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  1. Sxcomba

    Group cap

    Don't see a point in restricting people's rp with imaginary group caps. I haven't seen a "big" group with 40+ members ever throw around their full roster in any scenario. In the big one's I've taken a part of we usually had a day crew (US timezones) and a night crew of EU players that would sometimes overlap. People will be friends no matter what anyway and just make a group to immediately ally so unless your only problem is KOS rights then idk what to tell you. There have been far more lethal groups on the server that roll with low numbers, just learn and adapt, don't make forum posts trying to restrict the power group's have accumulated. I know it's cancer to use the "irl" argument but cmon, big groups would be a thing and you should deal with it IC.
  2. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Uhhhh did you just verdict on a report made by your own group??? I thought this wasn't allowed for staff due to conflicts of interest? I refreshed the page and now the verdict is gone but why was it there in the first place? There's plenty of other staff members able to work verdicts, I really don't see any viable excuse for rushing it. Suggestions for improvement: Don't verdict reports made by your own group.
  3. I would go as far to say as to not allow erp either, take that shit to pms. In a recent unnamed report someone was forced to kiss their IG wife with nut all over her face after a rape session? Sorry what? This is actually happening? There shouldn't even be a discussion up over this, especially since the age restriction has been lifted. Idk about you guys but I don't think kids should be exposed to fuckin rape. RapeRP isn't like torture or anything, there's no rp gain besides being fucking nasty and making everyone around you uncomfortable. It's waaaayyy too sensitive of a topic and possibly traumatic for some people here. Just get rid of it, the community doesn't want it. TLDR: Quit being nasty - no more rape.
  4. You're fr doxxing people? At least tell me it's consensual? We're playing games, you don't need to dig into their police records and learn everything about them, that's just super creepy. It's just straight up an invasion of privacy and for what? Also whoever your "technical staff" guys are, they can probably get into a lot of trouble doing that. There's really no excuse for this, even if it's how your group ran in other communities that deffo won't fly here.
  5. My name is Evgeniy Voron, born and raised in Khelm, Chernarus. When the infection first hit local news my family didn't think much of it. In all honesty we thought it was just some isolated incident. My family has always valued living off nature's land and providing for ourselves, this family tradition has been passed down along with the family farm for generations. From my experience from working on the farm I have learned about crop rotation, harvesting, etc. I hardly have time off from the farm but when I'm not working I enjoy spending my time around friends and shopping in Berezino along with the average shenanigans. After the virus spread further north and became a serious problem, my parents (unknowing that Russia had already closed its borders) sent me on my way to Russia. My father, who was a Russian immigrant, handed me his old passport and the family's hunting rifle before hugging me goodbye. They agreed to stay and protect the land our family had worked on for generations. From what I gathered from the news, it was in my best interest to stick to the back roads if I wanted to avoid the virus. The days rolled by fast and I tried to keep my mind from the wandering thoughts and worries for my parent's safety. I spent my days walking and my nights camped under trees or inside small hunting shacks. When I finally neared the Russian border I could hear the distant gunfire and I wondered if the virus already spread past my hometown and into Russia. Little did I know it wasn't the infected they were shooting at. The Russian people held a grudge against Chernarussians I know, but to do this? As I neared the border and the fence that stretched for miles came into view I was overwhelmed with joy and grief, that I had made it, and that my parents were still stuck back in that hell. I saw a military presence at the fence and for once in my journey I felt that I was safe. That is until they started shooting. I heard the bullets crack near me and I ducked low to the ground. I looked around frantically trying to find what they could have been shooting at but there was nothing... They were shooting at me! The sudden realization that no one was going to help left me in shock. I was alone in the world. The only people I'll ever talk to will be on this side of the fence. My world grew smaller and it put a pressure on my chest. I ran back into the woods I came from with tears in my eyes. After that, I wandered around for a while, stopping in towns for supplies every now and then. I slipped up one day and was caught by some slavers who kept me around for their own amusement and tortured me in various ways. I was burned and cut in multiple places and underfed along with other Chernarussians. We were moved into Takistan to help some larger sect of their group on some project, after working there for a couple of months we had gathered enough motivation and the time came for us to do what we were all thinking about - revolting. It was led by man named Ruslan, who held the men together. When the signal was given I jumped up to my feet from the ground and tackled a guard. Once we were both on the ground there was a scuffle ending with me crushing his windpipe with an elbow strike to the adams apple. I quickly stole the dying mans rifle, ammo, along with a bag of supplies and made off into the wilderness. After a few days I was able to link up with the survivors and we made our way back to Chenarus.
  6. Sxcomba

