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  1. unforgiven389

    S1 Suspected ghosting

    I think from all I've seen and heard from other in the group there has never been any form of ghosting, but people jumping the wall with either cutting down trees(AOGM?) or head boosting. Apologize for the time spent on this to the staff and players called in. /close please? ^^
  2. unforgiven389

    S1 Suspected ghosting

    Server and location: S1 (rather not say location) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): My character's logout and @iswearimjapanese's login/logout time. Your in game name: John Westby Names of allies involved: Winslow Smulders Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Having had some issues with randomly missing supplies from our storage building in the base for a little while I suspect possible ghosting of our bases' location. It's got a natural wall around the compound and every possible entrance has been walled of and closed. None of the walls have been broken down, no locks have been removed previously to today. The only lock missing was to our storage building which is already secured by another locked gate as the only entrance. New locks have also apparently been added to our base with the wrong codes.*Edit* New locks could be other group members not knowing the code* What I want from this report are the position logs for both me, my teammate and other possible players to have been inside our compound within the time frame that the logs will show.
  3. unforgiven389

    Bringing back the original build anywhere mod

    With the limitations that the standard base building gives you some bases will not make much sense either. I tried building at a small compound already surrounded by some metal fences, so of course the plan was to add walls and doors where missing, but instead of being able to place them in a straight line they had to be at an angle which technically would allow people to squeeze through.... Things like boxes can easily stop you from building a wall, even if the wall would not be touching the box. It would honestly be much better to have the mod back and put rules in place so people do not block military sites, medical sites etc. And if B.A is to ever return then I'd say to have the build action at 1 minute maximum too.
  4. unforgiven389

    Chernarus Trade Federation ( Open Recruitment )

    Looks awesome, good to see your group is fully activated now! ^^ Looking forward to the next place you guys are gonna set up at. Had some good RP with you guys today too early on. Tried asking IC for an easy way to contact you guys but seemed like most people had a little "nap" at that moment so I decided to leave at that time.
  5. unforgiven389

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    Felt the pain of gathering supplies for bases, went through cherno yesterday for a few hours and found 1 box of nails which we used up immediately....... Hopefully our Devs can do something about this, either making Sledgehammers have less durability when destroying structures, kinda like how the axes are now. (4-5 trees I think and it's broke.)
  6. unforgiven389

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    Ah, not seen anything akin to stone walls as of yet you see, but we can always hope that our Devs can do something about how fast you can destroy walls etc. ? Who knows, depending on what difficulties there are in making custom weapons we could always try to make specific weapons to destroy walls. Could always make it so that specific items are required to destroy bases, which honestly would be a good idea.
  7. unforgiven389

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    From what I've seen the walls are built in separate stages. Seems like you should be able to decide if you're building the top or bottom part first. Also do keep in mind that the devs have now done in about 6 months what originally took years....
  8. unforgiven389

    Juggs here!

    Remember running into you once or twice back in the dayz. Welcome back!
  9. unforgiven389

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    I'd honestly say to stick with TS, it has less latency between when words are spoken and heard, the VOIP quality is much better. Sure it lacks the text channels that Discord has, but Discord is known to randomly have major issues with either audio drivers, microphones and audio setup in general. Sometimes Discord will just randomly start lagging out and thuss making people sound like robots. This type of lag can happen on TS too, but it's way more frequent on Discord. Both have a phone app, which more or less makes it equal in that aspect. TS costs money to have a server, but keeps everyone in on place. Discord is free, but will most likely divide the entire community into their own channels and thuss making it harder to reach everyone. Discord has quiet often also crashed for either me or my friends out of nowhere, Discord also seems to take a decent amount more resources than TS itself already does. So a big -1 for loss of TS.
  10. Having talked this out with @WhiskeyFoxtrot and @Kordruga, all that happened was due to a client sided crash and lots of confusion. As of that, I would like this report to be /closed. Thank you. ?
  • unforgiven389

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    I would most likely be able to recognize their voices yes, I can try and get some of the audio from the video as it's only the FPS and bass that's messed up. I've added two more screenshots from what is skipping around in the video, and these two seems to be an almost perfect match to those showing up later, the guy in the last image has the exact same gun, pants, shoes and ballistic vest as the one with the bike helmet later on. As you can hear from the audio clip my voice cannot be heard, this is something I've been trying to figure out for ages with Shadowplay, I have the correct input device chosen but there is never any audio recorded from my end.... (If anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE PM me.)
  • unforgiven389

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    I would like to keep the report open to see if any light can come from this onto whom they were, if they are found I would like to talk to them first.
  • unforgiven389

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    Seems to have been a client sided crash then, but I am still wondering why they just ran of. Is it not normal to wait at least a little bit before leaving if someone crashes?
  • unforgiven389

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    It's understandable, not easy to find someone without their IG name on here. Thanks for trying at least. ?
  • unforgiven389

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    Edited with two screenshots, video is unplayable as the framerate is at 3....
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