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  1. I like the principle of persistence, but since it being switched on I keep getting kicked off and my frame rate has dipped (although the latter could be due to the games rain).
  2. Glad I saw this topic, it pretty much decides whether I will come back to this or not. DayZRP needs a fresh start, and I always wanted to be at Day Zero of the infection, the most interesting RP can come out of it.
  3. This. The new crossbows are awesome. And it's satisfying to kill zombies silently from afar with the hunting scope attached.
  4. My most disappointing moments are when I try to RP with a robber but they just want to get out of there, as though my lack of gear is not good enough for them.
  5. 6 years ago I considered myself mature, but in hindsight I wouldn't have wanted to RP with him. So I can respect the age limit, it saves a lot of trouble for people on either side of the line.
  6. I like the idea and would love to see it implemented. If clans don't want to manage their own territory, there is potential for two similar clans to share, and makes everything tangible in game, right now most survivors are nomads. The hexy grid system thingy is good, and in an ideal world people would hesitate about going into unknown enemy territory. It might even get people going to lower traffic areas to try and get the gear they are looking for without attracting unwanted attention. But the weakest part of this plan are the people, some people don't like restrictions, some people have a different idea of what immersion is to me, and stuff like that will cause problems with this. I hope that it could work though, because something like this gives meaning to a mod that is lacking one.
  7. I like the idea, it would be fun to stumble across or set out to do if I heard the radio call. However I do not like the nature of some events, the C-130 and heli crash events. Seeing these would be great, but if after a restart it has disappeared my immersion gets destroyed. Plus the frequency of such events would also take the uniqueness out of it.
  8. I said no, what is wrong with walking? There's no fun in running/driving from place to place, especially if you are with someone. And if there were more bicycles, it would feel a little antisocial for me. If people had a way of getting to their destination faster than walking/running, then they would ignore all interaction and go straight to their destination.
  9. Thanks for the answers guys. Sadly it's one of those crimes where the person responsible can get away with it. I could appreciate it if it was a truck full of weapons or part of a clan war, but it will forever baffles me why they would do it to a random car. Fortunately I didn't lose anything or waste any time on repairs. This has been solved if anyone wants to close this.
  10. So I found a car, parked it in a town whilst I looted. And then I had to afk because of real life stuff. So I was expecting my car to be stolen when I got back, but instead I found it a burnt out a wreck. Why would anyone do this? Strip it of parts perhaps or stealing I can appreciate, but destroying it? Working cars are meant to be a rare commodity but destroying them defies common sense in my opinion. In short I need clarification on what someone is allowed to do with a vehicle because I thought destroying them was a form of trolling.
  11. This looks awesome, has a person who knows absolutely nothing about first aid, it would be great to learn through trial and error rather than press a button to blood bag. It would bad for the patient though, but practice makes perfect
  12. Thanks for the guide. I have a better GPU than my CPU, and setting my graphics to high instead of normal gave me 10 frames. Bravo!
  13. iPad, its stayed intact after dropping it a few times, so shouldn't be too bad against skulls. And I get to listen to music whilst I fight zombies, it will definitely help to drown out my own screams when I lose the fight.
  14. This sounds pretty cool, my character is currently living in Berezino, so it would be pretty fun to have this whole siege develop around him. Will it be on the normal server, or an event server?
  15. I bet if old players were made aware of this new update, they would be inclined to come back. I re-stumbled upon the mod again, and the newest DayZ Update features are perfect for this server. I love the new civilian oriented and low grade weaponry, the attachments and new objects. The new Blood Bags certainly change RP for the better. Aside from the food and drink being easy to find, and a lack of people to meet/things to do, the RP mod is in a really good place imo. I wish zeds were stronger but then again that would disrupt RP and just make looting as a group a bit less fun.
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