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  1. Mr Anon

    S2 Griefing

    we are out and about and come across this base it looked expertly manufactured with all the supplies one could want. we stage ourselves to start the operation. I am located up the road as a lookout all the while Fergus is working on the main lock and after some time the main door is wide open. I proceed to keep my eyes focused on the surrounding area as the last thing we want is owners returning to catch us in the act. I must admit boredom kicked in and decided to head down to the base and get more hands on, Fergus and Tim are working on the main building so I start to cut the lock off cabinets to gain access. once inside I search all the storage at this point the car turns up so i we made our exit. it was noted that Tim was indeed having issues with the inventory bug I myself was going to give it a go to place the fishing box in the storage but the owners of the base returned. i would like to add that the fishing box does act as a protector case and would not have despawned as it holds the same persistence as protector cases.
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    @Saunders it's all good mate, shit happens. We had a blast playing on deer isle and are very much looking forward to the new map. Not sure if we will play the old map that much as a group seen as most of us have played it way to much, deer isle was a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed the rp that we had from the locals and exploring the landscape. To all the groups on deer isle thanks for the good time and great rp. Cavaliers loved the way your group dressed and roleplayed, yellow arm bands (sorry don't know your name as you had a lot lol) the roleplay in the meeting when our groups first met got me invested. Harry (no idea who you are) your character was so fucking funny that I could not stop laughing. @Fenrir sorry we did not get a chance to meet, I did hear about your group and was looking forward to meeting you guys. Blue armband guys what can I say... You saved my ass from hungry wolfs on day one and took me back to your place for shelter our storyline was just getting started, Gutted. Pete you are to nice lad haha don't change, we all loved your character. I know I am missing some people out and I am sorry I met so many people that I can't remember all your names. Well guess that's that. Gutted it's over but glad we did it again. Now to wait 5 years for new map haha Wish you all the best guys take care.
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    @Randy still around, will be back once ban is over.
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    Cheer @AndreyQ
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    @Mr Anon Jimmy Humperdinck @Chuckdeuce Charles Wright @inar038JD Kincade @BaronVonGrumble Fergus Finlay @iBstoneyDave Dave Stone @TheScouseViking Samuel Kun Choi @ToeZies Jack Edwards @SidChaos Sid Sandman @Breadman Ryan Choi @Blom Dan Andersson @timjelly Timothy Tyler @dnSLmo Daniel Selmo @bigbluedave Jonathan Fredricks @V3rtical Gavin Cave @TwistedVenom Brodie Wright All recruitment must be completed in character, if you are interested in joining then please find us in game. Please reply any constructive feedback. Thread Graphics: @Breadman Thanks to all OG members of the 101.
  7. maybe you missed the initiation while you where fixing your system while alt tabbing. if this is the case i am sorry you missed it but we have no way of knowing your alt tabbed or giving the rp your 100% focus.
  8. breadman initiated all the while keying the radio. (dont know if this helps)
  9. pov, i am with @breadman scouting the compound after @breadman has initiated on the compound i proceed to shoot noncompliant players. i would like to add we did give more time than he stated upon the initiation being delivered.
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    DDoS machine ?️roke

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