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  1. Mexi

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    There’s no way to check or enforce it. Due to the community being registered as a business within the EU, GDPR prevents any ID requests being made due to it being personal information. -1 purely because it can’t be checked or enforced. As if anyone listens to that anyway, unless your parents were strict as fuck. SAN Andreas was completed a couple of weeks upon release and I was in Primary School.
  2. Mexi

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Tony will be removed until he comes back to play. Im on Holiday until the 30th. Stannis/ Role player has gone into an alcoholic rage but plans to return at the same time as me, so we’ll be staying on the roster. We’ll update you/ remove people as and when we do or do not get replies. Thanks Erik.
  3. Mexi


    If punching someone with hostile intent now counts as NVFL, I’d like staff to look back at a report that went up a few weeks ago where the same thing took place at the first of Major and Phatals events.

     Same thing, pretty much. Hostile action towards someone when guards and rules strictly said not to do so, even if it was ‘outside’ of the event. Not only that, it happened to multiple people in the line who all also had rights against the OP, plus the persons friends who one of which did indeed shoot. Adding onto this the people whom was with the OP were not in the same group, meaning he was alone, maybe one other, if we wanna stick to the rules side instead of RP, it should have fallen under NVFL too.

    While I agree that most reports are case by case there shouldn’t be much difference between cases they’re basically the same.

    also the false report for him putting up a report when he thought he was in the right? Is there any evidence presented that it was done with malicious intent? Nope. Not sure where that one was pulled from but if rabbits are jumping out of the same place, put the hat faced down.


    Home in a couple of weeks, see ya soon. 🙂 

    1. Mexi


      Not that I’m trying to get something overturned, just seems odd to be that two of the near enough same situations have turned out completely different.

    2. Dan


      The false report thing is just dumb. I was always under the impression from helping out with verdicts that a false report is putting up a report that has someone not breaking a rule, but twisting it just to get them banned. The fact that what happened in this recent case has been verdicted differently before literally means that it was up for debate to being a legitimate rule break and in no bounds for a false report.

    3. JackZRP


      Unlucky son 🙂

    4. Mexi


      No thank you.

  4. Mexi

    Group cap

    With how it is currently with people banding together when their goals make no sense and don’t align, this rule will add nothing but another crutch. No point. If I remember rightly, these threads popped up regularly a year or so ago, but didn’t seem to be an issue then, I guess that changes with groups. -1 from me.
  5. Mexi

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Congratulations gents.
  6. Mexi


    Hid my toes because some people here are weird about that kinda shit.

    It’s hot out.


    1. Brayces



    2. Mexi


      Might have been..

    3. Brayces



    4. Banshee


      Send toes, please


    5. Mexi


      With people in this community that save shit like that, I’ll pass!

    6. Banshee



    7. Strawberry


      haha its funny cause its true @Brady
      Maybe knees should be the next big thing?

    8. Brady


      Crusty elbows are my new thing smh

  7. Mexi

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Once again, numerous verdicts which have found people with ‘RP’ at the end of their name banned through Randy’s verdicts but that seems to be ignored. And this ^
  8. Mexi

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Brandon would be correct, Randy hasn’t left our group or roster. Not sure why he’s on theirs. Randy has given out verdicts against his friends and has even banned them, but of course that seems to have been overlooked because it doesn’t benefit one sides argument. Not that you were the one that started it Andrey, simply saw you mention it first and the thread that was put up in the ask the staff forums. The person was on final, the verdict was fine because as shown it’s 5-10 depending on the GMs decision. They’d have been banned either way. Without any chances? You get 30 points total before you get booted mate, it’s not difficult to avoid getting them. 3-4 years here, not one IG ban and I’ve been in a lot of high profile hostile groups. They had a chance to show their side of the story and it didn’t work out for them in this case. They can always appeal for another team to take a look at the case but otherwise there’s no point in arguing your point in every damn thread that calls for a conversation about a rule or verdict because it really doesn’t increase their chance of returning.
  9. Mexi

    Death = PK

    For people that don’t like each other OOC to let it leak even more IC? Haha no thanks dude. Not everyone gives a shit about their character unfortunately, which means throw away characters that are already around are now even more beneficial, not only that.. if people think others are avoiding them and hiding on the edge of the map now, do this and you won’t see a damn soul. -1
  10. Mexi

    Defender-Rights for the Aggressor?

