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  1. Tomu

    Good Morning Chernaaaaaaaaaarus!

    in the background, you can hear a Russian man shout... "SHUT UP"
  2. Tomu

    a message to Dr Schaeffer (Radio 96.6)

    *Dr scheaffer pulls up his radio whilst leaning on a bunk next to his brother. He would sound out of breath.* "Thank you for taking to time to contact me Kaine, Looks like your not so dumb after all. I hope we did entertain you or at least give you something to think about. *he would giggle over the radio, thinking about there little adventure in the trees* "Stefan told me you wouldn't contact me but I was sure you would. I'm happy to hear the little Theo is going to be fine after are little character building, and that you will be willing to work on a little deal of sorts." *he pauses to think about the day, whitest catching the remainder of his breath.* "And for this relationship you speak off it will always be profitable, its more about how far you're willing to go... We will speak soon, let me speak to Stefan and perhaps we shall meet again soon. *He would released the PTT looking at his brothers new smile a special someone carved into him.*
  3. good rp from everyone I came in contact too today, running around in the new group. @Xehara for confusing me so much im still not sure what happened... The rest of the people up at a tisy for dealing with my shit for a small amount untill someone shut me up @Cookie for some cool radio rp, lets play games later. and the people we robbed along the way shout out to you all hope you like your presents. Also @Welshie and co too, hope they enjoyed what we provided!
  4. Alexis

    • Alexis
    • Tomu

    it only took a few months to get my follow back, thx sister.

  5. Ill be back on soon. perhaps in the next week because school will start back up and i wont be working full time.
  6. Only two more weeks... You can do it! ?

  7. that feeling when you have only had like 2 days off in 3 weeks

    1. Svenne


      Time to find a new work? 

    2. JackZRP


      We are waiting for you to come back b

  8. Tomu


  9. I was born in the small town of Berchtesgaden Germany to a Russian lady Анна Schäffer and a German man named Franz Schäffer. I lived in Germany for a short time until moving back to my mothers home land of Russia. Specifically Moscow. Moving to Moscow at the young age of 6 was tough on me. I had lost all my friends and was in a new country, I had spoke basic Russian with my mother and farther since a young age however it was only limited so it was was hard to speak to other children my age. I spent most of my time in books. Reading helped me escape and it where my interest for medicine came from. I didn't read storeys of happy times I read history books and was engulfed by what happened in the past. At the age of 12 I would spend all my time in the library that was close to the house we lived in. Reading all the non fiction books on the war and such. After my schooling career I passed with the highest marks in sciences and maths allowing me to go on and study a medical degree at Moscow State university where my interest in biology spiked and I became obsessed with science and the practices of people before me. I then when on to study my PHD at Moscow University in Anthropology after learning about it in a book. After completing my PHD I went on to serve my mandatory service in the military however due to having a PHD I was used as a Field doctor and researcher. Helping out in black ops missions when required. Only to be sent to South Zegoria with a security detail on a mission to help research the behaviour of the "Infected", I squad came under fire and no one apart form me made it out. I was saved by a man named Sasha Vasnetsov and that is where my story Starts.
  10. im back will be on tonight.

  11. Welcome back to dayzrp hop you enjoy your time.
  12. Tomu

    The Order

    Welcome @UndergroundLV to the group and @Sleepyhead
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