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  1. +1, the tree forts I've seen around are all stupid, remove those damn wooden walls.
  2. I bought an HTC Vive a few years ago and I dusted it off to play this. I had a lot of fun, and spent most of my time just looking at the walls/ceiling. Source 2 is insane, I was legitimately staring at a wooden plank for about 3 minutes because of how good it looked. I'm bummed out I missed out on the the Valve Index's grip system, but I still think I experienced the game as they intended, and it was super fun regardless. I got kind of tired of some of the enemies after awhile, but the Combine were all amazing and I had so much fun being in that world again. So I want to hear from you guys, any of you play/beat the Half-Life Alyx? What headset did you use? Did you enjoy the game/ending? Anything you didn't like? As for that last question, I can say that it was annoying needing to take breaks I was so immersed, but after awhile my headset would kind of hurt my face and I would get a little motion sick. There were some more minor things that bugged me, such as some annoying physics collisions, or things like the loading times, but I guess that's what happens when your game is literally from the future. For the most part the game is polished as can be. Certain parts of the game were beautiful, and terrifying. The Half-Life universe is incredible, and overall it was super nostalgic and freaky to see things in such disgusting graphic detail. Here are some of the screenshots I took on accident by pressing random buttons, feel free to take a look (no spoilers).
  3. I've seen this way too much, a message needs to be added to the white list. Big red text, "NO OOC IN VOIP." Also add it to the splash screen while we load into the server. Either way I'm not spending 10 minutes to type out a report every time a dude is saying "wTf dUdE, DOnT INitiAte oN mE thE serVeR is RestArtiNg, i hAve to lOg OuT my DINner iS ReaDy." It happens way too much. Just let us KOS people when they talk OOC, I think that will get the message across.
  4. Just.... no.... I'm certain that most of the people playing this game still have been playing for 100's of hours and know how to deal with basically any amount of zombies. This change isn't going to make the zombies any more "challenging," it's just going to make them more annoying. Zombies in their current form are useless, and tweaking them slightly isn't going to help. The problem lies in BI's hands since the main problems with the zombies is the clipping, AI, and path-finding.
  5. Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka/Bashnaya hill. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-11-24, 23:20 Your in game name: Dawson Graham Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Feel free to ignore the movie I was watching while playing. Detailed description of the events: I spawned in near the well in Novaya and began running inland towards the triangle. As I was running I heard one shot at the apartments and saw one dude, but I wasn't interested so I just kept on making my way south. I was running along the wall at Bashnaya, heard a few more shots from the apartments, and then I got shot a few times and died.
  6. This video made me laugh, thank you Joey.
  7. Wasn't really asking you to do it all alone, more just wondering if it was possible. I'd be glad to do it if I was trusted to do so. Since I hate the melee in the game so much in it's current state.
  8. All of the melee weapons in the game at the moment are just wet towels. It shouldn't take 10 good wacks with a shovel or baseball bat to kill a zombie. Maybe look into adjusting the damage for regular melee weapons as well? @Ducky
  9. Dawson Graham POV @Joe @Dew and I were driving along the highway looking for people and cars to rob. We turned the corner and we initiate on the OP's car, I have a hard time getting out of the truck and see a guy guy get out of the car and start shooting, couldn't see much. I finally get out and try to spray where I thought whoever shooting was, but I end up just shooting the the car and killing one dude. Definitely not my intent, but I can't take it back now. The other guy who was shooting is stuck in the car, and Joey is telling him to drop the gun and put his hands up, but he kept trying to get an angle on us. We wait like 15 seconds, then the dude started shooting again and we kill him. I'd be happy to talk this out in discord since this all happened so fast. No video evidence on my end.
  10. Since when Is valuing your life and hedging your bets so that you dont get shot an invalid initiation? He wasn't initiating from a bush 200m away. So I dont believe he did anything wrong. Why would anyone willingly put themselves in danger by standing in the open? It makes no sense. I use haybales, cars, and bushes as cover as much as possible because its logical. If I'm trying to rob someone or capture them alive I'm not going to just stand there with my dick in my hand and hope they comply instead of shooting me. I'm going do everything I can to make sure I don't die. Cover and concealment are two different things and I think both are perfectly valid tools to use when trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.
  11. @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @Joe @Abu Muhammad @Lost @Dusty @NozzyRP @YNW Viking @OpticVC @MouseWB @WildCurtosRP you guys are my homies, thanks for playing with me guys.
  12. Had a cool encounter with @Roman lots of fun. Keep it up boys, I'm still new to roleplaying a native so it was cool talking to you.
  13. Awhile before any hostilities Joey and I are near the well in Kab when a bunch of people start showing up. We roleplayed with the town for a bit and people started throwing punches and yelling "fuck the pigs" and what not. Me and Joey then left town for a bit and I stood around outside between Kab and Stary on the road. Joey goes back in after changing his outfit a bit and a few minutes later he comes back with some men following him. We start being hostile towards each other, I pretend to not know who Joey is while he stands right next to us. During the hostilities the OP initiates on me by saying "You will get on the radio and tell those OREL dudes to not come to town, or I will kill you." or something along those lines, either way he threatened to kill me. I comply and get on the radio and tell them it was a false claim. (I had never really made contact with them.) He is satisfied and we continue role playing. I am outnumbered probably 10 to 1, so they never actually handcuff me or make me drop anything. As a group we all sprint towards the town once more because I heard shots. They follow me and jokingly say "yeah let the cop deal with it" or something like that. Once we get back we all mess around a bit more, at this point I haven't seen Joey for a few minutes. Everyone in the town is basically sick of me, and I'm getting punched, and people are trying to handcuff me (invalidly IMO) and the OP is trying to give me a "sobriety test" so I start gearing up to leave and walk away with everyone following me. Then the OP is sniped by Joey from the church and dies. Everyone starts running around and a few people initiate on me. They cuff me up and we start roleplaying inside the market. I say I don't know who shot him, since we never made any plan or anything. This goes on for awhile, one guy tries power gaming me. They beat me up some more and eventually send me on my way. I then towards Stary, run into some of the OP's guys again because they are looking for Joey. They haggle me and call me a liar. I stick to my story and they let me go again. I meet up with Joey and run around for awhile, we are getting bored at this point and we try and see if anyone is still in the camp since we were passing it on our way to the airfield. We are looking for stragglers or something. I scope in and think about using my kill rights on a few people I could ID, but they see me and we run. We think we find one guy by himself, so we initiate. Turns out it was the OP, we instantly start taking shots and panic and shoot back, then we both die. I don't have any video.
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