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  1. Peeking in and seeing an Admin flame-baiting on a thread, big yikes gamers

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      lmao what do you expect?

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      I didn't see any flame baiting

    5. Mexi


      Of course not, case by case right? 


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      @Hofer I'm glad somebody's calling you out finally, unacceptable behaviour 😠

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      I agree @APositiveElmo. It's filthy. 

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  2. Mexi

    The Mob

    /Archived as requested. PM a Mod or above if you'd like it to return.
  3. -1 We have locks in the game already that take a little bit longer to input as it should, I play the game for it's survival aspects. If I wanted to watch people run in and out of bases constantly with ease I'd be playing Rust, at this rate it's what the server is turning into with these massive fortresses. People spend more time behind walls and shouting shit over them than actually being out and about RPing. Also, while streams are appreciated from memory we don't cater to Streamers fully. A platform to play is provided, that's it. Rules and things added to make their lives 'easier' isn't a valid argument. Also; From someone that has also played on other servers with it on, the amount of times during fights someone has just sprinted to their door and been in within 2 seconds is ridiculous. This just adds a VERY annoying way for people to avoid hostilities and RP in general. Ways around your issue as a streamer have been presented above and in all honestly, comparing these codelocks to NVG's and Lights isn't valid either, seeing as they take other items to work. If these codelocks actually ran on batteries, I'd be all for it because then theres actual upkeep for people to do, but alas it's just a click and type and it's there for good.
  4. I don't think Rolle is banking on people spending their money on everything in the store, just the pieces they actually want, which is likely why something like this hasn't been implemented. Looks good in writing, however it probably works out better if people buy both Diamond and the pieces of clothing they'd like to spawn in.
  5. I fail to see what my thread warning for others to abide by the rules and only reply with constructive comments fall under me flaming you directly, if at all. My post was an attempt to keep the thread on topic unlike the last 1-2 previously posted, I attempted to give you the benefit of the doubt with this one as you made the changes suggested by Elmo. I'm not exempt from rules, none of the staff are as Rolle said.
  6. It's not any added effort, just a few names added on the end. I'm all for it.
  7. Mexi

    The Mob

    As Rover previously stated, any further clutter on this thread especially that of the flaming variety will be met with warnings. Take it to DM's or better yet, have a civil discussion in Helpdesk to sort this mess out. With that said /unlocked.
  8. The Irishman was a solid movie, well worth the 3 and a half hours.


