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  1. The fern tents actually could retain some components of the storage. As, this would mostly be thought as solo survivor "base" object. You can change the inventory not to accept any guns, and if you are concerned about gunstacking, remove the backpack slot from it. single rifle on the tent wont change the world. Ammo boxes are rare as fuck, and wooden boxes have already been disabled on the gun storing part. As I personally would use this as nomadic character who is not having bigass base.
  2. I am that guy who wears military clothing (ofcourse more neutral colors) in daily life, because fuck. Some of em are so comfy. And lots of pockets. No need for backpack or jacket!
  3. It looks like that Invasion happened in 2009 and now the nationalists are in position of chedaki. THIS looks dope as fuck.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/14015-isaiahcortez/warnings/4313/ Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got annoyed of fellow community members comments and behavior at the time, and decided to respond as snarky and unthoughtful comment at the time. In no way I should have done so. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban from discord removed, so I can stay on chart with new updates on the server and on moment announcements that don't get posted on forums. What could you have done better?: I could have just let the comment slide from the other community member, and let the staff handle the situation as they did at the time.
  5. EDIT: Never mind EDIT2: ok, nope. cant come afterall
  6. Hello, our glorious leader @Roland! Windstride has added more variants of the gloves into the mod, and I was wondering if these variants could be added under the fingerless gloves! Your people thank you!
  7. Ok, now there is a guitar. I can play just because of the guitar. And so @AndreyQ can oneshot me with it like in the good old days. 


  8. 5. Playing on other rp servers, playing different games, petting cats, waiting for new lore for new characters. Preferably something that doesn't involve gear rp on form of taking everyone's automatics because reasons. (ps been running with bolt action the entire time i've been back without a base, so. :3 ) But no, honestly been just not interested at the rp on the server at time being. Mostly because MY Characters have not been feeling like interesting things to play for me. And lore wipe behind the corner, well... I have no reason to slap together a well thought out character with backstory. Hence, waiting for the lore wipe and to see what interesting things me and my friends come up with.
  9. I want lore to be finished. I want it to be making sense. I dont want it to be a god damn pile of goo, because some people cant find anything else to do with their lives for two weeks. Keep up the good work @Stagsview @Brayces @Franny. Give us epic lore to progress our stories and characters with. It's ready, when it's ready. Don't be EA.
  10. Team Name: Role Reversal Player 1: @IsaiahCortez Player 2: @Maleficara
  11. Well, if you don't have ages to stockpile or look for food, but other people with work and other more pressing real life matters do have time to rp and get food, it's a you problem. This request to reduce food consumption and sicknesses seem to be only certain part of playerbases wishes. But hey! Lorewipe soon, and possible changes to values. Time will tell!
  12. Ok, hear me out. Imagine playing a game with survival aspect, and not VR chat. Imagine that you need to scavenge/rob/kill for your food. Hey, Imagine if we had a role play environment to do this things in?! Hot damn. Imagine valuing your characters life on by keeping him/her healthy, well fed, warm, hydrated and not shot every 5 minutes because someone has a nicer gun than you. Dying because of hunger? Eat some food, and stockpile it. Don't focus on guns and ammo, but food and water. Or if stockpiling stuff isn't for you, make a deal with some people who hunt for you. BAM! Food has been now made one part of your and your groups rp. ps. Shove the meat into your pockets god damn it and stay warm.
  13. Hot damn. This sounds lot better than original.


  14. Been metaed many times. Seen my friends getting metaed and echolated in streams. People appearing next to camps 1 day later, like magic. Stopped streaming. Only thing I could do. Some others left the community because they wanted to stream, but couldnt stream because it took all the fun off as suddenly group X just comes around waving their dicks around. Can't help it. People who are sore losers will keep on metagaming because they can't take losing on rp server. Such is life.
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