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  1. I got some plans for my character...Day 1’s know who im talkin about??

    1. Brady


      Gotta make ur profile bomb af again

    2. Strawberry


      well, I ain't-a day one, I think. So you gonna need to elaborate o.O

    3. Brady


      There's very few day one boys around stroob. Me being one of em ay

    4. Tristyn Hudson

      Tristyn Hudson

      Talk to brady, thats the ride or die right there, he’ll explain what i mean?

  2. Agu will return soon...

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  3. Still working on my profile...any suggestions for the theme?

  4. Damn i hate this 30 queue

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      And I hate you dumby


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      He has a point

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    7. Tristyn Hudson
  5. 1993 I was a boy when this happened. I was a young boy, only 6. We lived in a small village in the east called Yela. Maybe 500-600 people there. My mother, she was young, beautiful, caring and loving. My father was a teacher at the school in our village. This was 1992. A new president was elected and there was outcry, people were angry, others were happy, but there was some corruption. After the new man took power, villages were being wiped out in the west and south. Death squads, we called them the N'yoye Bel. Angels of the devil. Eventually people started to fight back, Nigerians came, Sierrans came but werent the helpful ones, the ones for drugs and war. Lets skip that for say. 1993, My mother had left us by then, she went into Guinea to avoid the war. My father had paid for her to go. It was only me, my brother and my father. We were helping the church calm things down as a village 2 miles from us had been attacked by the rebels. We went to sleep only to wake up the next morning to gunfire and screaming. BOOOM! I still hear the screams when i sleep. My father told me to run and dont stop only before he was shot. My brother was behind me until he was killed. Seeing the people you love die in front of your very eyes does something to you. I ran into the bush and stayed there for a week, eating leaves, throwing up, eating more. But this day changed me a lot, it made me who i am today. 1993, Day 8. I was found by a group, they weren't rebels, they were the military either, they were different. They called themselves NDPM. The National Democratic Party Mercenaries. They took me and trained me. Not too long i should say, Two weeks. My first kill, A week later after my training. But so much happened during my time with them, i rather say that i not speak the sins i committed. Lets skip them 9 years. 2002, Sierra Leone. I was 15 at the time, i was in a rehabilitation camp. They made me go to school, they taught me the basics of living in the general population at the time. I dont like what they did, They were very very strict, but it didn't stop me. One warm night in the bush, one of the buddies i met there, told me about him going back to Liberia, going back to fight. He was extremely fucked up by the drugs and so was I, but i listened. The camp was on the border of Liberia so we just snuck out into our country and boy were we suprised. The war ended 1 month earlier, we were homeless like most rebels. We could barely eat, so i made the smart decision since my past was going to help me, i joined the National Defence Forces of Liberia 4 years later. 2006, Liberia. I had just finished my training and was a soldier, but i was a soldier that was working for the UN. I had encountered them before that time but i never thought of joining them. But hey what can i say, im here now telling you the story, but yea basically, i was sent all over africa to help with wars, aid poor countries. But i never been to the Baltic States before. 2017, Chernarus We are dealing with something different here, these people are infected with some fucking disease that our doctors are still researching. Im stationed here as a sniper, I lead my own team, but our mission here is to help out the Chernarussian Defence Force. They need our help to keep the peace, but damn, i dont know who these people are, but i know one thing, they aint human no more...
  6. Thank all of you, to many to name but ill name a few that i remember. @Brady first person i met, you da wigga. @2Eazy our internal rp was the best. @Roach Met you on my second day here and you gave me advice and wished me luck on everything, now im here... @Galaxy You my brigga. @William We became friends so fast during SOF and became closer during the plantation(RIP) @Dio Brando I know you wont be reading this, but you allowed me to become an amazing roleplayer and you showed me the ropes of this community. @Oliv I remember meeting you when you were just a baby, damn you grew up fast :'(  @Aiko you okay. @Greenie cannibal buddy! @Boston Met you a couple months ago and now we close. @Coreena THEM COMMS THO xD But in all seriousness, i would like to thank everyone who met me IC and liked what i did, after lorewipe, i got a suprise for you all.

    1. Oliv


      Still am :D

    2. 2Eazy


      More internal to come my dood

    3. William


      new phone who dis

  7. I might just go to barber school then the military...

  8. Almost done with work??????

    1. Brady


      shut up dumby

  9. Thanks to @Rose for helping me with my avatar, looks great :)

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    3. Scarlett


      avatar looks great well done

  10. I juat can sleep at all. Come on brain, i need to get up for work at 7??

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      u sit at a pool all day u dont need sleep dumby

    2. Brady


      bruh u fr rn dont make me shut this shit down

      Using my real name and shit who u think u are

    3. APositiveElmo


      Staff abuse Master Brady?

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      Woah there.

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      I don't want my real name going around is that ok with you @Elmo?

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      What if it's spelled in the form of an anagram?

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      What if its totally not on his steam that's linked to this website?

  11. We took a 15 min run and i say we were there for about 30-40mins but more likely to 30. Note: i work 8 hours a day and i cant be on the phone because of what i do
  12. Had a litty night xD but the girl started crying randomly in the movie...i made her feel better

    1. BostonRP


      Crying randomly? :o

    2. Oliv


      That's a hell of an effect you have on women Tris

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