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  1. Vehm Media Thread

    This how you really peak boys
  2. Permadeath enforcement

    The guy we are hunting just logs when he sees us. Every time we go looking for him he lays eyes on us then just runs into a shed and boop gone, no way it is leading to any rp.
  3. I was with the three bodyguards that were with you. Love the casino idea and your little head nods, had me laughing so hard.
  4. GunFire Glitch

    I was once just using my scope to look at zombies, finger wasn't even on left mouse and my AKM decided now would be a good time to use a full drum mag.
  5. unfair

    There is a system set in place that auto- blacklists you if you have a new steam account / a small amount of hours. Its just to vent out perma banned players and alt accounts.
  6. MS Paint BowTie

    @Rogério SkyLab Ramboh
  7. Cant wait for 2019 for them to be added
  8. Can i KOS at Military areas

  9. MS Paint BowTie

    @Rabbit Made one alongside bowtie as we had nothing to do, Its bad, but ere ye goe
  10. First time I turned on my walkie talkie I heard three guys over the radio doing the usual chattin' then a fourth voice came over and said "Hey, sorry to break RP but my game crashed and I am back now."
  11. Functioning cars?

    I followed these instructions and got killed. http://www.plays.tv/video/58cee3c142f9c3ec1f/dont-try-at-home?from=user Tread carefully, the V3S has a mind of it's own.
  12. Functioning cars?

    Like there is any hope to that. Just look at their timeline for 2015, they are a few years behind yeah?
  13. KOS allowed on this server?

    No, not allowed.