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  1. Doesn't work. I understand we're going for realism but when I whisper a callout into my radio and the guy through 3 walls of solid concrete says "I heard thattt" just makes it dumb. Half the groups don't even follow this rule anyway. It's alright up until a gunfight happens. This rule is just gonna get people banned. Forgot to double mic a hand full of times because reaching for caps lock might get you killed by people who aren't following the rule anyways? Woosh you get a 3 day. It's just restricting and unnatural, we've came this far without it and everything has been fine, and now we're banning people for days because of it. Also, rip all the video evidence since this was enacted.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: 2.3 - Okay, so we ran into his character 5 times in total, in 2 of which he logged off as soon as he saw us. We took him a total of 2 times and been in 1 firefight with him. Why did we do this? Because it makes sense in character. We offer a service, discuss payment, and complete the contract. How trying to get paid what's due can be considered 2.3 is mind boggling to me. It wasn't even a high price, it was a single vehicle and 2 suppressors, for someone who works in a mechanic shop, this should be easy. In-character choices come with in-character consequences, at least that's how I've been looking at it. He was shot for popping one of our guys, taken for missing a deadline and explained the new terms and conditions, then taken again at his own will because we started putting pressure on the people who were harboring him, which is a very realistic thing that say, a loan shark would do. Missed payments and deadlines + guy goes into hiding = going after loved ones and friends until he surfaces (Which worked, obviously.) If we were truly out for PVP, there would have been a lot more gunfights and interactions with this character and the involved groups. How someone can get us into a contract to guard his compound (2 hours), help move across the map (1-3 more hours), and help their camp with saving someone who had been taken hostage, just to say he doesn't like the RP when time comes around for payment and the result is 3 PK'd characters that have been active for months is just silly in my eyes. 3 interactions and 2 deaths = 2.3? BadRP - Not even sure what to say for this one... I really don't know how to RP with someone who is just wiggling and begging us to shoot him at every opportunity. Yeah I was at a loss, the guy was just saying that we won't do shit and how Ricky was "all up in my booty cheeks" when I was trying to have serious hostile RP with him. He didn't care for the situation in the slightest and it's all on recording, I have no clue how I could have interacted with him in a better way. Yeah, he was told to shut up until we got to our destination, which is commonplace for lots of groups, understandably. Why he was stripped? I actually don't know, and I had no part in that. We truly tried to RP with him and were met with a "// nope cause y'all are reported and banned anyways"... I was working with the RP that was given to me and honestly tried to make it better, despite how unmotivated it made me to continue. If this is truly a fair verdict despite what I've said, I would like an explanation as to what I personally did wrong in this situation and how I could have been better. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: not unless asked for further detail. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed, ban lifted, character not PK'd What could you have done better?: Honestly? I'm not sure.
  3. Bryan pov: After hunting him for some time, we get info that Brodey is in some town and we roll up in a car to catch him. Wolfpack hands him over, we then initiate when we are a safe distance away. He repeatedly kept back talking and generally being trolly and not valuing his own life. He's replied "Y'all telling me you gon' do something then ya don't do it." and "You keep telling me but your actions don't, you know?" after being told he will die should he keep being mouthy. It's obvious he just wanted to die and get out of the situation as fast as possible. He also played off gunshots without any pain by saying he took morphine beforehand and joking about how he "lost his ass" after being shot. He continued to wiggle around and dance after being told multiple times not to, even laughing at some points (after being shot too). We pull him off to the side of the road in the tree line and try to get some RP out of him. He keeps wiggling around and not taking the situation seriously. I tell him if he wiggles one more time he will die. He turns to me and slowly wiggles back and forth again as a taunt or act of defiance. I stay true to my words and shoot him dead. The situation was not taken seriously and there was 0 effort to actually RP and progress our story arc. As you can see in the screenshot, his actions in game were motivated by OOC reasons. We gave him multiple chances to live and RP with us but were denied. We've come to the conclusion as a group that trying to further this story is pointless and a waste of time if it's going to be like this and we will not be seeking out further interactions.
  4. @Mademoiselle None of us had initiated at that point, I started that recording from a previous situation where Papa took someone in the firestation and ended it when the car was driving away in case anyone wanted to talk to the guys for almost plowing us with the car. I didn't expect it to turn around and try again and had to rush and type out my initiation on the other side of town. The shots you hear in the video are for infected, you can see the aggro @0:35 and the gun in question corresponds with the shots fired and the guy who caught the aggro off to the right. Those shots later attracted zombies and mauled one of our guys who was lagging out before we ever initiated on the car (John Caboose) he died so it should be in logs far before we ever shot at the car. If you want the full firestation video I could PM it to you but it has nothing to do with this situation and will probably be over an hour long.
  5. From the point of the first initiation to the last 4, you had roughly 240 meters to comply. After the first initiation you tried to run my boy spoon over (again), I believe the driver knew full well what was happening. You even state in your POV that you tried to go up the hill and fight back, this is non-compliance. Along that entire stretch we had multiple people initiate on you, and you continued to increase speed away from them. You drove up to the barricades, were initiated on from the first house to the left, the house adjacent to that, the house across the road, and from me taking cover behind the barricades in both VOIP and text, yet still attempted to weave through them in an attempt to escape. It would have been impossible for you to pick up 90- 110 coming down from the hill and taking the sharp turn back onto the road, where you were immediately initiated on by majority of the group and subsequently gunned down. My video:
  6. Bryan Ashworth POV: I was a part of the blue armband gang. We were all in the road by elektro fire station, one of my guys was giving me water and someone starts screaming that a car is coming, the car zips right through the group, nearly killing 3 of us. We chase it down the road and pull out guns, yelling at it to stop. It continues down the road and leaves town. The car then LOOPS BACK into town and nearly hits one of my guys again, he actually had to jump out of the way because you were coming straight at him on the side of the road. At this point the car has nearly VDM'd 4 people. Someone calls out that the car is coming back, 2 of us text initiate and the rest initiate over VOIP over the length of roughly 200 m of highway, driver doesn't comply and the car gets full-auto'd by several people including myself before crashing into a garage.
