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  1. - Before the Outbreak. I was born into a family of ranchers, my earliest memories were of feeding the poultry we had out back. My younger years were just like any other's in my opinion. The only difference was the hunting trips my father would take me on, well, they weren't really trips per se, just had a few hogs n' coyotes that threatened our herd. I never really liked killing them or found any joy in it, you get used to it I guess. It always tasted better than anything you could buy at publix, the fruits of a sin I suppose. When I hit my teens I got signed up for bull riding which I was surprisingly good at! I'd compete at rodeos in Labelle, Okeechobee, and even as far up as Arcadia. High School was a breeze but I started to feel pressured around graduation. I had to idea what I wanted to do for a living. School taught me that most people usually go through 2-3 careers in their lifetime, but I still wanted to do something I loved. I was leaning towards military service or police work, I had enough connections to be well off in either one. I started thinking about it a lot and decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Every time I was out working in the field I'd look up at the red shouldered hawks and be envious of their freedom. I wanted to touch the skies and be above the clouds. I had a few cousins and uncles in the corp so it was an obvious choice. I went to see a recruiter in town and was set on the right course. I'd need at least a bachelors degree to even have a shot. I decided I wanted my college to be an adventure, so I signed up to study abroad in Ukraine. It didn't matter what I studied as long as I got a degree but I decided to study psychology. All my life I had been working with animals, they were easy to understand, but people? People were a little scary, you can never be too sure what they are thinking. It would definitely be a valuable skill to have in my life. Plus on top of it all it gave me a chance to change. I'd never experienced another culture or a different way of life, this would surely be fun! - The Outbreak At this point I'd have been studying for quite some time. I made some Ukrainian friends and learned just enough of the language to get by. I got a part time job at a gas station to kill time and have some source of income. There was a TV always playing in the station, not that I could understand half of what the news casters were saying. I wasn't dense though, the pictures and the looks on their face were quite horrifying. The mood just started changing, kinda similar to the whole Ebola craze back in the states. I'd get calls from my parents every so often, which I thought was insane, they were paying international fees just to see I was okay, which really started to scare me. They've never done this before so I knew it must be bad. Life for me just kept going, I wasn't too worried about anything. I knew I could handle myself in a lot of situations others couldn't. One night when I was working shit started acting up. My phone wasn't working, I couldn't contact anyone. The TV had one of those government PSA blue screens with Ukrainian text going across the bottom with a narration. A man came in later on in the night in a frenzy, sweating, yelling, moving frantically. Dude nearly knocked over a shelf grabbing food and drinks and didn't even pay. The next few customers were the same way. I thought I could be calm but holy shit! I really lost my nerve. I remember my boss piling wood around back and he told me (in pretty broken English) that if I ever needed it - it's there. I took it as a joke but thank god, bless his heart. I made some barricades on the windows and lowered the security gates. I'd let anyone in that came by and gave away products for free. If this shit was really popping off we needed to watch out for our fellow man. - The Freemen =WIP=
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    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    lemme uhhh see that breastplate though
  3. It just seems a lil dry. If you don't have a reason to initiate on someone, just make one up! How many times do people just roll up "Ayyy my friend wants that plate carrier haha give it to him please? :D"... "no"... "how DaRe yOu SaY nO! PUT YOUR HANDS UP" It's obviously gear oriented and should be against the rules, but for some reason it's not? Let's say you do comply right? There's rarely good rp. The reason for it is completely fabricated or insignificant and makes the entire interaction lackluster. It's just "drop weapon, bag, vest, follow, who ya with? What ya doin? Why'd ya talk shit back to my boy who's been instigating a hostile response from you for the last ten minutes? Oh what that's crazy, you're free to go! Just run west, buh bye!"
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    Lengthen time for fire fuel

    +1 I want smoke signals
  5. Ay man that was slick! Well deserved! Gg
  6. 1.) Being snow blind isn't cool anymore (neither is the heckin cough) 2.) Just isn't the apocalypse without night, I wanna see flashlights, lamps, night vision, etc being used ! 3.) It makes sense to get buddy boosted but it kinda defeats the purpose of any sort of base building if two lads can just leapfrog over the walls. It looks super buggy and theres no way for a base owner to prevent it besides layering walls, which would make a lotta lag and look terrible.
  7. I know I wasn't called in but I was involved in the situation and have a recording, so I think it's relevant enough. Samuel Noom POV: Michael, Jacob, and I were on the way from Vybor to Kab and bumped into CaliforniaRP and Otto. We were informed by them that there was to be a court trial of sorts in town for a cannibal, and plotted to rig the jury with our numbers to get a guilty verdict, and subsequently his death. We roll into town and stop by some others and break off into our own conversations for a short while. Michael goes up to a rock wall on the edge of town to get a view of the road and see whats what. After some light investigating by Cali and Otto, some people including me went into double green and discovered a bloody room with dismembered parts all over the floor. We walk back outside to inform the others and not long after someone gets dropped down the road. No one is exactly sure what is happening but the pack gets separated in the confusion. I run down the road to the church and tell people to run cause there are shots poppin off. Not long after, everyone on that side of town starts getting shot at. I try to put my hand up and stand in the middle of the road but I got shot at two more times so decided to dip. Michael gets shot in the cheeks and I lose sight of the others. My original posse makes for the hill opposite of all the shots and stops to get bandaged up before looping far around VMC back to Vybor. There wasn't any initiation in voice or text, no way for anyone on that side to know what was happening until after bullets started flying. Video: https://plays.tv/video/5c34359d708b70d362/what-the-h-bro-michael-got-shot-in-the-ass-?from=user
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    Ominous crash
  10. Thanks to everyone around Vybor / customers of the Vybor Quickie Mart today, great RP all around.
  11. Born in Rogers, Arkansas, Samuel had an easy life, his grandfather was friends with Sam Walton and invested early, amassing a fortune over time which he passed down after his death. Samuel started playing around with day trading with the introduction of web 2.0 and turned it into a career. Samuel has a passion for hunting, he was introduced to it by his friends in high school, who would take him out duck hunting every November and December. He began going after larger game like deer and boar, sometimes travelling across state lines to do so. Eventually he started challenging himself, using bows instead of firearms and seeing how close he can sneak up to the animals. Samuel takes annual hunting trips to foreign countries to get away from work. His latest escapade led him to the small country of Chernarus. He caught a charter flight and landed in the north east airfield where he was picked up by a hunting guide. At the end of their week long trip into the bush, it was time to make his return flight. On the eerie and uneventful drive back to the airport they stopped for gas in Severograd where they were attacked by people who looked extremely ill. He saw the guide get tackled by three of them, Samuel jumped out from the car to help his new friend but stopped dead in his tracks. The three people had been attacking him with their teeth and had already ripped out his throat and chunks of his arms. After regaining his composure he jumped back into the car and floored it. Samuel tried to find police or anyone willing to help down the road but it was all the same, everything wanted to kill him.
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    Computer giveaway

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    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2013 Four years.
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    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I do not hold much faith in this game anymore.