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"Nicest cunt you'll meet tbh"

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  1. Mexi


    Having a short temper and putting up with the amount of petty shit being thrown my way really isn't a good combination.

    1. Nihoolious


      go to sleep

    2. Hebee
    3. Caesar
    4. Declan McGovern

      Declan McGovern

      oh fuck me i thoguht your stale memes were gone 

    5. Caesar
    6. Flash


      Those memes though...... Jesus.

    7. Caesar


      Sorry I can't keep up with your discerning eyes for memes. A good eye for memes must be very important for you, I am sorry to state that I do not hold the same interest in such trivial matters.

    8. Flash


      I am sorry to state that I do not hold the same interest in such trivial matters. " So what do you do with your time now, ex-admin Caesar? 

    9. Caesar


      I would tell you, but that would indicate you actually have any right to know.

      I shall excuse myself.

    10. Kevin

      Your memes never seizes to amaze me...

      How could someone who actively goes online, be so out of touch with internet culture... Sick.

    11. Flash


      I was just trying to make casual conversation man, I see you're playing quite a bit of fallout 4 (: 

    12. Flash


      @Caesar as for the trivial meme's aspect, you can check out the guide I just put up on my profile! I've already gotten some great reviews, it's helped a few people and I'm sure it can help you too! (: 

    13. Kevin

      can confirm