  9. POV: We finish up with a hostage in Komarovo and suddenly a truck full of people appear on the road from the Balota side of town, we begin to split and leave whereas Pips gets caught up in a conversation with G19 and those who were there, she still had her radio on her and something along the lines of 'Okay my hands are going up' had been stated. No radios were taken from her so information continued to flow in. Prior to Pips being taken EVERY SINGLE PERSON got out of that truck, and chased those who were running off before returning to the situation with @groovy pips The rule states: 'you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.' We regroup elsewhere in separate parties and relocate to areas in which we think the OP and his battle bus might move to, I'm move to a location watching the main road of Pavlovo and the others set up at one of the two checkpoints outside of the military base, the collective roll up in the truck and are shot and killed. After all those involved bar the two that complied had been killed, someone within the truck suddenly popped back into the server and instantly shot and killed @Ducky to which he was then dropped. As stated word for word in the rules, 4.6 bullet point 4: Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. While Rolle stated on a thread on the 14th of October as returning players to the community as of the 20th-21st of November that scanned the rules to look for changes (Which none had been, minus other rules being reworded) this was not one of them. As the GM's will see from position logs everyone involved in both situations had been running with each other for a good amount of time, you cannot pick and choose when your friends are and are not based on giving you the upper hand in situations such as these. The person shooting made zero attempt to negotiate as they plopped back into the server, thus throwing the two hostages under the bus and it turning into them being killed. This isn't the first time this sort of situation has been played out, where groups rolled together but only one set initiated to circumvent the hostile act rules, if we're bringing forward situations and replies from the past I present a verdict that included G19 also from Rolle where the attempt of rule armour was used and denied. While I understand prior reports don't set precedence for current or future reports, the situation is near enough exactly the same as the above screenshot. - A truck filled with 3 groups roll around together. - All of them jump out and chase the specific group away, while catching one. - ONE of the group(s) involved initiate on Pips, thus giving us rights. - She is killed after supposedly not dropping her radio (Without giving a chance to explain, was just gunned down). - All those involved move off back to their truck and continue their blatant, allied dynamic. - Defender rights are used, all but 2-3 are killed 2 of which are hostages. - Ally logs back in, shoots one of our people and thus the hostages are killed after shots are taken and one of our people had fallen. Prior verdicts don't set precedence for every situation as they are taken case by case, I fail to see how we are at fault for something when we followed the rules. If you'd like to attempt talking this out again in Discord, then by all means shoot us a PM. From how the conversation went, with agreements from both sides that the fault lays with the rules, I was shocked to see a DM regarding a report going up. Nonetheless, the offer stands. EDIT: I never fired a shot so my location doesn't really matter, I swooped in and grabbed some stuff I wanted/ needed at the end because as you showed, I was a good distance away from where the final shots were exchanged. I've already stated what the RULE. I and everyone else that has been called in, minus Tander had recently roleplayed with Pips, as required within the rule to gain defensive rights thus giving us two hours to use them on ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED. You stated already that Kordruga was driving.. The truck gave chase enabling you to catch up with Pips, thus making him involved. The Union aided you in the chasing off of the rest of us, as well as being present for both the initiation AND then returning to the truck with everyone else, thus also making them involved in the entire situation. I'm really not sure how black and white I have to be able this for it to be understood by each of you, you were all involved and partook in either the initiation or escorting of Pips to the place of her death, you all willingly strolled around together, I'd even bet on the words 'Friends' being involved a number of times when it comes to talking amongst yourselves. I'll paste it again seeing as it's clearly been ignored 'Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with'. The rule hasn't changed since we last played and as much as it might pain everyone to believe, I didn't read the Appeals/ Report section nor did I regularly visit the DayZRP forum on my break, nor did anyone else. So these supposed 'changes' to the rules which clearly haven't been changed as per the current rules, aren't set as precedence. As for the deaths of OxeN and Ryan, you were present for the initiation on Pips, you assisted in moving her safely back to the town, you got back into the trucks with the people that had captured one of our own after as mentioned, assisting them. You were indeed complying hostages, but HeX unfortunately attempted to save you after breaking a rule himself, putting both of your lives at risk and failed. You both paid the price for your allies attempt. If he had any intention for RP to continue, he would of made mention that he relogged and upon logging back in he would have also raised his hands, instead he chose to Combat log, NVFL AND get you two shot in the process. Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. As for Pips showing NVFL/ baiting, prior to the initiation you were alone with her from my understanding. She is allowed to deny returning to a truck when one unarmed person requests, questioning 'Or What' until the rest of your men showed apparent force. The threat of potential rape taking place also, would make any sound minded person hesitant to return anywhere with the people involved which as she stated prompted her to say something similar to ‘I think I’d like to leave bec..' which I'm sure entailed then shouting so her response may have been cut off. Denying strong arming attempts is neither baiting, nor is it NVFL. From my understanding Chase disconnected in the truck, for 30 minutes when the server wasn't full (as shown in the disconnect/ connection logs of Hex getting back in right after his disconnection). I'd have that looked into for Combat logging, seeing as not only did he disappear for 30 minutes he also disconnected again 15 minutes after he rejoined the server, thus not waiting his timer. Bands also walked up around the time in which I arrived from memory, so he didn't witness the execution. He did however witness me telling him to turn around and 'fuck off south' before coming back and mouthing off unarmed. We ignored it and went about our business as quick as we could so we could go to the Helpdesk for a discussion. I'll be editing this comment further should more information be required in an attempt to keep the thread nice and tidy.
  10. Mexi

    Gun racks.

    I'd be fine with more hoardable things if we had more reasonable settlements being approved. Until such a time, I'll be voting no.
  11. hold on, something aint right here...


    grats on mod buddy

  12. Its 2017 again

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      Time to continue where we left off?..


      absolutely fucking hating each other

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      Tom and Jerrying this shit up again yeah

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    what the hell

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