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  1. I do no recall being told not to bandage myself. I was in to much shock in order to proces everything that was happening to me, and I'm sure everyone would be in such shock when you get verbally abused, chased, punched and shot for no equally dangerous reason. I just think that they may just overreacted to my actions, as their judgment was wrong. On the other hand he was still chasing me while being specifically told to go away, so I gues its even. As I stated above my character does not quite speak the same language so I couldn't possibly know what he say without going OOC
  2. The attacker was yelling at me all the time while I was running away. Not sure what exactly, but is sounded hostile so I wanted to keep a distance, especially when calm ruqest to go away resulted in me being punched in the face few times. I dint quite hear a man from the truck, maybe bc he was further away. Later the man who chased me yelled to his friend from the truck 'shoot him'. After I heard shot I stopped to check if I got hit. I attempted to bandage myself but misclick to a water pouch, next attempt succeeded in using bandage. As I was all the time IC, my character, who does not speak the same language as the attcke, couldn't exactly understand yelled commands. But being shot is perceived as universal sign of wanting to make someone submissive. So I stopped after that. Its worth mentioning that while I was drinking and bandaging myself motionless and defenseless, I was being constantly punched in the face for like 15 seconds until I died, by the attacker who was engulfed in rage, caused probably by me not wanting to be chased down.
  3. I was spotted in my position when I was observing what is happening between the man I followed and the man that has just appeared. Probably they communicated over external means, since man had a gun in his hands all the time, not walkie talkie. Or maybe it was a second account of that player bc as stated above he told I was following him, but this was other character, anywsy, when the attacker appeared the first man was standing still behind a fence. I was spotted in hiding position by th masked attacker so he started to run towards me. He chased me yelling something, I was running quite a distance away then I stopped. I told him 'go away' but he procced to verbally abuse/taunt me. When he dint listen I pulled out the bow and repeat 'go away'. He then continue to taunt me and then attack me with fists. I hid my bow and start to run again. He then start to chase me again and starts communicating with friends 'cut him of, he's running there and there ' etc. I told him to stop chasing me again in my characters language. Noone was around, no car, and no character I was originally following.
  4. Server and location: DayZ Server S1 EU, Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-06-11, 21:00 Your in game name: Mateusz Snopek Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: dont know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): yes some kind of truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: After being confronted by masked attacker i asked to "go away", when it didn't help, to be more threatening i showed him my bow. I repeated to "go away" but instead the attacker started hitting me in the face. I started to run, while he proceeded to call his friends on me (propably on team speak, didnt see walkie talkie in hand), in the distance i saw moving truck, when they opened warning fire i stopped to comply, but then i got repeatedly beaten with fists by the attacker to death
  5. Unfortunately no luck. I actually stopped playing day z as a result and don't really care for resolving the issue now
  6. Yeah saw that somewhere in the webs also, tried it and didnt help
  7. I play other multiplayer games that require constant internet connection and its just fine Session lost happens also on other day z servers
  8. THanks, i just tried everything except changing ip, wifi adapter or contacting internet provider and it didnt help. i guess thats where my day z adventure ends
  9. @Rifleman I am not, and it was happening long before, i just decided to solve this issue only now
  10. It has been quite a long time when i last played day z. Decided to go back now but encountered this issue. I did the integrity check and new files were downloaded but it didnt help. Reintalled battle eye it didnt help. Made sure my internet connection is stable it didnt help
  11. After logging in into game world, after few minutes my actions are unresponsive and i would get 'session lost' error resulting in disconnect. I trred reinstalling game and battle eye but for no avail. Any tips of how to get rid of this issue so i can be able to play game?
  12. After logging in into game world, after few minutes my actions are unresponsive and i would get 'session lost' error resulting in disconect. I tired reinstalling game and battle eye but for no avail. Any tips of how to get rid of this issue so i can be able to play game?
  13. Matthew Snopek has long suffered from depression. He tried many times to find out what may be the cause but to no avail. Pills, visits to a psychologist , meditation and even creative classes do not helped. Through out his life he took many activities or jobs to try and forget about his miserable life . It was not until the age of 24 as he started to work as a cameraman in a local television station , his fortunes were about to change. Matthew never thought the trip to Chernarus could be his last, and already worked two years in the position. Polish TV station sent three-man crew, which had to sent updates from Severograd . Matthew had never heard of the city. One boring day at work, his crew had to check what was happening there, as unexpected bombing occured on the 10th of July. As he and his crew arrived at the location more thing started to emerge. Rabid soldiers, internal conflicts, a cover up. At first it all seemed like a typical conspiracy theory no one belives. They only managed to broadcast one update. They spent the night in nearest hotel with the intention to leave next morning and go back to poland. The real trouble began when approaching the border as they encountered a massive traffic jam. From the window of his car he saw the residents of the city and the entire crew of the military walking alongside the road. Matthew was tinkering with his camera when a sudden panic began to raise. He does not know what caused this sudden burst of panic, people suddenly started to run and scream, a couple of gun shots could be heard. Military truck appeared from nowhere even more intensifying fear. People abandoned their cars out of fear of incoming crowd and what might follow after them. He and his crew fled to the nearby forests together with other fleeing. He lost his friends somewhere in the crowd. Everything was happening to fast. It was the last time he saw his friend Teresa - a news reporter - and colleague Przemek who always took the roles of the driver on such expeditions. The last thing he remember is how he stumbled on the boulder in the undergrowth. When he awoke he saw only trees and a lot of garbage around him, a few bodies and tv camera lying beside him. He had to stumble and lose consciousness.He felt no fractures but had quite a few scratches and bruises. He took his camera on his shoulder and decided to seek help wondering what the hell just happend. He wandered in the woods for almost whole day until he saw a main road and a signage informing about distance to nearest airport. Shortly after in the distance he saw a column of people with backpacks, luggages as if they were moving all their belongins. He started to aproach them but a man appeared out of nowhere and caught his arm. Man asked "Where do you think you going?", "Airport" said Matthew. "Going to crowded places now is the stupidest thing you can do", "Why?" Matthew asked. The man looked at him and started talking. Matthew realized he wont be safe anymore, so he accept the invitation to join the mysterious man.