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"Man that's just C R A Z Y how it be like that"

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  1. Mexi


    Really feeling the community vibe from this fucking verdict.


    TEACH people, the guy signed up for the fucking Mentor Program, stop banning people when the effort is being made to better themselves. Honestly, it's sad.


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    2. Lucky1911


      Agreeing with @Nihoolious the fact that the Perma hammer was not dropped is amazing. However i do agree with you mexi. Theres a mentor program for a reason. Send people to complete it with Flying color and if they fail horribly give them the ban.

      "There's a reason why you make mistakes, So you can learn from them."

    3. ShanePVP


      20 points holy shit didn't see that fucking hell

    4. Mexi


      Not only that the punishment was fucking aggravated, activity must be low boys.

    5. Dan


      Should've not reported him then dude like idk

    6. Mexi


      Was gonna be dropped after an agreement for mentor program was made, could have been respected the fact that he did it and actually just closed it dude idk.

    7. Dan


      Can't deny the verdict was rushed and over-the-top.

    8. Mexi


      Gotta make sure those new scummy community members feel the hammer, we don't need them after all!


    9. Para


      Whilst you may disagree with the punishment above, if he'd have done this 1-2 years ago the likelihood is he would've been permanently banned without a second thought. The staff team discussed how to handle this extensively, and it was decided that action needed to be taken in order to set an example. This is not the kind of RP that is tolerated in the slightest on the servers, and in many staff member's eyes is poor enough to warrant a permanent ban (rule 5.7). 

      This was a very serious rulebreak, and sometimes the staff team doesn't have to adhere to the wishes of the OP. We are sorry that this is the case, but sometimes it is necessary. This quality of RP is not acceptable at all on the servers, the entire team agreed on that. How we handled it was different to how you would've liked, yet there's reasons why we go against it. We have to uphold and promote a high quality of RP. Us putting out a verdict like this acts as a strong deterrent to people who may consider doing things in a similar fashion. Fact is, this guy was lucky to have not been permed.

      The verdict was not rushed in the slightest. It was discussed for 2 hours, by numerous Gamemasters and Administrators. There were a lot of varied opinions, this was more of the... middle ground of the situation. We had a potential extremely bad rulebreak, PoVs from both sides, video evidence and were able to push out a verdict. We did just that, with all of the necessary requirements to actually push out a verdict. 

      With that said above, I stand by the verdict in its entirety.

    10. Mexi


      Gotcha, we allow rape RP but as soon as it comes to someone fucking a zombie, being referred to the mentor program and them actually signing up for it THAT is a no go.


    11. Dan


      It wasn't rushed?

      You didn't have all the POVs.

    12. Para


      @Mexi we have never allowed immature rape RP in game, that is why all those that have done it in game have been punished severely. He fucked a zombie, multiple times, after clearly being told this was not okay. He ignored the in game warnings, and was punished accordingly.

      @Suturb The Liquidator I believe that 1 more PoV was missing, from Taryn? Explain to me what 1 extra PoV would've changed about this situation if it's important. We had video evidence, PoVs from both sides. 

    13. Aisling


      Of course it isnt tolerated, hence the report. Id much rather teach someone (which I had been in game with him since the report and he was trying and doing well, another reason for dropping it since he showed initiative in wanting to better his RP and actually showed improvement) than have them removed like other trolls who dont give a shit.

      @andrew moffet I am very sorry this has happened and do hope you put in a ban appeal and at the very least come back after this ban.

    14. Dan


      The dude was already temp-banned. It's not like it would hurt to let it sit out and get all of the POVs regardless of how useless we assume it could've been. 

    15. Mexi


      Aggravation considering he made the effort to get help, that is not only uninviting but also pathetic on all of those who signed off on the verdicts behalf.

      "Community" lmao ok.

    16. andrew moffet
    17. Aisling


      What a lad. Thank you.

    18. Saints


      We allow people to say the n word in game with racist intent with no punishment .
      But when someone is trolling and understands what he did is wrong and wants guidance to strengthen his rp.
      He gets on final warning.... k den.

    19. Para


      He's not on final warning @Saintz. He received a very large punishment for a very severe rulebreak. Many people would have been permanently banned for doing what he did to the extent that he did. The fact he understood what he did wrong was taken into account. Some would consider him lucky. 

      He has been given a chance to improve, hence he is not permed / not on final warning. Some things cannot go unpunished, this is one of those things.

    20. Mexi



    21. Dan


      "Some would consider him lucky."


    22. andrew moffet

      andrew moffet

      justice for andrew!

    23. Aisling



    24. andrew moffet

      andrew moffet

      i re whitelisted :)

    25. ShanePVP



    26. Aisling



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