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  1. Mexi

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    28 hours isn't a balance change, sorry but it just isn't.
  2. Mexi

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Already more than enough guns on the server, also isn't as easy as people think. I haven't raided much due to the amount of time it took before, do the tools you use ruin instantly? If no, perhaps this would be something to consider as another form of 'balance'?
  3. Mexi

    Failed Robberies Thread

    The instant 'No no no no no no' had me fucking howling when you turned to them. Good shit.
  4. Mexi



    1. Mexi


  5. Mexi


    'Editing of screenshots is allowed this month. '

    Congratulations on another win @Watchman

    1. DrMax


      He's banned from it. 

    2. Watchman


      @DrMax for real?.. feels like it tbh

      But thanks @Mexi lol

    3. DrMax



  6. Mexi


    Imagine if we had this for the map..


    1. Brayces


      Dang, I want a overgrown world mod so bad 

    2. Mexi


      You really dont want the grass mod, one of the worst mods I've seen.

    3. Brayces


      But my reclaimed world look! 😧

    4. Mexi


      Theres a mod where you can make the grass tall as fuck, but it's honestly really bad and makes everything ugly. 

  7. Mexi

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    When the monkeys need positive reinforcement, back to Nursery rules boys
  8. Mexi

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    Boy.. I swear you better fix yo shit.
  9. Mexi

    Discord emotes

    It’s a green frog, it’s not that big of a deal. Dont use the emotes if you dislike them, simple stuff. edit: Symbol of the alt right? I genuinely can’t tell if the entirety of your posts on this thread are bait or if you actually believe everything the news says..
  10. Mexi

    Long queues

    That is the players choice to do, if my friends are on S1 where others that we'd like to try and find for RP are, what sense does it make for us to be on S2? I've found 2-3 settlements on S2 which are very active, people just aren't attempting to look in the correct places. S2 is called 2 for a reason, it isn't a primary server, it is and always will be overflow, by choice of the player. Just as S3 would if we ever get back to that point. Ghosting is easy to prove with positional and connection logs. I'm in a fairly large group and I'm aware you are too, your place is in Severo which is a huge hub currently which makes sense as to why you don't want to hop over, because you have RP and a home set up over there, which is absolutely fine. By choice, that was something you decided to do and due to it being the 'main' server, you'll have to deal with the queue times. I'd suggest trying S2 and not staying around the usual areas that are populated on S1, that's where you tend to find people just as we have. I'm aware it's a suggestion, one that I disagree would help, if anything in my opinion splitting would harm the community a lot more than help it. It's just not worth it when you can use the same character for a lot less hassle and RP with separate people on both S1 and 2 as and when you find them. That would make 0 sense, how would my character suddenly appear and continue a story in another region? No.. Just no.
  11. Mexi

    Long queues

    Neither of these help the queue, if anything it'll make it worse. 3 - That was removed due to a hefty amount of metagame coming from it. 4 - That's silly. You yourself proposed that each server is different, why would that change anything IF that were to ever happen (god forbid). Restricting players is not how you keep them in communities. tl;dr we're fine as it is. People can pick and choose what server to play on, doesn't effect anything.
  12. Mexi

    Long queues

    Why do that though? That's more hassle for people like myself who play on both. What sense does it make to force players to either sit in a 40 man queue for the server where their 'main' character is or just go onto S2 on a character that is just a fresh spawn when they can play on BOTH with the SAME character at no expense of their time.
  13. Mexi

    Long queues

    Do NOT make S2 a different hive, what sense does it make to gear for two separate servers when they're the same world. Personally, I play on both on the same character, with the same group and I'm able to interact with a fair few people. Just because you can't find them, doesn't mean the RP opportunities aren't there. +1 People should use common sense and go on S2 instead of a 40 man queue, however I understand wanting to be in the queue due to RPing with certain people on that specific server. -1 for making S2 a separate hive.
  14. Mexi

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    It is around, they're waiting for the thread to be passed over so it can be edited.
  15. Mexi

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    So, let me get this straight.. We can't remove the ping cap to allow players from the likes of Australia or even Europe depending on where you're from or how good your net is to play frequently without having to sit in a 30+ queue the majority of the night but we can add something like this that will most certainly fuck with performance both server side and client? N o t h a n k y o u Zombies are fine, cities have a lot and with the fact Suppressors don't actually work the threat is already there. Hordes aren't needed. Stick to the Building prefabs and radiation, that's what'll actually help peoples 'RP', they're also what we've been waiting on for a fair bit, so prioritise what's needed first. Cities and towns mentioned have more than enough zombies to be a problem if the person goes in guns blazing.
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