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  1. dawsonpark

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    I agree that shooting someone in the head in the middle of town and then having them back an hour later is pretty dumb. But it's also pretty avoidable. If your helbent on killing someone, first ask them ooc if you can permanently kill them, if they say no then just do it somewhere else. Like in the woods far away from town. A very awkward situation I come across all the time is people declaring someone dead in front of other people when they clearly aren't dead. Like if someone dies from a bug and then a horde of looters come over, strip the corpse and tell everyone who walks by that the guy just died. Personally I dont think it's bad RP because the person getting killed doesn't really have a choice where they die.
  2. dawsonpark

    A new character concept idea

    Theres no way you could avoid the RP between you and the person you are hunting, that's kind of the whole point of being here. If you are looking for that type of RP you could always just play as a bounty hunter. You'd be getting the same interaction between the person hiring you, the person you're getting information from, and obviously the person you are hunting. Instead of just taking them out though, you bring them in alive. As an added bonus you could negotiate with the person you capture, and potentially betray the person who hired you. Really though, I wouldn't just focus on ONE aspect of a character. A persons profession is just a part of who they are. Build your character into a piece of the world. You might find that becoming a bounty hunter comes naturally.
  3. dawsonpark

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Super excited for this to drop, great work! I really hope NEAF starts popping off. All the rp items are wonderful additions and everything looks perfectly textured.
  4. dawsonpark

    Cannibal RP Questions

    I'd say its less about navigating the rules, and more about making sure your own RP is enjoyable enough for the other party involved. Being a cannibal shouldn't be your characters defining feature, they are still a person with needs (man flesh) and motivations. Cannibalism isn't a great surface level trait you know? A realistic cannibal isn't going to be that open about it. As long as your RP is good, then most people will be willing to go along with whatever your trying to do, really it comes down to your own performance as a cannibal. I've met many REALLY awful crazies in my time here. They're fidgety, loud, annoying, and their ONLY drive is to carve you up. On the other hand the really methodical and captivating cannibals I've met have all been a massive plot twist lmao. I never saw it coming, and once I was in the barn it was too late.
  5. dawsonpark

    Final Warning Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair, I disregarded the rules and was banned accordingly. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: These last three months have been rather hectic in my life, so having a place to relax and role-play again has been really fun. Before my ban I didn't take all that DayZRP had offered me over the years into account, I was very reckless and I disregarded the rules as nothing more than boundaries to overcome. It wasn't till it was already too late that I realized that I had squandered my only consistent source of quality role-play. More importantly I had been removed from a place that had brought me hundreds of hours of fun, relaxation, and some great memories with many of my friends in real life. In the three months I've been back, I feel like I've become a good example of a DayZRP community member. I've had a great time returning to some of my characters and exploring both hostile and passive role-play styles. I've also explored role-playing by myself, which is something I didn't do very often before. I've been as active in game as my work/school schedule allows, and I feel that I've thrown my voice into the mix a number of times on the forums. I've had many encounters with players and I feel that my quality of role-play has increased a lot in the time that I was banned. Overall I can say that I have a real appreciation for the opportunity I was granted, I used up my one and only chance, and now because of amnesty I feel that I have been set in the right direction to continue forward with my role-play. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my final warning removed and have my account credit restored. What could you have done better?: I shouldn't have disregarded the rules, and I should have looked at all the cards I had in my hand, and realized that by messing around I was guaranteed to lose.
  6. dawsonpark

    Just riding your homie's back like you do.

    @Drake @Flex
  7. dawsonpark

    Very serious business with MS-13

    This is just a place for us to make our shenanigans public.
  8. dawsonpark

    Chiemsee Map

    This map looks rad, I'd love to have it on S2, but in all honesty I'm not a fan of a lore wipe. The only down side is that if there isn't enough interest, then eventually nobody would play it on S2. On the other hand just having it available for awhile would be fun!
  9. dawsonpark

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Robbing someone for their gear is fine in my opinion, it can make a lot of sense to take something from someone if you are in a position to do so. I still agree with basically everything @Hunter has said. The problem is that people are trying to mask a rule break with sub-par hostileRP instead of creating a real RP scenario. It's not against the rules to rob people for their shit. It's against the rules to rob people for their shit without giving them any role play, and that's what people will focus on. Most of the time when I get robbed, people are focusing on making sure I've gotten enough role play so that I wont report them, instead of focusing on the role play itself. Usually they will just explain who they are, tell me their story, and threaten to shoot me if I try and talk back in any way. Obviously that's boring as shit, but..... At least in my opinion, If your character is someone who wants to go around and beat the shit out of people for their stuff that's completely fine. Focus on that RP, beat the shit out of someone, take their stuff, and tell them why. Obviously something has compelled you to rob them, so focus on that. If you can't seriously come up with a valid RP reason to steal from someone, then I think you need to rewrite your character. Just focus on the situation at hand, why are you robbing that guy? Do you even know who they are? More than likely they don't care about your group. So focus on kicking their ass. As for the baiting, that shits completely unacceptable and I report it every chance I get, not much more you can do.
  10. dawsonpark

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    People are saying that it's "too much of a risk" to allow amnesty players into staff, this has my head spinning. Just because you'd be allowing people who have comeback using amnesty to apply for staff, doesn't mean any of them would automatically get accepted. It's still a case-by-case basis just like it is for anyone applying for staff???? Where exactly is the harm in allowing people to apply just like anyone else???? If someone from amnesty happens to get accepted, that proves that they have been vetted enough.
  11. dawsonpark

    Make military items less common

    Here's a similar thread from awhile back. Big +1 from me, we need more diversity in our firefights. As I said before making automatic weapons rare would force people to use alternatives, fully automatic weapons should be a big deal. As you said, we're 500+ days into the apocalypse, they should be hard to find.
  12. dawsonpark

    Go Back to old Defense/Kill rights.

    I disagree, I like the current set of rules. I like being able to protect myself and my friends from attackers and large groups.
  13. dawsonpark

    Accept Rules Button

    I agree, I doubt it would change much. However If it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to reset everyone's buttons and implement a new passphrase then I don't really see a downside.
  14. Darnell "Zion" Washington was born to a lower middle class family in the south-side of Chicago where he grew up. Life was rough, as it is for a lot of his peers, but compared to many of his classmates Darnell was doing just fine. Influenced by popular TV, music, celebrities, and movies, Darnell would partake in the stereotypical life of a youth living in the south-side. His troubles would eventually have him expelled from the Chicago Public School system. From there he would continue his education at Chicago's Moses Montefiore Academy, a school for troubled youth on the city's west-side. Despite the constant effort of his teachers, counselors, and family, Darnell decided the street life was for him. Eventually he would follow his friend Marquise Booker on what he was told was "the adventure of a life time."
  15. dawsonpark

    Paint It Mod

    Yeah it's definitely not perfect, I'm hoping it keep's getting worked on and polished. More weapons/combos & tweaks to the textures/colors. I don't hate the idea of people walking around with pink ak's, but I agree with you that as it currently stands the colors look quite silly.