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  1. [GAME] Type your name with your elbow.

    Alex Green. ao34sd tg45r43hjnh Very bad.
  2. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    9/10. Made this thread
  3. The Black Bazaar, the black market of Chernarus

    1. First name: Alex 2. Last name: Green 3. Gender: Male 4. Natinality: Swedish 5. Organization (if any): None. 6. Why do you wish to become a merchant in the "Black Bazaar": Couse i'd like to sell all my goods in a more safe enviroment, and would also make sure people don't starve to death around the north. 7. What do you wish to trade? (Weapons, Slaves, Vehicles….): Mainly Food but also some weapons and ammo. 8. URL to image of your characters face: Sorry, i have no idea how to screenshot... But i have a black barett and a black skimask (Survivor skin) Signature: Alex Green By signing this contract you accept the rules of the Black Bazaar. (For some reason it doesn't say my in-game name, but i am white-listed)
  4. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    6/10. Never heard of but seems to have been here for a while.
  5. [SOLVED] Battleye Failed To Update

    Download it manually? Dont remember how you do that though. Or a virus-protection program?
  6. Google Images battle

    I'm Back!
  7. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need my guid changed again. entered wrong GUID *embarrassing* //Slip: GUID Reset, please re-enter it on the whitelist page.
  8. When i'm changing GUID

    Ok, thanks
  9. When i'm changing GUID

    Maybe not let me check again It was wrong, but now i'm entering the right GUID and it just says 'Duplicate entry key '0' for key 'comments' Do i need a new reset?
  10. When i'm changing GUID

    I had my GUID reset and now when i fill in the new one it just says i can enter a new GUID all the time and when i join the server i'm not white-listed. Help?
  11. A Question.

    Ok thanks for quick respond.
  12. A Question.

    About how long does it take for GUID to reset? Do i have time to do something else? or will it only be minutes?