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  1. Public Re-Whitelist Process:

    I know the rules and I don't want to have to be forced to rewhitelist because some people don't -1
  2. its not hard to maintain a settlement with over 20 people that and you don't need tents for a settlement +1
  3. LoreMaster Recruitment Change

    You have to remember that this most likely will be a side project for most people. You have to remember that people might be busy and might not be able to dedicate all of their time into writing a piece of lore for a website. But dependent on how big the staff want the sample text to be, I also think that its a bit long for lets say 3 or 4 paragraphs to demonstrate their writing capabilities.
  4. D&D Online Campaign?

    Wheres my credit?? (idk what for, I just think I deserve credit haha) but yeah, I would be down for it
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    People who got the Wooden Spoon award should get a potato next to their name tbh

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    Nice icon ;)

  5. *Jo hears the broadcast and decides to answer. She grabs her radio and presses down on the PTT* "Everyone from Outrun is fucked. Josh is dead, Elena is dead. There is no point in trying to contact any of us anymore. We might aswell be good as dead anyways" *Jo releases the PTT and removes the batteries from her radio so she is uninterrupted.*
  6. Server 1

    I think you need to say more than "Its Working Awful" you mean bad frame rate, rubber banding?
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    Found an image that best represents you tbh


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      you know me too well.

  7. Remove the group advertisement banners [Petition]

    Edit - got half way through before commenting nice work mate
  8. New Idea for Question and Troubleshooting Threads

    If we think an answer is bad, we have the right to show that. Bring it back, +1
  9. Reputation system

    so we are slowly turning into facebook? if so where the meme pages at? but yeah, there is nothing wrong with the beanz system and nothing that needs changing within it.