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  1. Ohhhhh yes. But yeah, It should have been played out a little better. Then again, it was on the Airfield and you don't know who all is around and sometimes you just need to act quickly in a situation to save yourself. Using your KoS rights there, right away, may save you from something much worse.
  2. Snuff

    'Trade Routes' Event Series

    Looks very very interesting
  3. Welcome! I'm very new also, and my brother and I have surprisingly only met one other survivor out there so far.
  4. The whitelist system was a bit tricky, but I think it's well worth it. It takes time, which should deter most people not serious enough from applying. I just did mine, waiting for approval.
  5. Yes yes now I see the introductions ?. But thanks for the responses!
  6. I just wanted to say Hey! to everyone real quick. And meet the requirement to let you know I am a human, haha. But I am glad to have stumbled across this group and i look forward to playing with everyone. Man, that test was tough, but only took me 2 tries hah. See you out there!