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  2. Mexi

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Much better, best of luck boys.
  3. Mexi

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    I would, but I agree it's a tad to late. Do it anyway.
  4. Mexi

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Goals that list other groups are best kept private or reworded to not include names so people don't meta, but best of luck nonetheless!
  5. Mexi

    To the people of South Zagoria (Open Frequency)

    *Stood with Mikhail, he'd grab his radio and begin transmitting with the sound of disgust in his voice* ""Our lands are not for you to decide who gets what piece, Chedaki supporters will be treated as just that and will suffer the same fate of the innocents they murdered and raped during the civil war. We're glad your 'wife' saw the error in her ways. You people claim peace but sided with monsters and assisted with attacks, your masks will be removed and the people will see who you truly are." *Pausing for a moment he'd reply once more* "Slava Chernarus." *Releasing the PTT he'd place his radio back in his pocket, he'd throw water over the fire and begin kicking dirt over the fires remains and continue packing his belongings away*
  6. Mexi


    I give it a few months before the amnesty appeals roll in.

    No server outside of this one seems to last, best of luck elsewhere.

  7. Mexi

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    Future you say? There is but only one future for Chedaki scum.
  8. Mexi

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    I look forward to sending the Chedaki back to the black mountains boys.
  9. Mexi

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Using screenshots of someone belittling you and giving you shit for an opinion and then reporting it is weak? Nah. Insulting someone online, constantly to the point where you've been removed, come back and to do it again, that Lumen is what should've stopped. I've no issues with the person that was removed, nor do I with many left but going on the supposed 'facts' that someone is weak due to reporting a rule break is rather pitiful. 'Be less triggered' shouldn't be a community moto, when I was in staff we re-wrote a rule to make it obvious to people to not be a cunt. 'Basically don't be a cunt' was added to the old rules to make things clear, it should've remained because clearly that's just popped out of a lot of peoples minds.
  10. Mexi

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    As someone that has had this happen to them not a couple of months ago, it's happening. As far as people getting others banned, if they're bad for the community and make things so tense around here you could pull it and make it 'twang' like a stretched rubber band, I'm fine with them being removed. Amnesty was agreed upon for people that didn't create too much of an issue to the point we have people just outright quitting because of the constant targeting IC and OOC, but here we are, allowing anyone back for $50+ no matter what they've done. People report to the admins through DM's with hope it doesn't fall back on them, personally I try to completely avoid certain individuals in this community as much as possible because I know they have shit like my IP, home address, home phone number etc. Doesn't seem like much of a community from my eyes, does it?
  11. Mexi

    A Giant's Journey [Dominik Dvorak's Journal]

    I'm still devoted to taking Dom out like Lennie from Of Mice and Men. soontm realtime:
  12. Mexi


    GW2 is currently 50% off, if you're looking for a fun as fuck game with the smoothest combat of any MMO I've played, go purchase it before the offer ends.

    Go here

    1. Xehara


      You're from GW2 as well? Hrmmmm

  13. Mexi

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    I was told of some sort of o7? Its been a blast, while others nearly fucked shit up for you guys ICly as far as our relations go, you guys always had the best intentions at heart, it’s just a shame my character is too much of a cunt to see that. best of luck to everyone whatever group you move onto next.
  14. Mexi

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    Initiation is dropped at 41 seconds, I put 2 seconds prior so it's not an instant initation being shown, it's not a ground breaking discovery. 41-44 initiation 45 - door closes He is in there for 6-7 total seconds going left and right, admittedly dodging shots but the option was there to open the door, repeatedly and it wasn't taken. Reopening the door and with his hands open, attempting to make contact, that should have been the method taken. Read my previous replies, I've explained why he was shot at. Listen to the audio from your own footage, you had full understanding of the goings on and knew full well what you were pushing onto. Doesn't matter if you knew who we were IC/OOC, fact of the matter is you were advancing on our position, weapons drawn, ready for a fight as per your comms amongst each other. If we're wanting constant reiterations of what I've already stated, I'll just direct you to my previous replies. Edit: As it's 4am you'll likely get a reply from me some time tomorrow.
  15. Mexi

