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  1. dawsonpark

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    I would always enjoy more color variation on existing items. Maybe new designs for t-shirts/jackets, I mean you can basically print any logo on them. Personally a just like a wide variety, I always love being able to mix and match
  2. dawsonpark

    Unity's Adventures

    A place for me to post pictures of Unity's adventures.
  3. Dawson Graham was born in Ellensburg Washington. He had an older sister and a younger brother. He was a straight B student, and balanced his education and social life better then most.
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    forbidden image


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      Did i miss something? i dont get it

    2. dawsonpark


      @WildCurtosRP got status updates removed


  5. dawsonpark

    Shitmobile Camp

    I can't believe I haven't seen you on here before. I love everything about this screenshot and your profile for that matter.
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    It is good to be back friends. 


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      About time. 

  7. UndeadRP

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    i throughly enjoyed ur rp. im sure ull be back soon. Ms13 is always fun to capture.

    1. dawsonpark


      Thanks for the kind words.

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    jakey :x

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  10. dawsonpark

    MS-13 Media Thread

    dedicated to the realest homie out there @LawRP
  11. dawsonpark

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    Hey everyone at the moment I am taking a rather tough term at my community college, and on top of that me and some of my members are quite bored of playing MS-13 so we are requesting that the group be archived until we feel like playing as MS-13 again. I'd like to give a shout out to some of the people we met. @Anoymouse you and your group provided some very intense and on the edge RP and then tension between our group was very interesting. @ItzzNate thanks for setting up the gun deal between our groups and thanks for tolerating our Luchedore ring. The rest of the people that played along side us provided some great stories and a lot of laughs so thanks a bunch. @Taryn @PCJames @Joffrey thanks for helping us along the way and believing in our idea (and for helping us start up our meth lab). @Law @Bubblethicc Thank you both for pushing the group further then I ever could have imagined. Also, were not fucking Mexican mang.
  12. dawsonpark

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    -snip- @PCJames I've updated the goals.
  13. dawsonpark

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    Will do, thanks James.
  14. dawsonpark

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    Successfully sold two trucks worth of weapons to the King's Men in exchange for territory.