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  1. As they said before I had been held up by them. I had gotten my weapons returned with plenty of ammo to return. I circled around the mountain and disposed of my backpack and other useless gun. I returned under their nose and carried out my last act as Tony LaVonne Viva la Mafia. i killed the "major" of the fake Russian military. Their play of no automatic weapons and restricting every military zone is a bit excessive and with half the server being them is as expected, not fun for everyone else. I perm killed this character as well because he had become unstable after his brother's death.
  2. No one likes you

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  3. no, i know that's why i said that this report doesn't relate directly to me just explaining my kill log.
  4. Hi so i shot a corporation guy who we had hostage after this whole incident and I was in the shack when the unarmed man was shot in the head and he was complying for the most part but was also talking shit and was warned and kept going. The guy I shot was complying, but we knew he was corp and then he admitted to killing our friend and chopping him up, but the report is not on that.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98417-s2-combat-logging-vybor-10072019-0550 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because what we had done was not against any rule that is currently written for DayZRP. According to JimRP, who handled and solved the report, my friends and I were guilty of Abuse of Game Mechanics/Ghosting. I would like to quote the rules below: "2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend them to work. Example of exploiting is loot cycling, placing objects inside walls or other places where the object would normally not fit in, driving vehicles underwater, creating impenetrable tent walls, or intentionally using indestructible objects as shields that effectively give you invulnerability." "2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot." I would like to point out what exactly happened in this situation. After a roleplay situation in which I am detained and arrested/processed by the members stated in the report, I decide to drop an initiation on the same people, one complies and the rest do not so there is a small fire fight and we take the hostage a little bit before dropping his gun on the floor a few feet away from him and telling him he can pick it back up when we leave. (We had heard on the radio about a situation happening at our base in Novaya so we wanted to get there as quickly as possible) Fleeing from the situation, we run north and make our way all the way up north to Novaya, making sure to look back and make sure we're not followed the whole way, which we were not. About 40 minutes passes, we're in Novaya filling our canteens/drinking water at the water pump and once we confirm our 30 minute timer is up ("4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.") and decide to hop to Server 1 where our base is to see what is happening with the on-going situation. I would like to ask, as I am having a very hard time finding the situation, where exactly any staff might see that we abused logging into Server 1 to gain an advantage over the members in the report? After we followed the official-written rule of waiting 30 minutes to log out we joined a totally different roleplay situation and nothing ever came of the situation from the report after we escaped into the trees to the North. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME OTHER THAN I WAS ON THE ROOF FOR THE SITUATION< OTHER THAN THAT ALL THE SAME! Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would just like to state that I think it's strange that I would be punished for a rule that is not implemented or even defined yet. I would like to cite this thread here: (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98397-adaption-of-combat-logging/). Clearly a rule saying you are not allowed to switch servers while someone has active kill rights on you is not implemented and as can be seen in the thread cited above a rule like that is not even created, it's being debated by both members and staff of the community. It's very strange to punish people for a rule that isn't listed on the rule page, but also not created and being debated on a thread. Roland however has made a statement on this: "Switching servers while still having active kill rights on you is definitely not OK in a case where it looks like it was done on purpose to use game mechanics and server connections to escape the ongoing conflict. While not defined in the rules, it is strongly frowned upon and can be punished simply with an executive admin decision as either combat log, abuse of game mechanics or rule play, as to us it's clear that it goes again the fair play spirit and allows one to get away from repercussions of ones actions." I would like to state again, that we switched server not to "escape the ongoing conflict", we had already escaped the on-going conflict when we ran all the way north to Novaya and waited 40 minutes, 10 minutes over what is stated in the "Combat Logging" rule. I would also like to say that even the members in the report state that they chased someone to "South Barracks" in North-West Airfield who apparently logged out when they got to him, this was not one of us and further proves that they had totally lost us by the time 40 minutes had passed as we were no where near them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my points and temporary ban removed. What could you have done better?: I'm not sure what we could have done better. We followed the official rules to the letter and I don't understand how I was punished for a potential rule that is currently being debated in Ryan Shepard's Thread. I'd like to state that I understand how grey areas in the rules can be complicated to apply to different situations, however I think with the entire situation, what was said by both sides in the report and position logs at the times we logged out (along with how we did not continue the firefight from the report after switching servers therefore did not gain an advantage), this situation should be clear in that we were just following the rules as they are currently written and not trying in any way to gain an advantage. Thank you.
