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  1. Mexi


    Nothing is gonna change after lorewipe, selfish people will remain north and avoid anything that moves and people will continue to shun those that do hostile RP properly, shame really.

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    2. Suturb The Liquidator
    3. Grimnir


      Tbh it makes as much sense for peaceful people to hide as it makes sense for bandits to rob all people they meet. If people get robbed down south and they don't want to get robbed icly what will they do? Exactly, run the opposite direction and hide. 

      I have been on both sides of the coin, peaceful campfire rper and bandit who robs everyone he sees. I agree that it can be frustrating to not be able to meet enough people, but it is a question of priorities between realism and "fun" ( " because for some people realism is simply more fun)

    4. Cid


      I can understand how frustrating it can be as someone who is looking for player interaction outside their own group.  It's already hard to spot out and find those people up north, so why put in the effort to find them only to be shunned and potentially get the same thing that happens down south?  It's a little selfish to just hide yourself away from everyone else where you know there is very little chance for something to happen to you, but there is one thing that both sides fail to see when we discuss this same situation over and over again.

      Why did they go up there, why do groups purposely try and hide in the first place?

      There are problems on both sides, and until both sides realize that and try and find a happy medium the problem will always exist.  That is just the truth of it.