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  1. Mexi


    Because we don't carve someone's body with a knife and perma scar them or beat the shit out of them every single time we're bad Rpers. Apologies for making you all pick apples and farm for us, must be gruelling work to do that and have a conversation with someone.

    1. Flash


      I mean anytime I've tried to do it in the past it's //no 

      Or they don't comply to being with

    2. Mexi


      I'm quite happy to do what I did back in Coldwater tbh Plank but I don't enjoy doing it so fuck me right?

    3. Hebee



    4. Beni


      Rahhh did this actually happen? lmao. 

      All I see is these types of people bite


    5. Brady


      I personally find it enjoyable picking apples and talking about my past with you guys lol. Only time I havnt is when someone in my dynamic killed me...

    6. RogueSolace


      Ugh. I have like 90% MORE respect for hostage rp when they don't try to hurt/permascar you. Or force you to do something to someone else.

      psychological wise it makes no sense! Omg you're a fucked up, mentally scarred person. 

      Had fun with miller that one time because while I got punched, the fact they didnt want to hurt her, said they wouldnt, and kept their word made her respect them more. Especially being in hysterics the who time from being scarred by Batok. 

      I won't give permascar rights just because you feel like cutting me up. You give me amazing rp with a real reason, I'll consider it. But I'll also add things via what happens scar wise on my own.

    7. Beni


      @RogueSolace Yeah cheers for that.

    8. RogueSolace


      The whole time :P