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  1. If in doubt please read this.


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      Good book, interesting story. I think I've read that somewhere before though.

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  2. Pappy Tomu is here to save the day. 

  3. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. Dentures are just plug and play. @Banshee

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      Straight up fax

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    my weather alert @Brayces @Watchman

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      LMAO YES. I was BREASTS ALL OVER. So I mean ...

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      Happy weather

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  6. Hands up this a Robbery 

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      *builds lego city police department*

  7. Hope you are enjoying the server and will continue too! Welcome.
  8. My eyes, have been broken. But its defiantly good for people who use it. In response to this, there is chrome extensions that allow you to add custom css to sites so you could use that to make a custom css.
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    Some say this is @Roland fixing the website 

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  10. I really do think there should be a lore wipe. I think from a stand point of RP considering the new implication of Livonia as well, there is a plethora of options for story-lines, new characters and new factions. The idea of civilisation further on also excites me and these characters and groups formed could be very interesting. Even if this jump was a gap between our current lore and the new one. The argument of no time skip also excites me not only from a staff perspective, being on a lore faction. But roll playing in the early months of a infection. Seeing the map gradually change with crashed cars ect, with models being placed. Characters loosing loved ones due to not having weapons. Trader cites and huge factions holding the map only to be taken over by a militia. People escaping to Livonia only to be caught by bandits. Missions and random events that spice up the server life. Maybe even traders for the start dealing with rare items. then over time seeing the downfall of the country, as doctors and researchers run out of meds. Army fall apart. Think about hiding away in the forest because of a war that is ongoing. Think about having lore centred characters that people need to try and save because they might hold the key to some research ect ect... In short. I think the lore at the moment is stale. You don't hear anything in game from character to character about the infection, or cures or anything like that. Or the lore in general. Character are the same. and that's it. Not that I think it would change that much, with character background, but I think there it tones of possibilities regarding a story line that could be created and shifted by the player bases actions as a whole, rather then a stagnant lore that hasn't changed for a very long time. Also with this new implications with groups and other things can be put in place. With a hold on groups for a few weeks. before survivors would pull of into different strings and areas. TLDR: I voted yes and here is me trying to convince you.
  11. Good like with this @DrMax and @Phoenix Looks great!
  12. Thank you for the feed back!
  13. *he would press his PTT* "The road going towards Tisy town, from Novay petrovka, As soon as possible ill be around ill see you coming up" *he would release his PTT*
  14. *Sam would press his PTT* "Alek I am in need of a doctor actually. is there a place I could meet you." *he would release the PTT*
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