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  1. Pardon good sir? This wouldn't be due to being captured last night, now.. Would it?
  2. Thanks man, really enjoyed today. Much love brethren.
  3. Not even a mention for @Flash inviting you for a cold one? Jeez. Rude. Top notch RP from the BOIS funny shit today from everyone involved.
  4. Been a 10/10 past couple of days tbh And last but not least, memer of the week.. Flash!
    • Mexi
    • Keira

    How did I know that it'd be this fucking song..

    1. Keira


      Cus you know how fucking awesome my music taste is

  5. wow, what a twist.
  6. I go to the toilet and to grab a drink and everything just completely hits the fan.. 💯

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    2. evanm23


      what drink?

      a cold one ?

    3. Mexi


      It's Saturday..

      I cracked open a cold one with the boys.

    4. evanm23
  7. Unfortunately this isn't a Far Cry RP server, you've literally copied what was said in the video below. /closed
  8. Saturday is for..


  9. Some content from today 1. 2.
  10. Streaming some RP, boutta get L!T. Dislike me? Come nit pick my stream! -

  11. Throwback to the day that you got online with the group. 

    • Mexi
    • Voodoo

    Happy Birthday Voodoo

  12. Dirty. Shitposter.