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  4. Thanks to everyone around Vybor / customers of the Vybor Quickie Mart today, great RP all around.
  5. Born in Rogers, Arkansas, Samuel had an easy life, his grandfather was friends with Sam Walton and invested early, amassing a fortune over time which he passed down after his death. Samuel started playing around with day trading with the introduction of web 2.0 and turned it into a career. Samuel has a passion for hunting, he was introduced to it by his friends in high school, who would take him out duck hunting every November and December. He began going after larger game like deer and boar, sometimes travelling across state lines to do so. Eventually he started challenging himself, using bows instead of firearms and seeing how close he can sneak up to the animals. Samuel takes annual hunting trips to foreign countries to get away from work. His latest escapade led him to the small country of Chernarus. He caught a charter flight and landed in the north east airfield where he was picked up by a hunting guide. At the end of their week long trip into the bush, it was time to make his return flight. On the eerie and uneventful drive back to the airport they stopped for gas in Severograd where they were attacked by people who looked extremely ill. He saw the guide get tackled by three of them, Samuel jumped out from the car to help his new friend but stopped dead in his tracks. The three people had been attacking him with their teeth and had already ripped out his throat and chunks of his arms. After regaining his composure he jumped back into the car and floored it. Samuel tried to find police or anyone willing to help down the road but it was all the same, everything wanted to kill him.
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    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2013 Four years.
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    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

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  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Multiple reasons. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'll just separate this so it is nice and neat because there is so much. Prologue It is no secret that Vehm and Saviors have been in multiple hostilities in the past, Saviors have been attacking our compound almost every day by unlocking it then having people rush inside. The effect of this has made us constantly have the gate locked and only allowing people we know inside, along with us strictly enforcing the settlement rules. Thirty minutes prior to this situation we had executed a member of their group, Galaxy. Galaxy was quite mad about how he was executed and said "I'll get everyone I know to attack you" among other hateful and threatening comments, turns out he meant it 100% because an invasion force rolled to our front gate and the situation resulted in this report. We later learn from Lukzo2024's own POV that they were informed of the execution and initiation after the death of Galaxy and were only coming to enact revenge for their friend. So, in short, we were expecting an attack fueled on salt. The Setup It was quite obvious they were setting up for an attack, there were over-watch posted in the trees waiting for us to inevitably initiate on the guy they have break into our compound. They had someone loop around the outer wall for gaps they can break into and potentially attack. Even tried to send a middleman in (The guy that broke in) this screenshot also confirms their reasoning and intentions for coming up to our compound. Events & Reasoning These guys were being real sketch and were clearly set up for an attack and trying to get an initiation out of us by having someone break into our compound after being told to stay put. Not to mention breaking in only a minute thirty after being told no one is allowed in. What baffles me is the lack of common logic, the gate is locked, you are in a hostile factions turf, outnumbered and outgunned, but still decide to break in despite being told that no one is allowed in and that you should wait one. It just does not make sense, what else could have happened besides being gassed on sight for breaking several of the settlement rules. We could have initiated, yes, but the problem with that is the four man lynch squad they have outside ready to storm the gate and kill us immediately after the initiation was dropped. There is no way they saw this as a good idea to further RP or "sign a peace treaty". Usually when you want peace with someone, you shouldn't break into their home with a gun out. Why was no clear warning given besides wait outside or that we were not allowing people inside? Because making a clear "Come in here and we will kill you." is an initiation, and that is exactly what they were waiting for, something we wanted no part of. The reasoning behind us shooting the people outside of the compound walls was because Pod had seen Lukzo2024 raise his gun at us from outside of the wall, but killed him before being hit, it is unclear if Pod saw that Lukzo2024 had shot or if he had heard a shot from outside. After this a small gunfight breaks out in the treeline and multiple shots are exchanged between both parties. They were clearly setting up and trying to get an initiation out of us, we were having none of that and didn't fall into their master plan so we utilized our settlement rights to dispatch an aggressive player who forcibly gained entrance into our compound and broke multiple settlement rules. My Part I was on GM tower watching them get into position, after the first two people at the front gate were killed I was notified that we had taken shots from outside of the gate, I saw one of them aiming at me prior but didn't hear a shot, then again we are playing DayZ and sound bugs are quite common. For these reasons, and the amount of shots that went off in so little time, I believed the call out and began shooting at the man. Questions & Concerns "14.2 Settlement owners have permanent kill rights against any aggressive or disruptive characters within the settlement communication range as long as using these rights does not conflict with rule 6.4. All players enter settlements at their own risk." - Does this rule exist? What is seen as aggressive? I am not sure if I speak for only myself here but if someone breaks into my home, I see that as aggressive, especially if in a post-apocalyptic scenario. If the Settlement map and rules are to be seen as IC information, why is it that someone can knowingly break several of these rules, face the corresponding consequences listed on our group page, then post a report when he is inevitably killed. Closing Statement Tons of other valid points brought up in this thread; What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points Removed and ban lifted. What could you have done better?: Been a better shot.