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  1. Mexi


    If punching someone with hostile intent now counts as NVFL, I’d like staff to look back at a report that went up a few weeks ago where the same thing took place at the first of Major and Phatals events.

     Same thing, pretty much. Hostile action towards someone when guards and rules strictly said not to do so, even if it was ‘outside’ of the event. Not only that, it happened to multiple people in the line who all also had rights against the OP, plus the persons friends who one of which did indeed shoot. Adding onto this the people whom was with the OP were not in the same group, meaning he was alone, maybe one other, if we wanna stick to the rules side instead of RP, it should have fallen under NVFL too.

    While I agree that most reports are case by case there shouldn’t be much difference between cases they’re basically the same.

    also the false report for him putting up a report when he thought he was in the right? Is there any evidence presented that it was done with malicious intent? Nope. Not sure where that one was pulled from but if rabbits are jumping out of the same place, put the hat faced down.


    Home in a couple of weeks, see ya soon. 🙂 

    1. Mexi


      Not that I’m trying to get something overturned, just seems odd to be that two of the near enough same situations have turned out completely different.

    2. Dan


      The false report thing is just dumb. I was always under the impression from helping out with verdicts that a false report is putting up a report that has someone not breaking a rule, but twisting it just to get them banned. The fact that what happened in this recent case has been verdicted differently before literally means that it was up for debate to being a legitimate rule break and in no bounds for a false report.

    3. JackZRP


      Unlucky son 🙂

    4. Mexi


      No thank you.

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