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  1. Thank all of you, to many to name but ill name a few that i remember. @Brady first person i met, you da wigga. @2Eazy our internal rp was the best. @Roach Met you on my second day here and you gave me advice and wished me luck on everything, now im here... @Galaxy You my brigga. @William We became friends so fast during SOF and became closer during the plantation(RIP) @Dio Brando I know you wont be reading this, but you allowed me to become an amazing roleplayer and you showed me the ropes of this community. @Oliv I remember meeting you when you were just a baby, damn you grew up fast :'(  @Aiko you okay. @Greenie cannibal buddy! @Boston Met you a couple months ago and now we close. @Coreena THEM COMMS THO xD But in all seriousness, i would like to thank everyone who met me IC and liked what i did, after lorewipe, i got a suprise for you all.

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      Hey anything to help a fellow roleplayer :) 

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      More internal to come my dood

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      new phone who dis