tomu


      I will dont you worry!

    3. JorrdanVC


      grats homie

    4. Peril


      Thank you Jorrdan 🙂

  17. Tomu

    Screenshot Edits

  18. Tomu



    I have reached the pinnacle of 69 beanz, non of you shall ever be on my level.

    1. JackZRP


      70 now

    2. Tomu



  19. Tomu

    BeanZ WAR

  20. Tomu


    Tea and crumpets man @Derek Steel

  21. Tomu

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    Is 100% a trap

    1. Peril


      Support on Support violence is definitely a breach of contract man, what gives? 

    2. Tomu


      "This isn't the rule you are looking for"

  22. Tomu

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    Ill kill you again dont worry
  23. Tomu



  24. Tomu

    Everyone leaves...

  25. Tomu


    well this happened. 

    1. Wolffe


      Congratz 😄

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