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  1. Grew up in rural Minnesota, loved to be out doors and hike/camp. When I graduated high school I wanted to learn more about bushcraft and survival, traveled all over the US camping and being in the wilderness. Wanted to go somewhere I've never been before so I decided to on a big adventure and went backpacking across Europe.
  2. the audio update is gonna be soo great! I love the sounds being off in the distance! The zombies.. So many zombies! I cant wait.
  3. Coldwater... I prefer boiling hot.. but 9/10 ha
  4. Back during the mod I had just joined CRA and their was a firefight at prud, everyone was regrouping at the radio station to the west. While I'm running through the woods two guy run into the tree line where I'm at, literally right next to me. Start to panic but gotta be cool, cause Im the new guy. I say over TS, theirs 2 guys here and someone says they might be BHM bring them in, was like ok.. No problem, I took a deep breath and told them to get on the ground or they'll be shot, drop weps, you know same old same old. ha bring them to the radio station and everyone was like who brought these BHM here, I was like me... ha it was fun, didnt take any guns or anything, but brought them to be interrogated by Pandi and Siorre
  5. Congrats on getting approved!!
  6. +1 I like the idea! It'll make people have to come up with and RP a character! Plus takes stress off the admin team
  7. Sometimes Dayz can be frustrating, but atleast here at dayzrp you can make a report if you feel rules have been broken, and people will get punished for rule breaks.
  8. 2013 repping... welcome back ha
  9. -1 from me, because dayzrp should be enjoyed by everyone! (that follow the rules) and not be a exclusive community. Where you have to pay to be a member, but I do like how everyone is brainstorming at coming up with new ways to reduce reports, rule breakers, and make the community a better place!
  10. I did like the old way, but the new way is a lot more efficient. It gives the admins more time to focus on other tasks (and enjoying the game). With a lot of the new players not properly understanding the rules, their should be a change in the whitelist now though. I saw a thread of proposed videos explaining the rules and showing examples. Maybe before they can whitelist people have to watch a certain number of videos all the way through? While also hopefully reading all the lore and rules pages.
  11. X gonna give it to ya! immediately came to my head, ha but the thread is looking nice! like the idea too, staying off the grid ha! Cant wait to see the artwork!
  12. The tread looks sweet! Goodluck with this!
  13. I know a lot of the generic groups dont get approved (Mercenaries, PMCs, etc). I think the loremasters are good at making sure only unique groups get approved already.
  14. I honestly don't like slave RP (Real life reasons), but prisoner RP is totally fine. But slavery is always a no from me. -1
  15. kody311


    Give it time! You'll find people to talk to and role-play with! No need to get down! You'll get into some great role-play situation, just wait you'll see!
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