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  1. They don't care about the people that keep this community running. Many people have said to slack up on rules including myself, guess who doesn't listen. They don't care about giving you a chance, they want you to conform to what they deem as 'appropriate'. It's completely fine when staff or certain individuals who run the community do something or post something that they tell us is, 'Offensive, inappropriate, or NSFW." But when we do it, you better believe they're going to get you for it.
  2. Will the community bounce back to what it was before? Absolutely not. more and more people are getting fed up with the way things are ran, the general OOC hate that comes around in the community, and things of that nature. Myself, ever since I got friendly fired when involved in a firefight after we told the guy where we were, and when he asked if it was us and we said yes, he still sprayed me down. Ever since then when I look at DayZ in my games list it pisses me off so I don't play it. You can say we are all adults, and should handle things in an 'adult' nature. well the 'adult' way to handle things is a perceptive term. I'm a grown ass man, I work long hours, have been since I was just a boy on a farm, worked long hours in the service, and now work long hours as a deputy sheriff. I'm going to tell you how it is, If I think you are a piece of shit, who's egotistical and has nothing better to do but hate on everyone else, I'm going to tell you, and I've told a specific few members exactly this because of the way they were acting. You tell people to act like an adult and yet the result of them doing so are bans and warning points because something meant as a joke which was adult humor mind you, is deemed as 'Offensive' or 'Not Safe For Work. Last I checked, fast food is completely safe for work, you can even eat it in most places. You can't decide what is offensive for everyone in the community, because everybody takes offense to different things. Never thought I'd see the day when people get banned in a 'mature roleplaying community' for a fast food item.
  3. This is a throwback to the year I ended active duty as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. (Shitty camera phone from 2009)
  4. Itsyeh Boyeh. It was about 3 months ago, a friend of the Horseman used it. got called into a report, and was told to change it. It was for the better because all he would say is, "It's ya boy itsyeh boyeh." Got really annoying.
  5. Throwback to a couple months after my enlistment back in 2001.
  6. *Andy grabs his radio and begins to transmit* You all speak as if you know what is at stake, the truth is, none of you do. Let's say this war rages on, some of your men die, you swear revenge, you attack us, some of our men die, we swear revenge, we attack you. It doesn't end, until either everything is lost, or only one group remains, or at least, what is left of it. It does not make you weak to want peace. War gets into your head, slowly it starts turning you into a shell of what you were, there comes a point when there's nothing left of what you used to be. Let it be known that when you folks attempted to execute me, and almost succeeded for that matter, I did not want any sort of revenge for it. When you have seen as much war, bloodshed, and loss as I have, you learn to see both sides. The only thing I want is to live, as I'm sure all of you do. Although your 'friends' may not see it, I'm sure you Gamblers do. and let me ask you this, what kind of 'friend' would turn their back on you because you're tired of fighting and want peace. Doesn't seem like a friend to me, they're using you in my opinion. They think of you as a number, a pawn on their chess board. *He stops transmitting and gets a drink of water from the well*
  7. *Roosky grabs his radio and begins to transmit* This is a bittersweet moment for me, I had no idea if any others survived until I received this message. However once again I find myself losing one of my own. Austin, there's nothing I can say that will make any of this better, You have to live on in her name. I feel as if I don't have much time left myself. considering I have about 4 bullet wounds to look after. Regardless of who is with who, or what side of a war you are on. You are all still my brothers and sisters, and I will refuse until the day I die to fight any of you. I don't expect any of you to forgive me for disappearing out of thin air, but I had to. If any of you need help, or anything for that matter, you all know my private frequency. *He stops transmitting, puts his radio on the desk and lifts up his shirt to check on his wounds*
  8. Good shit, now check out what you missed.
  9. I think you mean.....Suppressor. Nice picture though.
  10. *Andy lifts his radio off of the desk, the motion causing a pain in his midsection, he places his hand over his midsection, and presses the PTT with the other* All of this fighting. where is it going to get anyone. Most of you don't understand, you throw around the term 'war' as if it holds no meaning. in reality, you do not know, nor have you seen what true war is like. You loose the people who you hold dear, you lose the will to fight but you keep going because you 'have' to, to get back at 'them' for what they did. Eventually war becomes the only thing you know, and no matter what you do, you can't forget it. It is something you have to experience to truly understand. I have fought too much, killed too much, and lost too much for one life time. You claim to be protecting your people, are we not protecting ours? For every choice made, and there is always a choice, there is a consequence. I do not advocate war, on either side. *He looks down at his midsection to see a stich had ripped causing one of the entry wounds to bleed again* I wouldn't wish war upon anybody, I wan't to see no more bloodshed. Frankly, I'm getting too old for this shit, and I have multiple bullet holes to look after. I know that one day will be my last, but if it is to be soon, I would like to have peace. I'm not saying come to a peaceful agreement for me, both sides, do it for your children, and your children's children so that they may have a better life than you had. And for what it's worth, I am sorry you lost your child, no parent should have to watch their children die. If you can't come to a peaceful solution, contact me privately and I'll propose something favorable. *Andy realeases the PTT, clips the radio to his backpack, and proceeds to head south*
  11. *Andy hears the messages over a shitty radio he managed to salvage, he presses down what seems to be the PTT, and in a very weak voice sends out a message* Miller, Yegor, whoever gets this. I am still alive, well if you'd consider it that. I could not contact you over the past 24 hours. After the situation yesterday I almost bled out. Don't send.....Don't send anyone to find me, because they will not. I will contact you. *A cough can be heard, followed by the noise of blood hitting the ground* I need to rest, and find a way to properly close up these wounds. To any of the other Horsemen that are still alive, do what you feel you must do, Just know that I am alive. *He begins to mumble to himself* I've seen too much war for my lifetime, too much blood on my hands. Too many have been lost....Hell of a life. *He releases the PTT, and begins stumbling out of the shack he was in*
  12. It's all good buddy, I still remember the time you shot Dr. Hope in the face for no reason at all, just because Greg told you to. Get your shit together and come back to us man. And don't be so depressing, you're still young, enjoy life while you can.
  13. PlaysTV seems to have deleted the recording to free up space, so I will describe to the best of my ablility to sum up what happened. I was on my way south from NWAF to meet up with fellow friends in New Moon. I make it into Kab after hearing on TS that a couple people walked in from Vybor side with someone tied up accompanying them. We were talking for a bit, asking what he did and why he was tied up, they claimed 'he was a bad man.' they also asked if any of us wanted to buy him, or use him as a slave, something along those lines. We were conversing with everyone there, and we have to do some zombie control. I look to my left and see a zombie, who gets taken out, I look back to the right just in time to see the cuffed man vanish into the 9th dimension(DC). questions were exchanged in OOC about how long we should give him, and if anyone had a recording, to which I answered yes, at the time I did, but I played Siege not shortly after and PlaysTV will just delete shit if it needs to free up space. We waited around talking for about ten minutes, before myself and those of us in New Moon decided to head for Stary. Off we went to the East.
  14. Never done voice acting before, but People say I have a soft spoken voice. If you can't find a qualified voice actor you can always shoot me a PM or poke me in TS, I'll give it a shot for you.
  15. When drunk Roosky decides to initiate, and somehow thinks he's being initiated on.
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