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  1. nice one tony, am going to have to go back and watch them all now.
  2. all the best samti
  3. both groups
  4. the two guys did get told to leave the town as a firefight was going on (2 or 3 times) it was there clear nvfl. if dave was to leave the house and tell them once again to leave the area he would have been displaying nvfl. its a catch 22
  5. your verdict is wrong
  6. welcome back, have fun.
  7. 101

    thank you for your feedback @Dusty, I am sorry you feel you had received bad / inadequate rp from some people of the group, I was not present for the rp you experienced as I was rp'ing with others at the time. However if you could link a video of this I would be more Than happy to speak with anyone involved. now I am well aware that some people are better role players than others and not for one moment do I consider myself as a good rp'er but I do try. That's what I tell my group " try and submerge yourself into your character and let the rp flow" organic rp for me has always been my best rp experiences. I don't judge a group on peoples rp on the basis of meeting a few people linked to the group. We do as a unit try and help people be more comfortable expressing themselves in rp. I thank you for your feedback and ask you please link a video so we can review it and deal with it. on a side note: I do appreciate you getting in contact this way rather than reports, it means alot. cheers and thank you.
  8. Tournament registration is now closed. thank you to everyone who got in contact to take part. Enjoy and have fun.
  9. Tournament registration is now closed. thank you to everyone who got in contact to take part. Enjoy and have fun.
  10. if you wish to take part and fight keep filling out the fighter card, fights will be picked at random and added to the event page. we also require more entry's incase people don't show up on the night. always have a fighting chance 😉 good luck to all taking part.
  11. Name: Fighting Name: Last Name: Age: Height: Reach: Blood Type:
  12. BE THE BEST, BEAT THE REST. Thank You!
  13. just met a guy named Felix (could be @Tony not sure tho) his rp was so immersive, so glad i had the chance to rp with you. Great RP'er !!!