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  1. Mexi

    As of tomorrow all those that live in fear will be free for a week, rejoice! 


    1. ExoticRP


      I'll still be here

    2. Mexi


      No one's scared of you finalboi.

    3. ExoticRP


      I think that you are an outstanding member of this community

    4. Mexi


      I think that you provide quite possibly the best role play anyone has ever seen, keep it up.

    5. ExoticRP


      I appreciate that complement sir

    6. Species


      But I prefer being initiated on

    7. Mexi


      Who doesn't? This is a meme before people shit themselves over it.

  2. Proud Parents Thread

    Being called a filthy Syrian by your daughter has been one of my favourite moments to come from this community.
  3. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Didn't see eye to eye much in quite a few things but I wish you all the best with your future, fingers crossed you come back at some point. o7
  4. Pretty sure they've left the ability to defend yourself and friends but not share the initiation rights amongst people from however far away.
  5. Nice to see another hostile group roaming around, look forward to bumping into you lot if I bother to get IG.
  6. Mexi

    Live playing some Siege, chilling with some music. Will take requests if it's not shit. - https://www.twitch.tv/mexilive_     Fin.

  7. Community Summit

    2 people from each group, or allow the leader to delegate one person. I'd say that's easy enough to handle. Sometimes some group leaders aren't confident enough to speak out with a ton of people in the channel, or are afraid of their concerns/ opinions getting them removed completely.
  8. The Deal With It Attitude

    I mean, or we could hold a meeting and give the person whom is talking priority speaker so that they're able to be heard and every community member that wants to be there to listen in and give an input, can.
  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    Riiiightt.. That doesn't really add anything to what I replied or to the discussion at hand, but I'm not sure why I'd refrain from doing that when you're repeating what was said and trying to spin it, I'll leave you to go back to la la land. You're told when you join staff that you are not to touch or discuss anything that you put up due to your side of things being held as bias, which in this case would be true.. Literally one of the first things you get told, but I guess it was forgotten.
  10. The Deal With It Attitude

    What happened isn't how the report protocol works, that also needs to be upheld.
  11. Hallow

    Welcome back, be careful.
  12. The Deal With It Attitude

    This entire situation could have been avoided if R4 was used instead of making a report, some would have kicked up a fuss but that shit happened. Instead, Aiko stepped in way of how things SHOULD have been carried out and from looking at the final message it seems the hammer was swung because Law said that one of her members had lied in their PoV, which has been done many times before to normal community members and evidence has had to come forward for something to happen. To be this just looked entirely like 'I have the power, I can do what I want' which doesn't exactly make the community comfortable with addressing many things because it's becoming the trend for a few staff members. It shouldn't have been done and it's ridiculous that it wasn't overturned. Also, after hearing from multiple people about your disliking for Taryn it'd be great if you would read her comments and not try to paint her in a bad light, you're literally just repeating what she's said. Thanks.
  13. Mexi

    I'm gonna close the forums before I say something I'll probably regret, attempt to enjoy the rest of your evenings.

    • Mexi
    • Jasper

    .. RIP. :/ 

  14. Mexi


  15. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to situation: Supporting notes: The last post alone was enough to constitute for this. Feedback: Quite honestly in my entire time in this community NEVER before have I seen something beyond bias, not only was this YOUR report but it was you who basically said 'fuck it, they're gone'. While I understand as an Admin rule 4 is indeed your right, in this instance another person should have been the one to swing if there was even any reason to, because from looking at the report your 'evidence' was yet to be uploaded an hour into the post being up, whether that's due to your internet or whatever you honestly should have let the report continue as there was nothing not only supporting your side of the story but also theirs, to then get all uppity about them falsely reporting you.. Just makes you look even more bias as fuck. Ridiculous. The fact that you were involved with the situation, put up the report and the rule 4'd them when it's including not only yourself but friends too. Nah, that's fishy as fuck.. However you put it. Evidence should have come forward before a decision was made on the R4 and it damn well shouldn't have come from you. Suggestions for improvement: - Think before you act and realise that this sort of shit certainly sets off the bias alarm. - Don't do this shit when you're involved, my god you should know that.. - Undo what you've done. - Honestly, I'd have a nice break after something like that.. Some time to reflect would do you the world of good. (Not too bothered if this is repetitive or worded in a shitty way but it's 6am, I'm jetlagged to fuck and tbh this has sent me through the roof).
  16. Mexi

    Well, that's bias towards a situation if I've every damn well seen it. Jesus fucking Christ, what a mess.