    You just told another community member to log out to avoid RP which is a rulebreak too, no. Stop. Record and report this stuff, the person doing it was likely doing so as a way to get free gear if you initiated through their friend shooting you. If you couldn’t have recorded at the time, run into a town and lose them there, or forests are a good way to lose people. Using IRL as a way to create an argument for what took place doesn’t work, at all. ‘IRL’ I’d have just shot you got your shit and left. Rules and regulations are in place to promote RP on the server. Record and report it, or try to lose them.
  11. Mexi

    Extend stash timer

    Remove em all together. Tents etc worked when we didn’t have this stash shit, now building is in play we’re set. remove stashes.
  12. Mexi

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Thank fuck, more locals. Y’all don’t need luck, look forward to speaking to some fellow Chernarussians.
  13. Mexi



    My flight was delayed until 15:00 yesterday, because people don’t understand that the quicker you get on and sit down in a plane the quicker their pre checks are, anyway took off at 15:25, landed in Dublin at 16:15, my flight took off early so I and about 40 other people on the same flight got rebooked for today.

    put up in a 4* hotel and off to spend another 5-6 hours in the airport today, before even boarding a flight.


    1. Roland


      But Mexi, it's Friday!


    2. Mexi


      I hate you, Roland. This is not what I needed 😂

    3. Solo


      Oh wait, brexit has been delayed again. See you before brexit 😉 

  14. Mexi

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Ah yes, because all hostilities MUST turn into a firefight, that’s quite the counter argument. Thanks Eagle. There was a good few other words in there to further my point but clearly a select few were only taken into account. Im aware what mind of group I am in and that fights come with that, I’m happy to oblige and fight back, but multiple times I’ve not even spoken to someone before out of the blue they seem to just outright initiate. Fights are nice, would be even nicer to get some RP.
  15. Mexi

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    The server once again IC and OOC has just turned into a straight up pissing contest and it’s just absolutely killed the mood to want to get on. im in a hostile group and yet rarely if ever is there an issue that results in a report or even bad feedback. While I understand both sides viewpoints because I’ve played on both ends of the spectrum I personally don’t fancy having to regear every day because someone wants to make frag montages on an RP server. I’ve complied, regularly to see what RP will come from it but it’s always ended with an execution, what’s the point? I remember nothing and therefore gain nothing. At the end of the day the whole ‘this isn’t just your story, you’re not the main character’ goes both ways. If someone has to go to the edge of the map to RP with their group/ friends, surely that tells you something about the RP that you’re providing? I reiterate.. ‘This isn’t just YOUR story, you’re not the main character.’
  16. Mexi

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    I’m away till the 30th.. So I’ll have to catch the next one unfortunately.
  17. Mexi


    Off to Boston for 3 and 1/2 weeks. 

    Not dead.


    1. Xehara


      Enjoy the stuff and the things.

    2. Samaritan



    3. GMAK


      Imagine doing stuff instead of staying home playing division 24/7, smh

    4. Mexi


      She has a laptop @GMAK 😏

    5. DrMax


      Have fun!

    6. Solo


      See you after brexit 😉 

    7. Aisling


      Hope you guys have fun!

    8. -Chow-


      God speed 🤡

  18. Mexi

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    3 so far boys Just need two more.
  19. Mexi

    Food and water deplenish time

    Didn't vote because there is not middle ground option. /shrug Food/ water is fine right now, don't get sick, don't sprint everywhere otherwise you'd obviously start to be thirsty.
  20. Mexi

    I know most like to kill people but...

    They usually do have enough for one bandit group, but unfortunately 3-4 bandit groups have allied even though their goals don't align and it's just killed off any thought to create a hero group, which is why I don't blame em for not doing so.
  21. Mexi


    Kamenici doing door to door checks for Russians..


  22. Mexi


    Jungle VIP boys.

  23. Mexi

    Inactive Character Reset

    I'm going on holiday for like 4 weeks and don't think I'll be getting on during that time, should I be punished because of that? At the end of the day, just rob people for what you want if you're desperate for an Automatic. People having 1 gun and some ammo doesn't ruin the loot economy, the stashes of shit people keep for no reason, that's what fucks it but that's been lowered to a 48 hour timer anyway. Big old no for this one.
  24. Mexi

    Ban Rape RP

    This. The fact we are unable to monitor peoples ages in the community, it shouldn't fall under 'just say no in OOC'. I'm unsure as to why the rule was removed that was in place prior because it kept people in line and made sure sexual shit was kept OOC in Steam PM's. It'll get to the people people are so lax about doing it they'll unknowingly diddle a kid online pretty much, RP or not you're still engaging in a sexual act. If you've got some sick fantasy behind raping someone, keep that shit to yourself, honestly. RP or not, it's fucking disgusting to sit there, laugh about it and think it's all okay.
  25. Mexi

    NLR rule update

    Glad we could help, good change.
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