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  1. IsaiahCortez


    Should I just shelve Arnôst or not. Hard questions are hard.

    1. Razareth


      Follow your heart my dude.

      Sometimes you need to take a step back.

      Besides it can't hurt trying something different and if you miss Mr Arno he'll always be waiting.

    2. Malet


      Why shelf If there is an active story going on? o.O

    3. Imation11


      Only you can decided but I agree with @Malet. You have a huge storyline now. Arnost friends or family have turned on him because of his actions, he might have 1 or 2 people who will stand beside him. So now you have two paths in front of you. On one hand he could try and fix what has happened and he learns from it...or he goes down the path of evil and plot revenge on the people who have turned there back on him after all he has done for them....

    4. Malet


      ... or RP goes another completely unpredictable way 😄 Give it a chance I would say - the best storylines were never straight paths!

    5. IsaiahCortez


      What if I'm irl so stressed and burnt out that I really haven't had fun in past 2 weeks? Is that a reason enough. That the small good moments are not enough to overcome the big bad moments. That I generally just postpone longer and longer to hop in game, to rp with my friends, when I feel it really doesn't go anywhere. I don't know.

    6. Imation11


      Then you need a break then me babber. If he gets like that then best take a week or 2 off 

    7. andysuter


      not rp'd with you yet but i agree with imation11. If its getting stressful, either take a break or shelve the character. One thing  ive learnt though, even in my short time, you always end up coming back to that character.

    8. ScarlettLR


      unfortunately no one can make this decision for you, you can shelve the character and take a break  and come back with another character or you stay on this character but take a break, its up to you, right now it is a big storyline like the others have said you can make a come back and try and sort it out or seek vengeance on those who have completely turned there backs on you, if it is starting to effect you irl it might be best to take a break as I know if ig is stressing you out it starts to no longer be fun and that's why we are all here to have fun,  the only one who can choose the path you want, is you?

    9. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      actions have consequences. shrug.

    10. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      'Shurg' comes to mind

    11. Revie


      In no situation am I a fan of shelving characters to be honest, especially not, when they are involved in a story. And your character is pretty much involved in a huge story actually, with all the things that happened. I can imagine, that it might not be what you wanted to happen, yet this is RP. Things happen and go the completely other way you plan, making roam for other chances to appear and so on. So don't just throw everything away, that would be really sad.

      But that is just my opinion. If you really are stressed out and don't have fun with it right now, I would rather recommend you to just make a general break of RP, instead of changing characters.

      But yeah... your decision in the end, no one can make it for you.

    12. Brayces


      I'm always against archiving a character because RP is no longer going the way you want, specially if you're involved in active storylines. It kills the progression for other people and yeah, you may not enjoy where your character or storyline is going but it's not fair to the others you've pulled into to suddenly up and leave. You should consider that not everything is going to be happy and cool and fun or even what you want to have happen when you're in RP. 

      You have to take the loses and move forward. When Ellie was kidnapped and joined Vlad, I took the loses of Mary, Dr. River, Jaro, Nikolai, Dr. Dimitri, etc and didn't shelf because I knew they had a on going storyline with me. Sure, I was sad to be removed from the people I had spent months RP'ing with but I still wasn't about to up and swap to a new character just because of my own feelings. (also the people I was involved with related to Vlad are cool people so the RP there was a welcomed break from the type of RP I had been experiencing.) 

      I took a moment and considered "how can this impact my character" then chatted with people OOC to make sure not only their feelings and frustrations were heard but so were mine and we moved forward. 

      Being the victim of people who decide to cut a storyline off (suddenly based on how they, and they alone feel) directly led me into a place of anger. It felt cheap, it felt slimey, skeevy, childish and worst of all it felt as if I wasn't given the same respect and courtesy that I had given them. When I had gone through lengths to ensure a storyline progresses EVEN at my own detriment only to be awarded with what was pretty much a slap to the RP face I was left bitter and frustrated. Don't be a person who leaves other to feel this way.

      Like people have said, take a break as a whole from RP for a bit. Spend some time to reflect on how your character is feeling. Write some journals, make a playlist of related songs, pick new stuff to add to your CP... Things that will make the current events feel more organic and less frustrating because you can't be where you used to be. 

      Your character has undergone a hardship, take a moment to consider "how will this affect him? How will he change because of this? What will his next actions be?" etc. 

      Or better yet, if you feel as if there is no more progression to be had then plan a fitting end to your character. Perma them and move onto a new character so the others in your storylines can have closure and recover themselves. 

    13. andysuter


      Reading all this, im actually jealous that none of my characters have had any storylines at all. Its just been roaming from one minor encounter to the next ☹. I did want the muslims to chop my head off but that never happened lol


    14. Fae


      Cutting off big storylines because its not going your way is a bit childish tbh 🤷‍♀️

      I've had it done to me and its annoying as hell. 

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