  7. I mean yeah that would work but cutting it and finding a new one every time ya log in would be a major pain. Personally I've found ladders to be a perfect counter. People can't build 3 high unless they do some serious cheer leading pyramid buddy boosts or make all watch towers - which isn't likely. I agree walls are stupid OP right now, no way it should take 2.7 hours of me holding left click and sneezing to lose all my progress, 10-20 minutes should be reasonable.
  8. I've heard its not AOGM because code locks will randomize themselves on restarts. As soon as that is fixed I think it will be balanced, til' then, well the shit's gon be broke. Idk I'm fine with gear hoarders, most bases are stupid easy to get into anyways so it's never really safe. I'd imagine people would hoard all sorts of shit in a real world example, it's just human nature to be greedy and we should deal with the problem IC.
  9. Hi again, there was actually a part of your fence that was peaking out and I was able to break it from the inner side to acquire the car. Also the ladder strat didn't work, I wish it did. Your fence was already a gate, I simply walked over and opened it up. We really didn't leave anything on the floor. We packed 1 car full of guns and the other full of tents. The only gun left on the ground was a bolt action or sks that we traded out on your body for the SVD you tried to kill us with. I figured this would happen and took a screenshot of what I left on the floor, which was a gas can and two UMP mags that wouldn't fit in the car. There was no server hopping or AOGM, pretty sure that's what the ladder is for anyways, it's up high and I wanted to get up there...
  10. Bryan Ashworth's POV: I boost over the wall and try to find a way into their cornucopia. Not wanting to sit in front of a wall for 2 hours beating it down I try to get creative and climb in through a hole using a ladder I had found: This did not work and I fell off. In frustration I walked over to the main gate and with my 300 iq chicken brain, find out I can just open the gate up. We go inside and start looting when someone starts trying to kill my friends by spraying an SVD. I ask "hello?" and he starts to shoot at my friends again so I run out and dump 10 bullets into his face. We pack both the cars up in a hurry and leave. (note: I had to break the main gate and the gate in front of the second car that was in the tent in able to get out, sorry about that.) Video: https://plays.tv/video/5cf6f6f051ad0afb4d/t1-teir-stuttering-im-gonna-put-a-hole-in-my-wall
  11. Bro, go re-read the rules my guy... An initiation is me saying a demand and a consequence, I did neither. I was no where near text range and didn't know about the chicken arms, I'm sure they can look at my positioning at the time of whatever chat log mark that was. Either way, can't just murder me for stealing a car, it's already been ruled on quite recently here: A lot of people from your group are just outright shooting people for being in your tents or even within the walls without any initiation. I don't care that you KOS'd me, I just want you to know it's not allowed and have a better understanding of the rules.
  12. Hi! Spicy car thief here. Not really sure why you reported this, in your own video you outright KOS'd me for driving a (second) car away. There was 0 initiation and you even say in your own video you explicitly shot me for "stealing the car again". I didn't care because its just gear and it was funny as hell, but, bro, that's kos. Idk what you're talking about with lack of initiation or crash abuse? You still had 8 people on roughly to our 5/6. Also the guy on the PD didn't log off, he's actually a professional free runner and jumped off onto a picnic umbrella and over the fence like a champ. Agent Bryan Ashworth's POV: I roll up to Gorka with the boys to provide overwatch for my man kirby. Kirby got wind that the people in this compound put a bounty on his head from a situation where he broke in and was rdm'd (covered in another report) Kirby tries to talk it out, we're the muscle, stuff gets boring and I convince papa to come boost me over the wall because they just have cars sitting right out in the open. I leap the wall and loot a tent for a car battery and spark plug and cruise out of the gate without a hitch, which I had @twig open for me (love you eli). I later come back after stashing the car and post up again. My ADHD kicks in for a second time and I leap back in and steal another car and get jfk'd driving down the road. ~That's all folks~ Allies: @Kirby-KP @PapaMeme @i am Bambi @twig @Nvllsekt
  13. Sxcomba

    Group cap

    Don't see a point in restricting people's rp with imaginary group caps. I haven't seen a "big" group with 40+ members ever throw around their full roster in any scenario. In the big one's I've taken a part of we usually had a day crew (US timezones) and a night crew of EU players that would sometimes overlap. People will be friends no matter what anyway and just make a group to immediately ally so unless your only problem is KOS rights then idk what to tell you. There have been far more lethal groups on the server that roll with low numbers, just learn and adapt, don't make forum posts trying to restrict the power group's have accumulated. I know it's cancer to use the "irl" argument but cmon, big groups would be a thing and you should deal with it IC.
  14. I would go as far to say as to not allow erp either, take that shit to pms. In a recent unnamed report someone was forced to kiss their IG wife with nut all over her face after a rape session? Sorry what? This is actually happening? There shouldn't even be a discussion up over this, especially since the age restriction has been lifted. Idk about you guys but I don't think kids should be exposed to fuckin rape. RapeRP isn't like torture or anything, there's no rp gain besides being fucking nasty and making everyone around you uncomfortable. It's waaaayyy too sensitive of a topic and possibly traumatic for some people here. Just get rid of it, the community doesn't want it. TLDR: Quit being nasty - no more rape.
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