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  1. Mexi

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    - The hostage MUST be apart of the dynamic/ group attempting the rescue. Promotes actual questioning and beatings from the hostage for information prior to anything else taking place. At the same time I agree with what Erik said, the majority of the time negotiations are never used properly and only as means to further advantage another group in pvp. I'm on the fence again, fuck.
  2. Mexi

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    -could be- wouldn't be a thing.. It would be a confirmed thing because who else would attempt to save you? Unless some random guys come out of nowhere and raise their swords and shields, you're gonna be left to it.
  3. Mexi

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Your group, your friends should value your life just as much as they value their own. Just because you're captured doesn't mean they have to make an attempt to come and rescue you. "We've got her hostage, if we take shots of you come near, she dies. Understand? Good." - Demand "What do you want for her to be let go, food? Ammo?" - Counter. "Oh, uh.. Food, perhaps. Nonetheless, don't come close unless you have what we want or she WILL be shot" - End of negotiations. If your friends value your life and the RP you're receiving, then all should be fine. If however they're gun hungry, your wounds and life are in their hands and they should understand and respect that. If they leave you to get the shit kicked out of you then the situation is understandable on your end because you heard the demand and they're technically allowing you to live if this happens. If this rule however does go through, executions on the people you're holding shouldn't be allowed otherwise you're just using the rule as a way to avoid a fight to then kill their friend anyway.
  4. Mexi

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Agreed with this. A demand should be put forward to the friends of the hostage that if anymore shots are fired then the hostage WILL die.
  5. Mexi


    You're suggesting starting the community from the ground up again, to play a mod for a game that likely has less players than DayZ? That's a big ol -1 from me.
  6. Mexi

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    Doesn't mean it wouldn't put you down, stamina etc. I could agree with being buffed under whatever you take, but HP nah. I get what you mean though.
  7. Mexi

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    This. Drugs don't give you a HP boost irl, the drugs that'd be sold IC would be shit like uppers to keep people going. Or just fucked shit in general for addicts etc, roleplay is more important than a health boost for fights. The incentive should be the RP they would bring.
  8. Mexi

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    Yep. Turned off or on, both should be required.. Thought it was anyway, I guess that was removed from the rules when the majority were removed?
  9. Mexi

    Productive / Informed Replies Idea

    I would still have a say because at some point I plan on returning, once I return said changes WILL effect how I play. While I understand where you're coming from, current playtime shouldn't void my opinion. Difference between the radio chatter change and your suggestion is that the radio chatter change was due to people who hadn't been in game chatting non-stop shit and hostilities with other people where the RP wouldn't be carried out because they just weren't getting in game at all.
  10. Mexi

    Productive / Informed Replies Idea

    Because other games, IRL commitments etc. have my time currently doesn't mean I or anyone with the same status shouldn't have a say on how things go. My opinion is just as valid as yours and I am still apart of this community.
  11. Mexi

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    The main reason I stopped playing back when I did was it was the same monologue every time something hostile took place and it just got repetitive and boring.
  12. Mexi

    Character Kill Applications

    I mean, it works both ways for people who RP super soldiers/ do radio warrior shit.. There's also the people that have died 20+ times in pvp, don't RP out their wounds and act as if nothing happened, ever. Don't really see the need for something like this.
  13. Mexi

    Require recording during hostile situations

    I'm against this purely because not -everyone- can record, especially right now seeing as if too many people get involved in a small space then your FPS goes to shit. However, it's rather odd that everyone has the footage for their pvp montages but not for KOS, BadRP etc. reports, I wonder.
  14. Mexi

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    Anyone that mustered over 10-15 active people, tbh. Feared RP wise? Clowns. Wasn't around for The Family etc. but after hearing stories OOCly, they left quite the mark on the server.
  15. Mexi


    Stayed up till 5am to watch Wilder vs Fury.. What a crock of shit lmao.

    1. JackZRP

      I went to sleep and set an alarm, woke up before the fight watched it all and fuck me have i ever seen a robbery that bad. Embarrassment to the sport of boxing Fury had 8 rounds minimum and had fight control throughout the whole fight. Shame how two knockdowns is enough for a judge to call a fight where fury dominated throughout 115-111 Wilder. Lmao.

    2. Mexi


      He won the majority and yet it was still a fucking draw, I swear whenever boxing events happen in the US bullshit occurs.

    3. JackZRP

      Everytime. It sucks because they're always going to be held there because that's where the moneys at.

      Fury definitely got robbed though, hell of a huge comeback fight. Amazing sportsmanship afterwards as well

    4. Mexi


      The man is the Undertaker, that 12th round hit I thought he was gone.. Did well for just getting back up and the come back swinging.

    5. JackZRP

      Jumped out of my bed when i saw him drop, i thought he was out cold.

    6. Craig


      I call cheating big time. The judge who had Wilder at 115-111 must have been high, and then the judge who had 113-113 also. Its very clear that Fury dominated the contest, even with the two knockdowns. The first knockdown was BS imo, it looked like Fury got caught out with bad foot work rather than falling to the punch. I think they wanted a re-match for more Money, not the fighters but organisers cause theres no way in hell you can watch that fight and think Wilder came close. I don't even like boxing either, but BS is BS.

    7. JackZRP

      Nor me, I only normally watch UFC or One Championship contests, boxing is a joke nowadays.