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  1. Computer giveaway

  2. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2013 Four years.
  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I do not hold much faith in this game anymore.
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  4. Vehm Media Thread

    This how you really peak boys
  5. Attempted RDM

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Multiple reasons. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'll just separate this so it is nice and neat because there is so much. Prologue It is no secret that Vehm and Saviors have been in multiple hostilities in the past, Saviors have been attacking our compound almost every day by unlocking it then having people rush inside. The effect of this has made us constantly have the gate locked and only allowing people we know inside, along with us strictly enforcing the settlement rules. Thirty minutes prior to this situation we had executed a member of their group, Galaxy. Galaxy was quite mad about how he was executed and said "I'll get everyone I know to attack you" among other hateful and threatening comments, turns out he meant it 100% because an invasion force rolled to our front gate and the situation resulted in this report. We later learn from Lukzo2024's own POV that they were informed of the execution and initiation after the death of Galaxy and were only coming to enact revenge for their friend. So, in short, we were expecting an attack fueled on salt. The Setup It was quite obvious they were setting up for an attack, there were over-watch posted in the trees waiting for us to inevitably initiate on the guy they have break into our compound. They had someone loop around the outer wall for gaps they can break into and potentially attack. Even tried to send a middleman in (The guy that broke in) this screenshot also confirms their reasoning and intentions for coming up to our compound. Events & Reasoning These guys were being real sketch and were clearly set up for an attack and trying to get an initiation out of us by having someone break into our compound after being told to stay put. Not to mention breaking in only a minute thirty after being told no one is allowed in. What baffles me is the lack of common logic, the gate is locked, you are in a hostile factions turf, outnumbered and outgunned, but still decide to break in despite being told that no one is allowed in and that you should wait one. It just does not make sense, what else could have happened besides being gassed on sight for breaking several of the settlement rules. We could have initiated, yes, but the problem with that is the four man lynch squad they have outside ready to storm the gate and kill us immediately after the initiation was dropped. There is no way they saw this as a good idea to further RP or "sign a peace treaty". Usually when you want peace with someone, you shouldn't break into their home with a gun out. Why was no clear warning given besides wait outside or that we were not allowing people inside? Because making a clear "Come in here and we will kill you." is an initiation, and that is exactly what they were waiting for, something we wanted no part of. The reasoning behind us shooting the people outside of the compound walls was because Pod had seen Lukzo2024 raise his gun at us from outside of the wall, but killed him before being hit, it is unclear if Pod saw that Lukzo2024 had shot or if he had heard a shot from outside. After this a small gunfight breaks out in the treeline and multiple shots are exchanged between both parties. They were clearly setting up and trying to get an initiation out of us, we were having none of that and didn't fall into their master plan so we utilized our settlement rights to dispatch an aggressive player who forcibly gained entrance into our compound and broke multiple settlement rules. My Part I was on GM tower watching them get into position, after the first two people at the front gate were killed I was notified that we had taken shots from outside of the gate, I saw one of them aiming at me prior but didn't hear a shot, then again we are playing DayZ and sound bugs are quite common. For these reasons, and the amount of shots that went off in so little time, I believed the call out and began shooting at the man. Questions & Concerns "14.2 Settlement owners have permanent kill rights against any aggressive or disruptive characters within the settlement communication range as long as using these rights does not conflict with rule 6.4. All players enter settlements at their own risk." - Does this rule exist? What is seen as aggressive? I am not sure if I speak for only myself here but if someone breaks into my home, I see that as aggressive, especially if in a post-apocalyptic scenario. If the Settlement map and rules are to be seen as IC information, why is it that someone can knowingly break several of these rules, face the corresponding consequences listed on our group page, then post a report when he is inevitably killed. Closing Statement Tons of other valid points brought up in this thread; What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points Removed and ban lifted. What could you have done better?: Been a better shot.
  6. S1 - NVFL 4/21/17

