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  1. Fair enough, sort of reminds me of a character of Fear TWD who goes around 'curing' the infected. He has a few priest traits, but fights the infected to restore humanity.
  2. I quite like the idea of No.2, would like to see more people fighting the infected. Maybe you could go down the route of being a priest of some sort fighting the infected, would be an interesting character. If you need any ideas for characters I can give a few
  3. Hey guys, So I just joined the EU server, and it normally takes me a few seconds to get into the game. I could see the building I was in loading, but I assume there was a zombie in front of me hitting me as I was bleeding and could hear the sounds. I'm not sure if it was okay to disconnect or not, but could literally do nothing ingame as I was still loading and couldn't move. How long does it take for your character to leave the server just so I can get an idea if i'll be alive still
  4. Sam Hutch, born in England was the owner of the company "Finta", who are commonly known to produce sugary beverages sold world wide. After years of making huge amounts of money whilst sitting back doing nothing, Sam eventually got bored and decided that he wanted to retire. Because of the large amounts of money he owned, he had his own Mansion Cambridgeshire, where he lived alone, and only had the company of the cleaners in the evenings for a few hours. However, Sam decided that he wanted to do something different in his life, and decided to move to Chernarus, where he bought his own Log Cabin in the woods. From here he hunted for his own food, and became fully independent. The area Sam lived in was quiet, and there were some small towns and villages scattered around, but he tried not to visit them as he wanted to be independent. He had got used to the tranquillity and loneliness of the area, but he liked it. He lived a basic life, providing for himself day after day, and his only goal was survival. He thought that the skills he had learned may become useful in later life, if anything was to happen. Whilst out hunting one day, he heard gunshots in the distance. He went to investigate, and found a local town. However, when he approached he found nobody- the town was empty. At this moment, Sam knew something was wrong...
  5. AssistMeister

    Staff Feedback

    Haven't been in the community long, but Dr Brandon was extremely helpful in the Teamspeak Server when I had a question, and I know that staff can get stressed out when continuously being asked the same question, but I got the information I needed without hassle. Also, I noticed that there were several staff waiting in the Helpdesk channel, which is always good to see