    S1 - Invalid Execution - 21:54 10/03

    BowTie had logged a bit before we initiated for ooc reasons, the voice at 2:05 is another one of our members, Drahken. He even refers to BowTie's character multiple times in the video as they're very close IC. Also with the whole discord PMs thing about groups - we have stopped advertising ourselves as the Freemen seeing as we're being hunted down by just about everyone, so when you robbed us in the past, you wouldn't have known. Hope that clears things up. Bryan Ashworth POV: We're hovering around NW and bump into some IC friends for a chat, a little bit later OP rolls up and is being super sus, not saying anything and just looking around so we nab him before his friends can show up. I confirm over the radio that he's 100% someone we're after and scream the initiation. He complies and we move him to a green barn for questioning and the sort. We get the info we need then I double and triple check over comms that it's the right guy. He's lined up and shot for multiple robberies and firefights acted out against our members by him and his group. 4.6 - "A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally."
  7. Samuel Cobb was born in the suburbs of Chicago to an abusive family with a long history of disorders and health issues. Due to this, he went through school being bullied and was made an outsider. He embraced the solace and loneliness. It started off when he was young, talking to his imaginary friends as most kids do, but he didn’t grow out of it in his teens… The voices stayed in his head as he began to mature. Telling him to do things, sometimes good… but mostly bad… Although he began to control it, that didn’t stop his parents from throwing him in a room full of pillows and tucking a grey jacket around him though. The doctors gave him comics and coloring books to pass the time, which sparked his interest in them as he began to grow up. The voices in his head started talking less and less as his treatment went on, he was able to cope with his Schizophrenia by convincing himself the voices in his head were evil doers trying to corrupt him, just like the comics! This interesting coping mechanism intrigued the doctors, since they had never seen it before. The doctors wanted to send him to a research facility overseas with his parents’ permission, they were paid under the table and let it happen, sending their youngest child be shipped off to the Ukraine where doctors studied him closely. As he lived there he was allowed a TV and was exposed to super hero movies and various soundtracks. He would start to sing “ABC” by the Jackson 5 when he felt an episode coming on to get it under control, somehow this helped him. As he grew and watched the movies with the doctors that studied them, he had a favorite “Daddy Day Care” that he would watch at least once every day. He continued to grow up, when he turned 14 that’s when the infection in South Zagoria spread rapidly throughout the world. He was released out of the mental institution by one of the guards and believed he was tasked as a super hero to put a stop to the infection, and those that would wrong others. His travels eventually led him to South Zagoria itself. He met Lord Stitches and Goggles, two other crazies like himself, the three formed a strange trio. Sam felt like he belonged for once, he wasn't bullied like before and he could truly call these people his best friends! One itsy-bitsy problem though... Without the doctors to help and calm him, the voices got worse and were louder than ever.
  8. @Bounty @Eagle It was really fun rolling with your crew for a bit, I actually couldn't stop laughing xD I hope we have more rp in the future!
  9. You know us well!
  10. @Zanaan We had not initiated on him, he was asked to come into the bathroom. There were no threats, he wasn't tied up, and we weren't forcing him to be there, in fact the whole reason that event happened was because he would not leave the compound after being asked by 5-6 armed people at least 30 times (mind you he was unarmed at this point). The S on his hand was to symbolize "shooter" as he had opened fire on us in a prior gunfight. To me it seemed like a way to just build RP tensions and was consensual. Regardless if this counts as an initiation or not, two people, @Cinderman and @Kirby-KP are not in our group and were not involved in the situation at all yet were still killed / shot at.
  11. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-05, 01:46 Your in game name: Bryan Ashworth Names of allies involved: Pretty much all of the Freemen Name of suspect/s: No clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c7dd8494f09cc8b34/surprised-pikachu- Detailed description of the events: Green Dragons and some other guys came up and seemed like they were setting up on us again. Our compound was on high alert and I was up in the tower watching some gentlemen out towards the west when a single shot rings out and turns my brains into scrambled eggs. There wasn't any initiation at all, the one guy drops a few of us then gets hunted down and shot. The last hostage we took was well over two hours ago.
  12. Bryan Ashworth POV: I jumped out of the compound after the firefight had died down (it was super long, some guy with a mosin kept trying to JFK us from down the hill) and I run to maybe find supplies left out in the woods. We all took off our armbands as the attackers had picked the same color as us. I see some freshspawn looking around where majority of the people had died along with his friend, who also looked like a freshspawn. I run up and pretend that I'm some third party and tell him something along the lines of "hey man there was just a gunfight and some guy over there has been trying to shoot the boys in the tower." He carries on "looking for mushrooms" conveniently, in the only part of the forest people had died. His friend comes up and just starts running circles around me not saying a word, I call him a weirdo and walk off to go afk in a tree and come back to hear the comms talking about baiting or something. I find the scenario and the guy with nothing is just standing out in the open flipping Drahken off and just being super difficult. I try to be the voice of reason, telling him some mushrooms aren't worth his life. An initiation drops but I'm muted so I didn't have time to pull my gun out, almost immediately Drahken is killed by his silent partner that was hiding in the bushes the whole time. I panic and take out my ak, shooting at the pair as they run off into the woods, I pursue them into the woods a bit and run out of ammo. I take out my sword as a last resort and start running back into view of Twig from the tower so he could cover me whilst I reload. I get stuck between a tree branch and a rock then get iced. I just think it's weird that you came back and only searched the area where people had died, then did everything in your power to get an initiation out of us. At one point in the video you directly asked us to initiate and just stood there, unarmed, being as disrespectful and uncooperative as you could be while your friend set up.
  13. The boys got ambushed today @MrBowTie Vip down > https://plays.tv/video/5c71be3d472a43c59f/neva-surrenda-ft-ted-cruz?from=user > https://plays.tv/video/5c71c6aa90ce2efe67/oh-my-god-jeremiah-nooooo?from=user
  14. Bryan Ashworth POV: Our boy pepper got yoinked up in GM so we went to find the guys and gat em. I get an ID on two but I was 50/50 on it till the third came down and their story fell apart. I wait for the lads to show up and one of us domerocks the batman voice guy and then it kicks off to all hell, I shoot someone with a carbine who shot one of our boys and pulled like 20 z's so I ran up on industrial and got shot in the head 2 times, resulting in my death. The reason for me logging out was because I had died and I was hungey so made an omelette for din din and went to sleep.
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