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  1. Haha, i see the comunity is still welcoming!
  2. Hey for anyone who remembers me, i am back;)
  3. I say you just do 2 team missions when you go on it. I think that would be fun.
  4. I think this video was put up for the sake of this is the real video without any cuts. Psi's had some cuts in it so this is just the bare footage. No OOC hate or special treatment. There are many videos of executions, you guys are making a big deal out of it by saying this.
  5. Its good because of the rules set, the admins work rate and the fact you can be pretty much whoever you want.
  6. I think the G36 with the two scopes is the best gun for me as it has a medium scope and a short range scope. I also try to carry a sniper with me just incase of very long range combat.
  7. I think it is perfectly fine as i believe the fire station window is open, if not it looks like it can be opened, and big enough for someone to fit through. But good point.
  8. I just wanted to post this as it has become quite a loose end whether it is against the rules, so i thought i would ask if something defiantly could happen about the rule with this. It has happened quite a few times to me and other people. Its basicly where clans have civilians on there side and use that to there advantage or alongside them. With the new rules saying you have to 100% ID a target, for the people using civilians in clan ops can cause a lot of confusion and some what unfairness by you not knowing if the civilian is on there team or just got stuck in the middle of the firefight. Also when a civilian initiates and a whole clan jumps out with that initiation. Feel free to post your views. Admins i know you have alot on and dont feel this is a necessity but if something could be done to say if its against the rules or not i feel like i and quite a few others would be grateful.
  9. I did this ages ago, and tries it on a few people. It's too good
  10. I think it would be a good idea as it would be more realistic but there are some annoying little things like the amount of cars being blown up and people then spawn camping on restart.
  11. 43 but not sure if 20 WHITELISTED people have done it:D
  12. I think this is a really good idea but I thi k it should be like 30,45 or maybe even 60minutes as it would stop NLR and all of that. Even though death by zombies would be a pain it would still make life more important as a new spawn u won't just ur down the road with 5 zombies behind you. However there are some flaws like rubbish executions and KoS would leave the victim pretty pissed off!
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