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    Thankfully someone quoted this supposed 'mistake' prior to the edit. - Orange Armband - Aiming at us after we initiate and killed his non-compliant friend - Shot at for clearly attempting to get a shot as he is clearly involved Also if I said hill, which I don't think I did, I apologise. I mean the slope about 2 trees up behind this log pile/ fence. I'll put timestamps with what's just been given to me. First 30 seconds is us preparing to push. 0:32 - We notice a man in yellow (Boris) coming towards us 0:39 - Boris is initiated upon 0:45 - Door is closed and shots ring out and after missing nearly a mag, Boris makes no attempt to open the door to show compliance and even in his video, his hands are not up until the very last second. Pay attention to the fact he made no attempt to verbally surrender or reopen the door. In his own footage it shows him going back and forth and the option to open the door was available 3-5 times, not once was it taken. Only at 0:48 was there an attempt to speak verbally, even then it wasn't audible enough to make out. 1:09 - Shots could be seen hitting the side of the shed, that'd be me shooting through the shed attempting to hit the Boris. 1:11 - A Bolt-Action shot is fired towards us from the compound 1:14 - One of the OP's people are in the tower the shot came from at the time which is shortly confirmed by Ducky that we have rights on that person. 1:19 - First person pushes up onto the shed and is shot at 1:35 - First person moves from the shed attempting to flank, Ducky catches him out and kills him. 1:45 - Ducky's second kill on someone moving around to our flank, again. 1:52 - Someone jumps the fence to get a position on Ducky and attempts the flank, again. 2:57 - Ducky's third and final kill which ended in a trade. The shots that I fired into the people as shown in the logs after the time of Ducky's kills was to check if they had been fully killed. Also, previously we have been told and threatened with points for 'meme' images or titles to do with report videos.. We'd appreciate if you could ask people to not do things that relate to a Spongebob meme which refers to people as being idiots for your titles and remain civil, thanks. Edit: Just to clarify, we are now counter reporting for the exact reason @Roland made in the report verdict he has made previously, which will be added below in a spoiler. Due to the nature of the said report, this would be us pushing for 'False Report'.
  16. Mexi

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    The video shows you pushing up to EXACTLY where Boris was killed, what were your intentions doing this? Nothing in what you posted shows you doing anything that doesn't show as an offensive move onto our position. - Orange armband (Boris) was just killed exactly where you sprinted up to - You had your weapon out - Listening to your comms your video clearly shows audio of you all advancing on the position with the intent to attack Just because you don't know who it was doesn't make your intent, in our eyes any less malicious. You pushed straight onto our position shortly after Boris is killed for non-compliance, as provided in the video you posted as well as the comms included in said video. The video posted is also missing around 30-40 seconds of you taking the time to both decide to push and actually performing said push. Pretending that your intent and actions as shown with audio wasn't to push and continue fighting after doing so, shows malicious intent for this report. You made the decision to do so, lost and here we are. Which we are still willing to do if you would like to also, however we'd rather a one on one with mediation to keep things civil and on topic, with both sides coming to an understanding.
  17. Mexi

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    Alexandr Kozak PoV: We go to check out a compound to see if the owners are still around to have a chat before we find somewhere to finish up RP and log, as we get closer we notice people jumping from the roof to watch towers wearing what we thought to be Red or Orange armbands due to not being able to tell from a distance we send someone to check and confirm it was indeed The House. Once confirming we all move into different positions to start a surrounded push onto the compound, as we were about to a man in a yellow raincoat starts to bolt towards Ducky me and 1 other, he is initiated upon and instead of complying he walks into the small red shed and said shed is lit up shortly after the door is closed, on my screen there was ample time for Boris to comply, no attempts to talk or shout anything were heard and he was killed. We hold our positions and a shot rings out from the compound in our direction and I hear snap(s). Someone on the north end of the compound calls out that a number of people in orange armbands funnel out of the main entrance with 2-3 pushing towards us and another 2-3 pushing the red roof barn. Ducky kills the 2-3 that push up on the left side of the green house (as shown below) whom said nothing and raise their weapons while the rest of us await shots to be fired at us. Unfortunately Ducky trades with the last. I peek to the right side of a shed next to the green house and am tagged by a man in what I can only remember wearing a white jumper, shoes and orange armband, at which point I repeek and tag him before going back behind the house and bandaging. Prior to this I notice a man with a winchester(?) or another bolt action rifle, also with an orange armband peaking and aiming towards us which is a hostile act and at which point shots are returned, multiple shots from a bolt action rifle were heard prior to this. Cali and I push the red roof which all doors are closed on, we open all 4 and as we do, I am hit. We wait for a moment before pushing in and I spray and kill the guy inside, we reload and push to the compound wall. - Not sure who that was 100% tbh or which log it is. As I reach the wall I reinitiate on the compound for all those inside, we all push in, finish who is left, rescue who was captive and leave. I'd like to turn the GM's and Moderators that will look over this' attention to the facts. Those who may or may not have shot, who were killed, had defence rights on us, yes.. IF we shot someone who didn't attempt to RUSH us and attempt to use the defence rights they gained from us killing Boris, then I'd totally understand the reasoning behind this report. However, you are apart of a dynamic. Boris was wearing an orange armband to identify himself to your group members, as were the rest of you. MULTIPLE of you pushed out of the compound towards where the shots were coming from and flanked to get shots onto us, as shown from the shots coming down from Red barn onto myself. IF you had stayed inside the compound and we then proceeded to shoot you while you hunkered down without an initiation I'd 100% understand but you KNOWINGLY pushed us with the intent to kill, nothing else and pretending to say otherwise is an outright lie and you know this. The same situation has occurred in a report where Cipher initiated on Nihoo in an open field and because he killed Cipher AND you, you then put up a report attempting to play the rules as a shield with the intent to use them to get someone else banned however @Roland saw through that and proceeded to punish which would be the reason for the archival of your Irish group Na Buachailli Glasa as well as your final warning, as shown below. If you still would like to have a conversation about this one on one so the conversation isn't a shouting match, let me know.
  18. Mexi


    Apparently this is $25 along with some other stuff currently on Humble Bundle if you're wanting some editing software - 


  19. Mexi

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    This. If you repeatedly cock up to the point it’s just a reoccurring thing and it’s something that is so obvious it leaves the entirety of the people who have read it, including the Admin who read and approved the appeal saying ‘How the fuck did you come up with this?’ Then like points you should have a punishment. A 3 strike system in staff for verdicts that were wrong would be nice. Would also be nice if the appeals didn’t take longer than the ban time itself so people don’t take the brunt of a full punishment for something they didn’t do. As a business I don’t think you should get anything free from the item store, big or small. The community runs off of what is spent there, not magic.
  20. Mexi

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    We'll post our PoV's once we're done with RP. Didn't realise the time, I'll post when I'm free tomorrow after Uni.
  21. Mexi


    Can't believe that this was even allowed to happen.

    Absolutely disgusting.

    1. Harlow


      Makes me sick.

    2. Ducky



    3. DaRsnn


      Love getting roger roger'd

    4. Mexi


      Fun police..

    5. Ender


      i dont know what i expected... but it definitely wasn't that.

  22. Mexi



  23. Mexi

    Mordhau server

    Spears and shields banned pls thanks - Everyone
  24. Mexi

    Mordhau server

    Could we switch it to a Deathmatch server instead? Duels seem like a smarter option because I doubt we'd always get enough for 5v5's or w/e Skirmish offers
  25. Mexi


    Writers of GoT have turned it into every single other predictable TV Drama series and have ruined a perfectly good series.

    Minus a couple of the deaths everything else was dog shit.

    Save yourself an hour and a half, don't bother.

    1. Kai


      Next episode will be even shitter, terrible writing man It's a fucking shame.

    2. Mexi


      Exactly what happens to every series where the producers have to rush an ending, I don't think I've been this disappointed since the ending of LOST.

    3. OxeN


      it was sick

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