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  1. Mexi

    The Facts About DayZ .63

    Don't know about that one..
  2. Mexi

    The Facts About DayZ .63

    Something tells me you like Dunkey?
  3. Mexi

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    @CaliforniaRP @G19RP @groovy tonyRP @Taryn @Zombru Goal Six: Establish ourselves as a Dominant, Respected, and Assertive group. Slava Intensifies. GL with the group.
  4. Mexi


    I always knew he stank of shit.. Man looks like he stinks of cat shit and black mould.



    1. Taryn


      Cat piss, Skunked beer and cigarette butts.

    2. -Chow-


      The smell I strive to achieve 

    3. Whitename


      at least his music is good

    4. Mexi


      Please leave my profile.

      - Mexi

    5. Taryn


      Is it tho

  5. Mexi

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Just so you're aware, he's not here till next Friday.
  6. Mexi

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Hope that you guys are instantly making another group, great bunch and I've enjoyed the RP from the vast majority of you all.
  7. Mexi

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    You hadn't run in from the closest end of town because I'd have seen you a lot sooner than I did. The direction you came in from was the church side of town which is the northern end. your story keeps changing about what you heard when you entered, refer to Aikos quotes and the second half of what you've just said. I was using a FAL, another one of us was using an MP5 unsupressed and for the first part of that fight where you would have heard a shit ton of shots the person who died was using an AK variant (I think) which was unsilenced. You'd have heard what was going on. You knew what was going on, so let's stop lying to ourselves about that. If staff have any questions, that'll be the only time I reply further. EDIT: Also, the OP stated he may have footage, if that could be requested because I'm sure he knew what was going on/ received the initiation(s).. Because I'm sure he both got an initiation and knew full well there was a fight going on.
  8. Mexi

    "Everything's Boring"

    If you've only just returned and you're judging one night of RP (not sure how long you were in RP for) and you've not even got on during peak time surely you've invalidated your own statement and thread based off of this: In my opinion not only are you wrong but from the quote above I personally believe that if you've only just returned and you're calling 'everything' boring just based off of one night you also don't have the right to talk shit about the state of the server or the community.. What I'd suggest is attempting to find time to get on earlier than whatever time you've been getting on, Lopotino has been active as fuck as has the rest of the north with a drop of southern RP. Just because you went to a hotspot in offpeak hours doesn't mean that 'everythings boring'.
  9. Mexi

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Alexandr Kozak's PoV - We go to the town in an attempt to capture some of the Morreti's for another one of our propaganda videos, amongst other justifiable IC reasons. We get a few people hostage at what they call the 'trader compound' on the southern end of Lopotino, prior to this we ran around the ENTIRE town and dropped text and VOIP initiations to make sure we covered the town while we checked buildings and pin pointed where enemies were. While dealing with hostages I am situated across the road at a 'green and orange' house behind a fence keeping the gate in sight, the OP then comes around a house infront of me with his weapon out looking towards the compound, knowing that he approached from an area where we previously dropped some of the text/ voip initiations with his weapon out I shot him unconscious. As the OP said he came in from 10pm server time onwards and supposedly had nothing to do with it yet the logs show otherwise.. Plsnolie.
  10. Mexi

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    If you'd like to question the hostages we just had you'd find that a couple of us got shot during our last fight in the town about an hour or so ago, I think @Mademoiselle was one of them.. Once @groovy tonyRP got shot he complained about the pain, used morphine and bandaged himself and he was set until we can find a medic to take care of us. I walked through Riptide camp and had a chat with @UncleB and emoted my shoulder area being bandaged and the bandage showing a slight red colouring to signify that it was still bleeding, once again.. It's hard to find a medic that want's to work with us but doesn't want to piss off Anarchy. Just because you don't see the RP happening, doesn't mean we don't do it. It's OUR choice where we got shot, not those doing the shooting. Just because I get shot in the head doesn't mean I need to RP being disabled for the rest of my characters life, ja feel? Glad to know that you're enjoying everything else, cheers for the feedback.
  11. Mexi

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    It's all still very much appreciated, hopefully we get approved soon so we can be on somewhat of a level playing field!
  12. Mexi

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I did wonder if you carried that out, good shit man. Glad you enjoyed the RP with us previously too, rarely look at this thread but thanks!
  13. Mexi

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Would be nice to get feedback/ approval for the group too.. If we don't have dynamic rights but everyone else does as a hostile group we're fucked.. It doesn't exactly seem right to make people that have put the time and effort into making these pages wait 1-2 weeks. tyty xo
  14. Mexi


    Bit of a read but it's worth it, creepy stuff.


    If you want a tl;dr then watch this..




    1. Geraldo Da Witchi

      Geraldo Da Witchi

      I'd really like to sleep tonight thank you

  15. Mexi

    adding "sick" to the char status

    Just as Jamie said. Easiest thing to do is add at the bottom something like "Character Status" then place what it would be.