    King you are not a member of the 'A' Team there is no way you would have been able to spray down Dog, Kvjavs, our two overwatch, and me. You dumped half your magazine in my general direction and did not hit me once, you even admit to just trying to get yourself killed by forcing us to do it so you could escape our "terrible RP" and now you backpedal because it is in a report? Not to mention your attitude, you just ask us to team speak to call our rp bad even though you didn't give it a chance. I wont post anymore unless asked by staff...
  7. S1 - NVFL 4/21/17

    He poked @Senore Dogg and I hopped into ts a bit later, here is the recording I do have, the voices in the back are me afk in our compound.
  8. S1 - NVFL 4/21/17

    Server and location: S1 GM Summer Camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/21/17 Not Sure was roughly 1 pm EST Your in game name: James Buckley Names of allies involved: @Darksnuggles @Kvjavs Not sure of other guys forum name, should be in hit logs. Name of suspect/s: @King Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: One of our allies had called out that there were a few people down in zelen so a few others along with me go down to check it out. We run down there a meet a girl that keeps running away from us, we come to a idea to initiate on her then make her do hard labor for the Somalian Pirates by farming food. We corner her into a shed and initiate, tell her to drop her weapons, radio, etc. March her to GM summer camp, we lack any farm supplies so we tell her to start digging with her hands, she sidesteps to the left a bit immediately after being untied then the next thing I know the 14 year old girl whips an AK out of her bag then gets melted by 3 of us, not sure if she even had time to fire her gun, she was aiming at me though, didn't take a hit. She also only had one magazine to take on the three next to her plus the two over watch. Afterwards we found out it was @King, he poked us on TS then told us that he NVFL'd because our RP was "unbearable" and we should "Talk to the OGs" before we even try to hostile RP, even though he whipped out an AK before we could start our hostilities. He admitted to NVFL and said he just couldn't stand our RP and that is why he did it. If he had a fighting chance, sure, but he was surrounded by three people and the rule break was just intentional.
  9. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    These two conflict, can we get an explanation?
  10. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    Here is a list of Settlement Rules you guys broke, note the *enter at your own risk* : You guys were just called in to get into a firefight with us because we executed Galaxy in the other report where he blackmails us, I mean he did say he would "Get everyone he knows to attack us" (I guess he meant it, you guys showed up within 30 minutes after he died, so I think you should think about "letting OOC means determine the RP.") It was obvious you were trying to attack us, you had guys posted in the treeline trying to sneak around with bright white converses and then started breaking settlement rules. "Lets send one man into our enemies' compound to break open their door and run inside and complain when we get shot for it." What else did you think was going to happen? The reasoning behind this report is questionable, so far as we can see, no rules were broken. I'm questioning why you would put up this report, other than the fact that you might be angry because of how things happened. A large portion of your party were known Saviors, so its not exactly a giant logical leap to assume that the rest of your friends are Saviors too. And look, he was a Savior, so what did we do wrong exactly? How do you metagame someone from the other side of a locked gate? Especially if he is on a new character (I assume there is not a character page up for it yet) and isn't on the faction page? I do not understand where you are pulling these accusations from. James Buckley POV: I am guarding the compound gate from GM tower and I see someone at the gate being told to wait there. Not even a minute later he goes into the F11 animation, snaps out of it, unlocks the gate and runs inside, then is lit up by about 6 people. A firefight ensues between members of our group and the Saviors outside. I see one of their snipers aiming at me from the treeline and another a few trees over, a few shots ring off and I am told over the radio we are being shot at so I peak up from the tower and start laying down suppressing fire from the tower towards the two trees. They freak out and start retreating, we have two guys in the woods pick off one of the routed enemies and the other slipped away. *Also note we just sent a guy down to Zelen to fill up on water, someone walked up to him and asked "Are you with the court?" to which he replied "Yes" and the man said "Okay, then die" and lit him up like a Christmas tree, this member was not involved in any hostilities, so Kos / Mis ID ?*
  11. Permadeath enforcement

    The guy we are hunting just logs when he sees us. Every time we go looking for him he lays eyes on us then just runs into a shed and boop gone, no way it is leading to any rp.
  12. I was with the three bodyguards that were with you. Love the casino idea and your little head nods, had me laughing so hard.