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  1. Mexi

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    Keep the age requirement at 16. Just as before, if they sound below that temp ban them and have a chat in Teamspeak about what's going on. If they seem mature and understanding by what's going on, let 'em back in. If they get all uppity about it and instantly turn to insults and near enough crying, I think it's fair to say that...
  2. Mexi

    Old layout on posts or similar

    +1, was nice to see what people had.
  3. Mexi

    This is odd

    I'm not defending him, at all. However, I and many others can't really give an opinion on the RP given by him or anyone in the community without it being considered flame and outright 'OOC hate' even though that's not the intention. Same thing happens if you report someone, I've had friends come to me and say they've been belittled and constantly told that they're wrong on the matter and that 'if the report stays up you'll get banned too' among other things like threats of constant IC harassment (which seemed to happen anyway). Reports aren't worth the trouble they bring.
  4. Mexi

    Clothing Sets for sale in the Item Shop

    Got a link for that? Was following the other thread but haven't found that specific post. Prices could do with coming down, it's like 20-30 for a full outfit or something.. Basically buying DayZ twice lmao.
  5. Mexi

    This is odd

    While I agree, people should accept the consequences for their actions I don't agree going on a witch hunt for people. Those who he supposedly broke rules against didn't put up the report and I think one was talked out? The 'victims' were fine with what happened, drop the pitchforks and torches and chill lmao.
  6. Mexi


    Live on that cod grind.. 


  7. Mexi

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I was entertained tbh, funny shit.
  8. Mexi

    Starting Clothing

    You can do that on the start up screen with .63 or was that shit not fixed with the patch?
  9. Mexi

    Starting Clothing

    I'm aware what you stated. Clothes that you want should be looked or traded for, not handed to you upon spawn.
  10. Mexi

    Starting Clothing

    I voted no purely because it removes certain RP like trades etc. If you spawn with what you need, what's the point in playing on a RP server in which the main goal is survival. Hunt for everything that you need, not have it handed to you on a plate.
  11. Mexi

    Excessive Reporting ?

    I'd usually talk to people once, but if a report then goes up a few days later for the exact same thing or if they do it to me again it'll be going straight to a report. In all honesty, people get let off quite a bit when it comes to reports because of the other party talking it out, but when side is clearly not learning or taking the hint, I don't see the point in talking it out over and over.
  12. Mexi


    If you live in Vegas lock your doors, thousands of angry Irishmen are probably about to burn that shit down.

    1. Zanaan


      People in Vegas have literal bars on their doors. Place is nuts yo.

    2. Kordruga


      I'm flying to Russia atm

    3. Mexi


      You'll be flagged as a terrorist because of that fight, bet.

    4. Kordruga


      I'll be flagged because of this AK-47 in my hands

  13. Mexi

    Starting Items

    I mean, dotting spawns around the map instead of mostly around the forest might be an idea instead of this. Spreads people out and shit would have time to respawn at other locations.
  14. Mexi

    Geared charactors camping spawning area

    Might I suggest if the RP is indeed crappy, in your own opinion of course. To talk to these people OOCly about it, if the issue doesn't work itself out with a chat.. Take it to a report, with the evidence you have. Not much point creating a post in a discussion area when there's not much to discuss, people would want to control the decent areas for the better supplies/ items. It makes sense. Edit: Just realised you're talking about the actual spawn locations put in.. Yeah, people should probably cut that shit.
  15. Mexi

    October 2018 changes

    I haven't actually played it myself, I've watched steams/ youtube videos as it's progressed. I think it's decent to have a stamina bar for RP sake, add's that set of realism to the game. As for conflicts, gotta think where you have 'em now which is decent. No cover? Wait. I think it should be altered a bit but not completely scrapped from the server if that choice comes in.