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  1. Ok, gotcha. So you can only import models into Arma 2 then I guess, but not extract. I guess the only thing we could do then is to maybe re-make the M1 Garand model?
  2. Extract the model into a .3ds format and change it in 3ds max? Even if a model is binary, you should be able to extract it into a format which allows other programs to read and modify it. //Unless I am completely mistaken.
  3. Easiest fix would be to edit the model. If it is possible, I could perhaps give it a shot just to move the scope a tad bit to the left, as for what I have seen, is that the M1 Garand's scope is actually quite far to the left, so that the ejecting clip will not be blocked. And that scope is also WAY to far into the middle from the looks of it. (Sorry if I kinda revived an unneeded thread. >.>)
  4. unforgiven389

    ARCHIVE Dawnguard [Dawnguard]

    I would like my fellow mates to know the fact that I will be unable to play DayZRP for possibly quite some time due to my OS somehow fucked itself over. I have not met you all, and possibly never will (Due to timezones). But I will try to be back in at least a week at max. 'Til then, good luck. ;D
  5. unforgiven389

    Survive The Nights

    From what I've read and seen, this seems like a great game. Though I have not read how long they have been working on it, I'd say that from the looks of the small amount of information I've got, the alpha could be released quite a lot earlier. But depending on their team size, what they want it to be like is most likely really important to them, it can extend the time or subtract from the release date for alpha. Though in a games development, alpha is a working build, unstable(possibly) and with loads of bugs and unfinished ideas. Making a game is not easy, but I hope they do the 80-20 workflow, and not the opposite. (small note: did anyone here back the game?)
  6. unforgiven389

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for still being a Donor!
  7. unforgiven389


    Well........ my problem is that I used 5 different websites for all my anime cravings. ._. 3 of those websites are loooooooooooooooooooooong gone. T_T The ones I use now are: Animeseason.com and Animeram.com (Although, it looks like something has happened to Animeram. ._.)
  8. unforgiven389


    Well, to possibly get his thread back on topic, and remove the bloody hentai lovers we have here. I've watched: Dragon ball (z) (GT, I hate GT....) (All the movies) Black lagoon Black lagoon: The Second Barrage Bleach Naruto One-Piece Ichigo 100% SAO S1.S2 and started with S3. :3 (Depending on how you see it,Season 1 is SAO and AOL, with Season 2 being GGO) Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Karin The Chibi Vampire Shuffle! Little Busters Golden Boy! (Unfortunately, I have watched so many anime's..... I've forgotten the names of 90%...... I used my bookmarks to remember a few, but if I were to add more, I'd have to say approx 50-70 more anime's. )
  9. unforgiven389

    Hero VS Bandit

    I am guessing this is about DayZRP no? If so, then the personalities my characters have are always somewhat similar to my own, crazy, completely F.U.B.A.R or just.... broken. But I've never liked to go out robbing people, for me it just seems boring, bandits IMHO is just a way to play for easy gear, playing as a "hero" or "neutral" is more my style. If I get robbed, that's ok, I can find a new gun and perhaps meet other people. If this is about everything DayZ related, it depends on the situation. ^^
  10. Mh, for me I have to guess how my heart can have irregular pumps, about 1-3 times a week. I can just be relaxing, or making food, and it will go completely nuts. (Basically what happens, is that it can change from 80 to 130 to 90, or something like that, hard to explain ._.) Another thing might also be how I can have a sharp and immense pain in my chest after waking up or going to sleep, lasting from 1 to 15 seconds. (Left side, and as if someone is cutting into my flesh, is a good way to describe that one) eh, I have more but I suck at explaining, so I think only those two are enough.
  11. From the looks of it, I find that the barrel of the KS-23 to be too long, in comparison to the rest of the body. Not a weapons expert, but it just feels wrong... ._. It could also just be the way you rendered the shotgun, making the barrel seem longer than it is, but from what I see, it looks too long. >.> Anyways, it's awesome to see other people able to make good looking models. :3 Only thing I am wondering is: Poly and Tri count of the weapons you are making. ;D I'd also like to see a wireframe render, if that is possible? >.> <3 (BTW, just in case you do not know the shortcut, it's 7 to get the Poly and Tri count up, 3DS Max ofcourse. <3)
  12. 1. Markiplier 2. GassyMexican 3. Mr. Sark 4. RHINOCRUNCH 5. FRANKIEonPCin1080p //edit: WHelp, I just read the OP for a second time, and saw it was meant for Top 5. But it just saddens that I had to choose from all my fav YTers. T_T
  13. From experience and usage of Ccleaner (ALso known as Crap CLeaner), does not remove drivers, but instead it cleans up useless extensions or files that stay on the drive when something is un-installed or re-installed. I remember having this problem before, but the way I fixed it is not really a fix, just changing the launch parameters for the game. When I am on my Desktop I can at least copy the launch parameters I have for my game, and then we can see if that helps. (EDIT: These are what I launch my game with: -nosplash -noPause -cpuCount=6 (However, change your cpuCount to how many cores your CPU has!)) If that does not work at all, I'd completely remove everything that has to do with the GPU's drivers (If that seems to be the problem) and then install the latest driver. And if that once again does not help, try changing your graphics IG, most people will have stutters or freezes is the Vram is set to "high" in the settings, and mistakenly forces the game to run on 1024 MB of Vram (Or easily said, 1GB Vram). Instead you should then be running the game on "Default" setting on the GPU's Vram usage. (That basically tells the game to use all the Vram it needs). If nothing here helps at all, then I am out of ideas.
  14. Urm, he's got some really weird problem. Basically, when you launch Arma 2 OA from Steam...it launches Arma 2. I have no idea why that happened but it did. His Arma 2 is loaded with the launcher, Steam and I'm assuming Commander as well. I don't even know. When it comes to the steam version of Arma2 and OA, you will sometimes have to merge the two for it to work. Bit hard to explain, but you could try right clicking on Arma2 operation arrowhead and see if it gives you an option to launch Arma2 with OA. If nothing works at all, go with team viewer. From that people can troubleshoot your installation of arma2 and OA. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx