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    Large Groups

    If the group has made 0 effort to be involved with someone elses story to then be apart of it, who's fault is that, really?
  2. Mexi

    Baguette or Roll?

    Surely you're not that specific fellas, you don't call Baguettes 'long rolls' or 'big rolls' do you?
  3. Mexi

    Baguette or Roll?

    The image you posted is a baguette.. This is a roll mate -
  4. Mexi

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Solid roster. Good luck guys.
  5. Mexi

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Good luck
  6. Mexi

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    o7 was fun in the beginning. Never.
  7. Mexi

    Initiation before raiding

    Honestly the amount of times I and others have said this is over the top. Store the shit you want in another location, underground or log with it. Not everything you pick up in the game would be a necessity for you to survive. Carry what you can, the rest should be considered expendable.
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  9. Mexi


    Out of context snaking continues. 

    Kamenici was fun, another hiatus for a while. 👋🏻

  10. Mexi

    Green hat cowboy - open freq.

    *Doubek would order his men to halt, to give him a moment to reply.* "This is Seržant Doubek of the 12th Conscript Detachment. Food, drinks and medical supplies can be distributed to survivors you come across, just as we would as and when we come across those who require the aid. We appreciate the offer, but we have what we need to continue to do our job, thank you again. Stay safe, out. *He'd place his radio back into his vest pocket and continue on his patrol*
  11. Mexi

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    I will add also we do have goals that were previously on the thread but had to be removed because upon meeting a few certain individuals they were instantly brought up, I won't be mentioning names to avoid drama but clearly we can't put every tid bit of information on this page otherwise it leaks IG.
  12. Mexi

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Group concepts and goals change as they go on as I'm sure you're aware. The reason we got a lot of good feedback in the beginning was because a lot of our characters were/are relatable to those that are already here. They're conscripts, forced to return to a war torn, foreigner ridden part of South Zagoria and they fucking hate it for the most part. Once NCO's aren't around, each of the conscripts do as they please, even some of the NCO's are more relaxed when it comes to such things as uniforms or how Conscripts conduct themselves, this in turn breeds internal conflict which gives US something to RP over other than our goals and worrying about which group has done what (tl;dr once we're done dealing with the high-school level drama that occurs IC and is brought to us, we have something to do). Refer to the above statement. You're giving bad feedback relating to the way characters personalities have developed after we've been treated? Lemme give you a quick step by step of what's happened in relation to us attempting to help people IC. We create the group and instantly within the first two days of searching high and low, create our FOB for RP to be centred around for ourselves and others as and when they need assistance. 3 days go by, we get a few visitors and things are going great, internal is great, those that required aid got it and were given food and were allowed to remain in the compound for a while until their wounds had been seen to. 1 day after we get attacked unprovoked outside of our FOB North, while this is fine it doesn't settle well with conscripts who are there to just do a job and go home asap. Next day we assist a camp with some issues that had arisen with a group of Taki's attempting to enforce sharia laws and are successful in another attack/ defence of someone elses camp Day or so after that we go and help the same groups with the same issues and end up making friends and potential allies along the way 2 groups move to Berezino The entire server flocks to Berezino because the two groups that moved had around 6-7 Streamers between them, so of course the entire server comes. High-School level drama begins to unfold, which we then have to deal with.. Over and over giving US little time to RP amongst ourselves and having to put ALL our efforts into dealing with other peoples issues (Which is fine, I guess). We suddenly get attacked for like 4-5 days straight, night after night. 4/5 of the days we fought alone while the people that agreed to move with us decided to sit in buildings and comply instead of assisting to protect their newly founded homes. After about a week or so, the two groups decide to say WE are the problem, talk a whole lotta shit IC and bail on us, pretty much leaving us as chum in Shark infested waters. We stay for another day, log back in to find that 2-3 of our walls had been stripped (even though there was a walk way at the front gate) and ALL of our supplies which we were using to GIVE to people including their containers had been ransacked for an explanation which was provided in a report as 'IC reasoning'. We move to Krasnostav barracks the next day and begin construction. Myself @CrusaderCJ and the rest of our members begin construction on a new place where only those who required emergency medical aid and ourselves were allowed in (it was beautiful o7) takes a few days to complete. People break and ghost into the compound and attempt to steal all of our shit, and got caught for it. (report up on that) We are then attacked based on a rumour to which of course, only one side was listened to. (Could've made for some good RP but alas, it turned into a blood bath) The next day, we return to our base.. 10 walls have despawned and near enough all our supplies which were still continuing to be handed out had been stolen from again so we pack up our shit and return to our own RP and play somewhat nomadic while interacting with people as we go. The entire time this group has been up, we've had to deal with every inch of the rules being bent, pushed against or broken.. Rumours being taken as gospel and people insulting us attacking us. At what point does a group of people that were sent here to do one job just snap and help who they damn well want? ICly we've been conversing on a regular basis with people in Miroslavl (@Major) on updates as to what we should do with the situation, as a group along side him we agreed to get our work done and help those we deem fit and tbh the RP hasn't been anything less than fantastic from the members within this group and I'm sure it'll continue to be just that. Indeed it was a fresh start, as are all groups that pop up. We tried to be nice to everyone and as usual people shoot a good opportunity to 'recreate a government' or 'progress lore' out of the sky and laugh while they do it. Formations still happen, clearly you've not been watching enough to fully see that but as you mentioned, it's only been a couple of days off and on. Worried for us returning to our Kamenici routes? You mean the 4-5+ pages of GOOD feedback we got when @groovy cali had the group rightfully returned to him? I damn well hope we're maintaining the level of feedback and potential that group had/has because we did a great job with it. The vast majority of this community unfortunately doesn't care for lore progression etc. as much as people seem to say they do, we're here to have fun and we'll continue to act as we have been because it breeds good RP for us and those we meet. I hope this reply is sufficient enough for your feedback which we all indeed thank you for taking the time to give. I can't stress this enough.. KAMENICI pls Voodoo Edit: We also look forward to reading the feedback for these other groups you've been 'watching', seems to be only us so far!
  13. Mexi

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    You’ll get a proper formatted reply once I’ve finished work in an hour or so.
  14. Mexi

    S1 Combat Logging 7/19/19

    Combat logging implies there is/ was no attempt to return, which he did indeed do and was then initiated upon and captured while double miccing the entire situation. To which he then received little to no RP while everything he and the rest of the group owned was rifled through by yourself and the other person inside of the compound. As I mentioned before, he logged back in after a quick reset, hadn't been initiated upon and was unaware as he stated. Returning from this log, gaining no 'upperhand' on you and actually complying to demands, I'm baffled why this report even went up other than it seems that the reason mainly being your groups deaths. Placing items such as bear traps or land mines within another persons base is not allowed. I highlighted the important bits for you. Willsky hadn't been initiated on and clearly had no knowledge of it taking place prior to being hit by the bear trap, not only that, it and another had been placed in two barracks, the one Willsky quickly relogged inside of and another, luckily for whoever placed it this would have been classed as 2x attempted invalid kill, but due to no logs being found for the second instance, it should only be seen as one. Accusing us of lying is a stretch, just as the other accusations within this report are.
  15. Mexi


    They've done it for a while, if they're not disinfected you get fairly sick. Alcohol tincture, keep it on you or just use the medical bandages.
  16. Mexi


    I've fixed what people seem to be unfix-able through eating like 4 vitamin tablets and then 3 tetracycline while being full food and water. I will say though, it took a little bit to get rid of and a few tries of what I suggested above so don't expect it to disappear fast. Also, remember to disinfect rags as that's the way it tends to happen.
  17. Mexi

    Real life picture Thread

    Absolute Bacardi Breezer
  18. Mexi

    S1 - Approx 21:40 - Ghosting

    Pos logs need to be updated so they match the connection position, right now they're random and all over the place, tyty. Edit: We are certain that he ghosted, given that there were planks and nails on the wall, the only way to regain supplies from deconstructing a wall is if you do it from the inside. As other reports have also shown, logs will show if the person deconstructed the wall from the inside, or if they destroyed it from the outside.
  19. Mexi

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    People that are labelled 'PvP players' also got group of the year in 2017, so lets not act as if because someone is better at aiming that their ability to RP is any worse. Only time characters should be deleted is if they're actually troll characters, dumb shit listed on the backstory etc just to make the quota. Nothing else.
  20. Mexi

    S1 - Approx 21:40 - Ghosting

    Server and location: S1, I'll DM a GM the location. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19/'07/2019, Approx 21:40 Your in game name: Patrick Doubek Names of allies involved: @Franny Name of suspect/s: @Nick Wilde + 1 other friend (Don't know his name but I'm sure he'll inform.) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs will show. Detailed description of the events: Franny logs in and informs us of a breach of each of the compound walls, so I get on to check stuff out. Upon logging in I see that the bottom of two of the walls has been deconstructed so that the nails and planks remain, meaning that they were broken from the inside. one of the gates however is attached onto a building in which can only be accessed while the door is on through the use of switching servers. I believe that @Nick Wildeand his friend ghosted into the base.
  21. Mexi

    S1 Combat Logging 7/19/19

    He purposefully stepped on it because it was in a doorway and wasn't giving the option to dismantle, it was around 20 or so minutes after apparently.
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    Happy Birthday Rolle 😄 

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      Děkuji sergant Doubek!

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      We would bake you a cake, but these conscripts can't even put their socks on without accidently shooting themselves.

  23. Mexi

    S1 Combat Logging 7/19/19

    PoV: I'm sat chilling in TS with a few people, Willsky included. As mentioned in the other PoV's he attempts to get IG but encounters a bug and relogs to fix. A minute or so goes by and he then double mic's "My hands are up" or something along those lines so we spring into action and a few of us log in to attempt a rescue mission. Stannis kills the two on the corner after initiating, I kill the guy that's holding Willsky captive and then hold a position covering Willsky so he can get out of his restraints and arm himself. We then both push the rest of the compound and find the last man, Willsky then shoots and kills him. After the situation is finished we strip their bodies of anything worth while and continue RPing. I will say however that as Willsky mentioned a Bear Trap was placed under his feet where he logged to fix a bug and another had been placed in our base in a doorway, which isn't allowed. The second bear trap that was placed which I can only assume was by one of you hit someone that was not even involved with the situation, which in itself is a rulebreak. Due to him not dying that falls under attempted invalid kill (roleplayed) but of course that's up to staff. The person the beartrap hit was @groovy xavier. As for us not supposedly talking, that was the point. We knew your positions due to Stannis being outside and having eyes on the building you had Willsky captive in. He said the info and I was inside of the compound, of course I'm not going to talk to give away my position. I will however say that we also didn't hear any double mic from your side. I had been inside of the compound for around 1-2 minutes before popping one of your guys in the back of your head. As for the not talking to your hostage and telling him to shut up constantly, while I understand the awe of seeing a couple of containers, perhaps next time focus on the RP at hand because it can make a situation rather sour when a hostage is ignored.
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    Welcome back @Taryn  ❤️ 


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    About damn time dude, congratulations!

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      Thanks dude!

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