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  1. I haven't played here in a while, But I still think I can dip in on the conversation. I still have to bring up hostile groups like Dead Batterires and Vultures. DB was a small ragtag group that didn't go around in 15+ sized group kicking down doors and blasting guns at every person. They didn't need to. They weren't like the normal type of "You insulted me a little, now you all put your hands up and die" people. They were frightening. They were scary. They had motivations of building TRUST with the people who got "fucked" by their hostile RP. Because there was a way out, and the things they as
  2. Some people bleed their hearts and souls into their characters, and when they die it can be actually a hard moment for the player. If you have played your character well people will notice him/her being gone. IT will cause ripple effect. Things will happen because of the character dying. But sometimes killing off a character is not dropping a rock into a pond and look at the ripples go around the place. No, it's just dropping a stone on ice, looking it bounce once and just... stay there. Nothing happens. Saying that people don't contribute to RP with not pk'ing is wrong and totally narrow min
  3. Praise be the holy Monolit---- wait what? Looking good
  4. Never had any characters called cortez. But other factor at the time is our lord and saviour cyberpunk 2077 and christmas time. Lots of busy busy people.
  5. People getting bored of the old game. No wonder really. New games, new things, and happenings in real life. Some just had enough and moved to other games. Or servers. At current time there is abundance of DayZRP servers to choose from. I could ask the same. 2016, we had 5 servers on full pop almost all the time. Though, not anymore. Life goes on.
  6. Jesus fucking christ. What is this? Bear trap time of the year?!


  7. For every tense situation which needed clearing he always had another opinion, a calm and peaceful way out. He was born and raised in the northern parts of Finland in city called Rovaniemi. From the days he turned five his father would take him with him to fishing and hunting in the Lapland's wilderness. He grew up learning the skills and knowledge about what berries to eat, how to catch fish and how to lay still and wait for prey to come close. When he was about 16-years old he was out hunting and lying on a small hill looking down to swamp as a bear walked in the open. The young man gazed at
  8. What the fuck is going on here again?


    1. ChewyLR


      Nothing, shoo.

    2. Wulf


      Yeah, nothing really.

    3. IsaiahCortez


      You people sure? It sure doesn't look like nothing

    4. Wulf


      Remember playing Blackjack with the Flannigans on WWRP?

      Well Imagine leaving the table out of frustration after losing a couple early hands.

      Thats about as hot as the drama is here right now.

    5. Elmo


      Snakes and people who don't know shit about shit.

      Usual DayZRP tea.

  9. 1. 101 2. Chapter 2 3. Dead Batteries 4. Wolf pack 5. GMC
  10. Drybags can't store guns, so why should the case be so with other backpacks either?
  11. We also have to take into account that 1.08 is behind the corner. Things will change in the mods and things will be broken for a while. So keep things as they are for now, and see after the patch dropping how terrible things are then.
  12. One normal day in rp. That is all I ask. One normal day without big events or lore factions making it special. Let me sit around my campfire and play guitar and do jokes with my friends.

    *Cries in campfire rp*

    1. Majoo



  13. Aslak Morottaja POV: I logged in today to find equipment and supplies for the severograd summer camp where I am staying with my family and friends. I come up to the summer camp and notice that my friends have done quite lot of building. The thing though what i notice is, that front door is missing and all supplies that I thought would be inside. This happened around 09:03 server time as I commented it on the discord. After that I went on my way to gather new supplies to fortify cabin for me and my wifey. End of POV
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