    1. Mademoiselle


      I'm pretty speechless... I didn't expect that at all...

    2. JimRP



  17. Hmmm

    Now this, this is a movement I can get behind. Yes.
  18. Mexi

    As predicted, that fucking sucked.. Hate goodbyes, however temporary they may be.

  19. Mexi

    Last night in Boston.. tomorrow is going to fucking suck. :( 

    1. Keira


      Prepare to cry. Its the hardest thing ever getting on that plane.

    2. Mexi


      Going home, immediately looking at flights again. But yeah, this is gonna suck so fucking much.

    3. Sleepyhead


      I hope you had a nice time Mexi. We'll be here to support you when you're back. :C

    4. Buddy


      More flights, that's the spirit!!!!!

      The initial sting sucks ungodly not gonna lie, but it will pass and the more you plan ahead the better you both will feel! c:

      Hope you enjoyed your time here in the states!!!! Massachusetts is pretty aight ;) 

    5. Hebee


      Get out of my country tbh

    6. Mademoiselle


      Massachusetts taxes suck though, too many road tolls to pay which is a pain in the ass. It may be difficult but don't look at the downside, just know you got to at least visit her, most people aren't as fortunate. <3 :) 

    7. Species


      Just move here, I have room

    8. Taryn


      Everyone needs to back up off my Koolaid. 

    9. Hebee


      He's the kind of Kool aid that someone tricks you into drinking next thing you know 900 people are dead. Get him outta here.

    10. Buddy


      Image result for well that escalated quickly meme

    11. Hebee


      Mexi knows he is my favorite Syrian tbh

    12. Sleepyhead



    13. Taryn


      Yea, except when you drink him you ascend into a heavenly afterlife. Really I would have never even found this Koolaid if it werent for this cult I joined... *ahem*DayzRP*ahem*

    14. Hebee


      To the peasants it is sleepyhead. 

    15. Mexi


      The temptation to change my name to 'Syrian' is rather large.

    16. Hebee



    17. Macbrine


      Hebee is my spirit animal

    18. Mexi


      Shoo, Macbrine.

    19. Macbrine
  20. Farewell

    You were in the wrong with the report and got caught breaking rules yourself because as mentioned above you clearly didn't understand the rules 💯.. as for the appeal, that was your doing, no one else's. Leaving because you didn't get your way with something, lmaokbye.
  21. I think the biggest thing that has annoyed me recently is staff members and community members alike referring to myself and friends as the 'banter brigade'. A lot of you need to think back to March 1st, though I liked some who left I didn't agree with their reasoning or the way they did it and I think I speak for the others when I say this too. We stayed, we enjoy this place, just because our opinions differ from yours doesn't mean we're tainted or toxic either. Getting sick of this shit because it just shows how divided the community really is, especially when the higher ups of the staff team show their extreme disliking towards us. In all honesty, it removes my want to even bother attempting to help with shit as a community member. also, just because you don't see it as venting doesn't mean that's not what it is. Didn't realise that OFF TOPIC threads required warnings considering it's not really a discussion section but here we are. just realised this is IRL, lmao. Edit: though I've been passing my Uni assignments and exams I've found that recently I've struggled to actually find the motivation to do anything Uni related until the very last day, again.. though I've passed I feel that I'm letting myself down by leaving things to the last minute and possibly losing grades due to that. I've had a lot of pressure on me as of late due to the amount being piled onto me not only at home with family shit but with the work load coming from my education. Tis a struggle ATM.
  22. Mexi

    Imagine my disgust waking up to seeing the monstrosity that has occurred on the forums as of today. These are dark times people, gather what you can and stay safe.

    1. Macbrine


      Agreed community member Mexi. I do think it is time we stick to our guns and enjoy the holidays we are on :)

    2. Mexi


      Shoo, Macbrine.

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      what are you talking about lad

    4. Jasper
  23. Real life picture Thread

    Ishmael Bernstein, is that you? tbh, wouldn't mind Cyanides beard..