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  1. *Despite the circumstances everyone's radio crackles to life* "Hello listeners, I would like to inform whoever hears this that there is a man going around in nothing but black clothing and a white face mask, he may seem friendly at first and try to get you on his side. But do NOT trust him, if he catches you off guard then you can expect to be knocked out......" *A short pause can be heard, along with a deep breath* "This is most likely the man who killed a woman that the R.D.A and a few others found not many days ago, nobody is safe out there, at least not those who are alone. He mentioned something about me becoming his 20th whatever that means, but instead chose me to be his 'Bait' for the real '20th'." *Your radio volume suddenly spikes painfully as his voice shattered the quiet before it, rumbling, trembling, almost dangerous as if the man is reeling from his latest encounter* "Whenever I find you again, I will walk you through every step of the torture you will endure by my hands!" *He takes a deep breath to calm himself* "We're not alone out here." *His voice increases in ferocity as he continues* "There may be many out there who think they're at the top of the food chain in this world, but this guy is of a different caliber, he's not afraid of any of us, he stayed for a while and toyed with not just me, but those who were with me later on. So I would say this, someone who revels in someone else's pain and suffering is more dangerous than several people with guns" *Some snapping of fingers can be heard before he continues* "Oh yeah he asked about it being duck or rabbit season, and I was told by this man by his note to send his love to a Mr. 'Wulf' from Bogdans Mouth I do believe. If anyone hearing this knows who I am, do not mention my name!" *Your radio then goes silent with a click*
  2. Gotta say, we ended up getting WAY too many ties........
  3. Sadly we did not log in 10-15 minutes later, we were informed whilst having been online for a good hour before running up. Taking a good 10-15 minutes.
  4. As it currently stands, those owning bases are at a huge disadvantage. People can just walk up to your gates, saw the locks and walk in or they can just boost over the walls and walk around. As it stands I would also state that rule 3.7 is constantly being broken when people perform such actions. When people are breaking into a base they force an action, which is then an initiation. Also rule 4.10 This rule already allows traps to kill people breaking into the base, but the players are not allowed to defend it. So what I would suggest is to define the rules what the base defenders can do and if sawing code locks or jumping the walls is a hostile action, as currently it's a huge grey area with a rule constantly being broken.
  5. From having seen the vid the kill on Krank was valid, and the whole situation was more or less a clusterfuck making lots of stuff happen in a too short time. /close please.
  6. If we are to go by that rule, then you guys jumping our fence is a hostile action, so I then by the definition should've just opened fire when I saw the first one jump over. But as it's not properly defined in the rules we cannot just gun you down, the same as with Knark's wrong wording. It was most likely known to you that there were people in the base, as you returned with the same guy who originally ran into our base whilst we were at home.
  7. We've tested our base for jump spots and the like and everything that does not have a chance of killing the player is walled of currently. As for the "initiation" Krank did, it was not a valid initiation, so it would not give you defender rights. He did not make his intention to rob you clear, which is what the rules state. He did tell you to "drop your weapons", but with it not being followed up with "And put your hands in the air" it's not a valid initiation by the written rules afaik.
  8. Server and location: S1 Devil's Castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02:40-03:00 Your in game name: John Westby Names of allies involved: Krank Enheim Name of suspect/s: Unknown 3-5 people Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Coming later Detailed description of the events: After having managed to get loads of planks a bit earlier we returned to base to complete the rest of our walls with full wooden walls and not just framework, whilst I'm attempting to put up two new log poles a random player looks right towards me and opens the gate to then just walk into our base. I stop what I'm doing and I run up to him with my weapon after having asked if it was any of us, his reaction was saying: "Oh fuck bruh" "oi how the fuck you doing bruh?" With 3 of us there we ask what his intentions were as it was clear the base had people around, his reply was: "I'm sorry, I'm gonna be completely honest with bruh I didn't know there was people here, I thought this was some abandoned shit yeh, so I walked in." I then asked why he would just randomly go walking into a base with walls fully build up around it his response was: "Yeah I just saw the walls you know was not completely built, so I was like oh wtf is this? and I walked in." All the walls around the outside of our base were all completed, showing easily that the base is lived in. After having talked to the person in question we asked him to leave and gave him some food for the road. He left whilst speaking to what apparently was his mates. Being on alert we had people on defense and some scanning the woods for them, a few minutes pass and the same person in question returns with his friends jumping over the wall, only possible way to do that is to glitch into the wall and slide up to jump the fence. I keep tabs on the jumping the fence, my ally krank approaches them and asks them why they're here just as I talk to the same guy as from before. I tell the man to not come up to where I was as I noticed him wearing the same clothes, this guy said the same thing as he originally did the first time in our base, all was good so far. Krank then used what you could call "wrong" words asking them to "drop their guns", whilst instead meaning to ask them to lower their guns as they apparently had them raised at him. Krank is promptly shot and killed and I attempt to take out the guy that I made contact with, and I end up shot and killed. *I will edit the OP if more info comes up*
  9. I think from all I've seen and heard from other in the group there has never been any form of ghosting, but people jumping the wall with either cutting down trees(AOGM?) or head boosting. Apologize for the time spent on this to the staff and players called in. /close please? ^^
  10. Server and location: S1 (rather not say location) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): My character's logout and @iswearimjapanese's login/logout time. Your in game name: John Westby Names of allies involved: Winslow Smulders Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Having had some issues with randomly missing supplies from our storage building in the base for a little while I suspect possible ghosting of our bases' location. It's got a natural wall around the compound and every possible entrance has been walled of and closed. None of the walls have been broken down, no locks have been removed previously to today. The only lock missing was to our storage building which is already secured by another locked gate as the only entrance. New locks have also apparently been added to our base with the wrong codes.*Edit* New locks could be other group members not knowing the code* What I want from this report are the position logs for both me, my teammate and other possible players to have been inside our compound within the time frame that the logs will show.
  11. With the limitations that the standard base building gives you some bases will not make much sense either. I tried building at a small compound already surrounded by some metal fences, so of course the plan was to add walls and doors where missing, but instead of being able to place them in a straight line they had to be at an angle which technically would allow people to squeeze through.... Things like boxes can easily stop you from building a wall, even if the wall would not be touching the box. It would honestly be much better to have the mod back and put rules in place so people do not block military sites, medical sites etc. And if B.A is to ever return then I'd say to have the build action at 1 minute maximum too.
  12. Looks awesome, good to see your group is fully activated now! ^^ Looking forward to the next place you guys are gonna set up at. Had some good RP with you guys today too early on. Tried asking IC for an easy way to contact you guys but seemed like most people had a little "nap" at that moment so I decided to leave at that time.
  13. Felt the pain of gathering supplies for bases, went through cherno yesterday for a few hours and found 1 box of nails which we used up immediately....... Hopefully our Devs can do something about this, either making Sledgehammers have less durability when destroying structures, kinda like how the axes are now. (4-5 trees I think and it's broke.)
  14. Ah, not seen anything akin to stone walls as of yet you see, but we can always hope that our Devs can do something about how fast you can destroy walls etc. ? Who knows, depending on what difficulties there are in making custom weapons we could always try to make specific weapons to destroy walls. Could always make it so that specific items are required to destroy bases, which honestly would be a good idea.
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