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  1. @Semiazas The only steam account I have access to is my default one: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008896498/
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Got a message in my inbox saying somthing about multiple accounts 2 years ago. Why the verdict is not fair: I clearly had forgotten my password (as I did today) and created a new account registered to my steam profile. Unfortunately I did this as well today and I guess i did this two years ago as well. In all honesty I forgot my password and was just going to try and get re-whitelisted. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my point of view I dont really think a blacklist is the best course of action for having another account seeing as I did not hide it at all, but I can see why DayZRP does it. I think it could probably be used in order to get around whitelisting and such I would assume, but I am not really an expert on that kind of stuff in all honesty. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My hope would be to have the blacklist removed and be able to play on the server once again. I remember all the rules from when I had to whitelist and some friends of mine recently started playing here and I would love to join them. What could you have done better?: Well multiple things honestly. 1. I could have just remembered my password and used the recovery method rather than just creating another account both 2 years ago and today. Although I figured my old account from the past had been deleted hence why I created a new one today. I also could have responded more to the admin messages I received because my inbox says i got a message from an admin saying a community member was angered by somthing I did to him/her. I dont know what to do about the angered community member from 2 years ago, but I can clearly see where i was wrong here when it comes to making a new account over just recovering my password. thanks
  3. I have people who can prove that i never fired, even the film crew of 4 people were with me.One person is Jake Yurchenko, he can confirm what happened because he ran with me.
  4. Provide a detailed POV of the situation. So I was in a group with Taco. Taco was our sniper and he got surrounded by a group of 6 people. Then i began to approach and 4 separate people surrounded me in clown masks and such. So I had to RP and talk to the guys who surrounded me, but when i looked over Taco was gone. So i figured i am in trouble because those guys may come up to me next. So I went to make a break for it with my friend, but then Taco came back and we heard him die. So I began to run into the forest and hide in order to not get killed.
  5. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    So from what i saw in the video it does not prove anyone innocents. Also you 2 cents worth at the end about us lying is also false. We had no idea who your group was. Hence why i kept asking while i was hiding in the building. This: https://youtu.be/4oTtGzqeQLQ video where shows you just the other day try and kill me on sight if you look at time : 1:00. Also you video shows you openly shooting at people with your sniper who were not in our group. As i said earlier, i think you may have mistaked us for bandits or somthing. The group i was with only had 3 people in total, so in the video i see close to five people, one of which you shot at. Sp two of the hostiles were not us. For many reasons you see this as personal, or me having an opinion against you. The only reason that I have any suspicion about your actions is because I have only died in DayzRP 3 times. 2 of which have been from reported incidents of the AK group, but Dusty, you seem to be involved in my mind. Every encounter I get into I find myself able to work with people even when robbed, but so far 2 out of the three deaths have been "allegedly" from reported KOS actions you have been involved in. I dont particularly have anything against you, i remember when you showed mercy and gave me morphine one time, even though it was from you shooting me in the leg at random. I just think you guys may be a bit quick to resort to violence when in a potentially rocky situation. In short, I think by talking more to you and explaining the situation in game may have helped a but, but threatening to grenade us made me and my group members scared as fuck because we had no idea what to do. Also in the video the sniper started shooting at a guy randomly in the feild which is attempted KOS, just saying...
  6. pwn

    S5: KoS in Polana - 06/24/2016 01:00

    Because i did not want to openly blame him due to a lack of proof. It is basically his word against mine. So when he was found later in the house it is hard to prove he may have done it. As CrescentGent said, it could have been a suicide bombing. When i was standing in the Circle with Otter, i did see someone run up, and then an explosion happened. However from what i found, the guy in the blue shirt could have been behind that wall. So i edited the point to seem more neutral and to not fully accuse. It's not my word against yours. I wasn't even in the server, logs will show. Ok so that will prove you innocents then. Which either mean somone threw a grande or suicide bombed.
  7. pwn

    S5: KoS in Polana - 06/24/2016 01:00

    So, something still doesn't add up here for multiple reasons. One of which is the following PM that you sent to the OP after the blast. Do you mind explaining this for us? Remember, the key here is honesty. i PM'ed him after the blast because i noticed when he died that he had my backpack that he stole. I was just alerting him of how karma works. He was not mad and sent me a bean. But if you are asking if i had or threw a grenade, then no i did not.
  8. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    As I said in my POV I was held up by two random people that weren't apart of your group. Ah, i seem to have been confused then. It seemed to me like you may have thought that the 2 people i was with may have been the ones who robbed you.
  9. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    I see a bit of your side of the story and i relitivly understand. However we were not the guys who robbed you. We originally came from the NW airfeild and then went into the military base right by Kab. So you must have mistaked us for the robbers.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-KOS-in-Kabanio?pid=1475086#pid1475086 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict gave me a few warning points for name calling. While talking to some mods, they explained that saying a group of people have a record of killing on sight is offensive and considered name calling. Name calling is: noun: the use of abusive names to belittle or humiliate another person. So I think that this could be interpreted by many as not name calling. Based on the evidence i put forward, I was aiming to state fact/intent, which in my personal opinion was mistaken for name calling. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Overall I find that stating an opinion of a group that has a record of KOS, should not be considered name calling. Record: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-Killing-a-compliant-hostage-Bad-hostage-taking-in-Dichina-06-24-2016-8-40 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S5-KoS-in-Polana-06-24-2016-01-00 (people accused of bombing were in the group) and finally the third report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-KOS-in-Kabanio?pid=1475086#pid1475086 What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would overall like the warnings removed. The mods asked me to make the appeal because they felt it would help my case. So I clearly have come to clarify the issue.
  11. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    You initiated on Chappy (Granting us KoS) then later Darkside initiates on you (Granting us KoS) regardless if you were scared of another group, you initiated and ended up dying. Oh, i think i see the problem. when we went upstairs, no one said or did anything. But a guy did run into the house and started shooting, but he was not with us. We think you may have mistakes him for being grouped with us.
  12. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    This report seems rather pointless and like a waste of everyone's time, you initiated and you died. No one initiated because none of my group had the ammo too. We were scared of the clowns who were chasing us at the time. So when one of you fired a sniper shot at my head, everyone became aware that you guys had plans to kill us when we were hiding from the guys following us in the second floor. Really? Dusty you were just reported 2 days ago for KOS when i was there. You guys have a seriously bad reputation of shooting people on sight for some reason. Remember you need to initiate a conversation with people, you cant just shoot them for no reason.
  13. pwn

    S3 KOS in Kabanio

    - User has been warned for this post -
  14. Server and location: S3 - Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 26-06-2016, 10:45-10:50 Your in game name: Daniel Verren Names of allies involved: Taco Mccluskey, Vincent Martinez Name of suspect/s: none Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): na Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): not at this time Detailed description of the events: (video/screenshot): So Taco Mccluskey and Vincent Martinez and i began to walk into a military base. A unknown man began to chase us into Kabanino with a trader guarding us. When entering the building the trader began firing his gun at everyone in order to KOS we assume. So the three of us made it upstairs the house we were hiding in. After a while a group of people below us began firing at us through the door. We did not know what to do so we fired back in self defense. Soon both people with me were dead, but 2 of there men were dead. So I asked them what they wanted, and they stated that they were a trade group not looking for trouble. While talking to them the last person ran up and shot me in the head. The overall encounter was a greef killing. It was constant KOS at random with these guys. The guy who killed me was the leader so if you can find that you can find the group.
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