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  1. Just because there isn’t something there, doesn’t mean it can’t be enforced. Otherwise what’s the point in calling this place a Roleplay Community yano?
  2. @Stannis - "Do you think they'll notice me?" 'Chernarussian man shoots down helicopter, realises it's american after bragging' Bumping into @CamoRP Capturing some guy that could use a throat/ cough sweets.
  3. /shrug Major did the lore for the area but ight. Situations vary. Difficult to say without full knowledge on the current state of Kamensk.
  4. Whether the underlined is still confirmed or not, that's up to @Major.
  5. Ideally the situation would have been agreed upon by both parties prior so that power gaming wouldn't be a thing. That's probably a question for a GM to answer, but it's likely going to be the same as I said before.
  6. It would be neither because what happens to the character is up to them, however it would make em a bad sport.
  7. Radiation sickness, but the main part of the compound is usually fine. From speaking to Major about this the only place that is still heavily radiated is the pit. If they agreed to the sickness, yes. They should RP it out. If not that could be considered powergaming.
  8. Pretty much what Lemon said, didn't expect to have a conversation without an initiation having to be dropped from either side. Reminded me of this - Until the Russians are dead, that is.
  9. Just don't tie people up in the future, tbh. Pat them down thoroughly through emotes and go about your business.
  10. So, recently I've been bumping into people that are known as Russians IC with rather thick accents. However, myself and group members have also heard them using clear American and English accents as if their characters accent has disappeared in an attempt to hide from people IC. From what I remember, this WAS considered BadRP because it makes no damn sense for someone with a heavy Russian accent to suddenly be saying shit like 'hello there old chap' in a British accent. Chernarussian - Russian and vice versa makes sense, the rest doesn't. Is this still considered BadRP? Edit: If 'No.' why is this not considered bad RP? Doesn't seem fair at all that people who have heavy accents are allowed to switch whenever they want, certainly doesn't make sense for RP either. It'd be nice to get a more in-depth response from yourself and other staff members because clearly from the interest brought to my post from a few other community members, they agree that it's silly to be allowed. @Roland Input from yourself, would be great. Another Edit: Wouldn't say it's petty, if anything it prevents people from using means in which make no sense to their advantage. People should stick to their characters as realistically as possible, while I get it's a game, it's also an RP server. Thanks for the replies nonetheless.
  11. The distance is different for everyone. If it wasn't client side and allowed for everyone to be able to see much further than 10 metres in front of them I wouldn't mind.
  12. And then you lose one of the main survival aspects. That's another -1 from me mate. If you get spotted, run to a house, crouch/prone and wait for them the agro to go. Doesn't take long.
  13. I have, it was fine. Just have to take your time and be careful instead of sprinting in for loot like Apex.
  14. The zombies finally hold some sort of danger and you want it nerfed? It's fine as it is.
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