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  1. Groovy be like:


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  2. This was quite possibly one of the worst things I've seen posted from us lot and there's been a lot. Fucking Christ, own the shit we've done and move on.. This is some legit high-school level shit.
  3. So you're telling me you're incapable of reading the lore and understanding that currently the 'infected' individuals aren't considered dead, but somewhat rabid due to the 'flu' and are to be treated like normal humans? It would seem you should holster that hostility in your post, it often isn't welcomed well around here.. Seeing as you've been here for years you should understand that. We go off of what we're given, can't do much if we're not supplied with directives other than 'this is your zone' etc.
  4. It’s almost like RF have a ranking structure and if you had the name of said individual and took it to one of the many MP’s we have to investigate, this would stem some fun, interesting RP for all those involved ?
  5. Imagine being the group that uses the vast majority of the shit and EVERYTHING you own and the original look/ reason behind it's addition now has gone *poof* without any prior notice. :)))))))))
  6. Honestly this should probably just be closed before this descends into a shit pit of flame and points. Lets not have more people yeeted out of the community over a petty argument about gear and opinions on others' RP.
  7. With all due respect I'd rather deal with a Russian Super Solider on a daily basis coming and talking to me than an American 'gangster' consistently screaming homophobic and racist obscenities just because the rules say they can, providing little to no story for those around them other than the obvious 'HANDS UP LOL FREE KILL!'. Admittedly I've been playing other things for the past couple of days due to other obligations, however playing within this lore has been refreshing and it absolutely feels different to what was experienced with the last lore wipe. Lore factions caring and putting
  8. I think you need to give people time to adjust to a new setting instead of being ready to smack someone with points and a ban because they're not used to acting as if something is new after 3+ years of the prior lore. People just need reminders if certain shit happens, not bans/ punishments. We're Roleplayers, not the Gestapo. Show some lenience.
  9. Voted on the main page before reading the actual post, but the performance has been much better than in comparison to the last time we had a 100 slot. Zombies work, Cars work, people don't jump around warping. Crashes are a bastard given the current queue sizes though, luckily I have priority but I know a few of the 320th fellas have spent literally 7 hours on the game, 6 hours of that in queue.
  10. Nothing more to add onto what Cali said. We arrive after a distress call from RAC, dismount from a distance and arrive to find a few dead bodies. we find the remaining RAC member and take control of the situation through locking down the compound and talking to hostages. One of said hostages is confirmed to be someone that was with those who were creating issues at the compound. RAC guy who took the individual gets shot and the guy runs up the stairs, after a short spat with said individual where I'm left on basically a few drops of blood left Cali pushes and finishes off the situation to
  11. Aleksey Lazimir, born and raised in the slums of Moscow he spent most of his adolecent life watching his father drink his problems into oblivion and his mother live in fear of the next beating and whether food would make it to the table.. With every penny they had being put straight into his education, Aleksey was left with nothing but unwavering love towards his mother and seething hatred for the man that did absolutely nothing worth carrying the family name. Once of age Aleksey broke the news to his mother that he would be joining the Russian Army, attempting to train as an Officer to s
  12. Better this for beanz farming than people flaming/ flame-baiting, linking it in group discords and being like "AHAHA QUIK BOIS, 5 POINTS COMIN' GIVE ME BEANZ!!" The amount of work and effort put into this lore is phenomenal, good shit to all those involved in it's creation.
  13. @Watchman has been adding shit to the map to do exactly this. Wait for the LW, explore, then suggest things, not two days before. From what I understand there’s still a fair bit to do before the 1st.
  14. The point of loot being at military zones is that it's high risk high reward, a lot more infected within the walls of SW barracks at NWAF than if I walk into Grishino and find the automatic I'm looking for there.. Not only that, centralized loot for those items makes more sense considering how militarized the country actually is, given the fact it has multiple military locations and the lore behind it all. I voted to leave it as it is.
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