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  1. Mr Chaotic


    It's just a bug in the game I think it's a pain but honestly you get use to it after a while
  2. Novaya and kabanino they are the big hot spots atm but also most likely to get robbed so be careful
  3. Mr Chaotic


    Of course in game buddy I don't think he mistook this post for webmd but the next update will help heal it easier. Just sit around a fire for an hour away from people. In my personal opinion just stick with it don't waste time healing it cause you'll just get it again pretty much every one has it.
  4. Mr Chaotic

    Whitelist Difficulty

    I gotta agree with @Banshee my friend done the whitelist and it was so simple he managed to do it so quick. And I have had players a lot of times talk ooc through VoIP just because they most likely just control-f for the password I don't think it should be made alot more harder but add some more level of difficulty to it so they can understand the rule or questions that cover the main rules that are most reported on
  5. Really? When I have gone back to the menu before and I have not had the option to do so
  6. Yea that's true there is alot of things the dev team have planned but it would be handy to have as I remember I had to suicide like 6 times till I got a male playermodel
  7. Maybe we could add some sort of character customisation to the game when you die. Like change basic clothing and look before your spawn. I have played on a server and seen this. This might make it easier than constantly dying to change their look.
  8. It's abit strange when im not looking for an item I find them but when I want something it will never show up
  9. Mr Chaotic

    My wife - Tucker Brookes

    I fear tucker may have joined his wife
  10. I tend to find makarovs in the small brown hunting cabins but look in Police stations
  11. Zombies are goood to have as it adds pve but Zombies that don't run out of stamina or can have bursts of super speed are annoying. I think making them walk only would better or even a jogging speed
  12. Mr Chaotic

    Belts, thigh rigs and storage

    Thigh rigs would be really good to have but seeing some more vests that you customise like add extra pouches or a atatchable holster. +1
  13. @Big Blue Loot is quite persistent it stays after restarts and I have returned to a location after an hour the same loot is there. I think its based on if the building has no loot and the amount of loot on the server like if a certain amount of people have m4s they will stop spawning and so on. Not entirely too sure might be horribly wrong XD
  14. Hi, i was creating a base today and realised anyone can come along and dismantle your base. In my opinion this makes base building a little pointless atm. There is a mod on the workshop that allows the base to be deconstructed only from the inside. I feel this will make bases more reliable. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571965849&searchtext=
  15. I have not been on the community for a few months now and i noticed i can only see a us server. is this the only server available
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