  6. I didn't need to as I had defender rights from a previous gun fight about an hour before!
  7. Tony POV- As I was in Novaya during the attack and happened to get killed, but a few of our men had survived and had continuously said where you guys were and relying information I eventually made my way up to the Airfield over an hour after but not longer than two, the logs will show. I had an admin confirm saying I would still have defender rights because we still had people alive. I was not watching the stream or anything but as I got to the airfield one guy came up to me and said there were cherno russians on the airfield harassing saying your name, so I knew it was you. I then wasn't confident in only myself engaging so I continued on my own, until I met up with The Corporation who had guys engaged with them and I had explained the situation and they wanted to help kill them, so we headed towards the tents where the shooting was and one of the corp boys confirmed what you were wearing and I saw you and took my chance to kill you with a M1A Scoom. The rest is history where I killed two of you and continued with leaving the airfield and dying later.
  8. POV of Tony- So I am running to Novaya to help our group because we were under attack and happen to run into vybor because I hear shots. I find Chad and Noah at the police station and then me and chad hear shots behind in another town so we run off to see whats happening. Noah on the radio says the CTF are being weird and for us to come back because they might initiate. We run back and Noah has gotten down from he PD and he runs out of the town with the CTF still following him. Me and chad are following behind. Noah needs to log for a sec because he is having problems so he asks OOC and they say okay. He comes back in and they come back with him back to where they were to continue the conversation and at this point we really need to get back to our base. Noah initiates on them because they are taking too long. Chad and I were on top of a industrial building when he did so and one complied and one didn't, he raised his gun. I shot him in the head and everyone scatters. I see another one on the street over with his gun raised at Noah and I shoot him, dead. I then hear shots coming from the other CTF guy that complied at Chad and Noah so I shot him, dead. I then get down and some guy runs up on us and we initiate because we dont know who he is and I am looting some guy I shot, then I hear Noah say I got shot I am running. I see him on the roof, I shoot him, dead. We then hurry and get out of there and run all the way past bash looting the tents and barracks and then into Novaya to get water and then back up the hill to the train station. The logs show it was over 30 mins since I killed the last guy we killed so it wouldn't be combat logging regardless, but we definitely didn't log in any barracks. We logeed in some bushes above the train station.
  9. @Mademoiselle About an 1 hour absolutely not past 2 hours not even a hour and a half not to mention in the logs I was on for 2 hrs and 8 mins so i know it wasn't more than 2 hrs because that didn't happen right away when I was on.
  10. I get you are not an official group and I wouldn't have shot you if you hadn't pointed your weapon at me at the water pump with the ghille hood on and I remember you being there with your weapon on me for a moment, you helped me with your jacket because all your friends were with you right there when you did. Then the rest of your group left and I took my chance with also isn't breaking the no value for life.
  11. I was in initiated by a group of guys by zelenogorsk and followed them all the way to vybor and when I ran to the water pump omw to the NWA you were with them as I was getting water and you guys pointed your guns at me and said don't follow us so i stuck around for awhile and was looking for you guys and saw you and I knew that you were with them because one you pointed your weapon at me when they said to run away and two they said they were looking to help their friend to give him food and you told me you needed three and after the fact I killed you, you had the same blue armband that they had, which doesn't give me a right to shoot, but does confirm stuff. logs will show positions.
  12. @Firemoiselle @Saunders Thank you very much
  13. I might just be stupid asf but i really cannot figure out on how to add the mp3 link onto my profile
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