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  1. Drybags can't store guns, so why should the case be so with other backpacks either?
  2. We also have to take into account that 1.08 is behind the corner. Things will change in the mods and things will be broken for a while. So keep things as they are for now, and see after the patch dropping how terrible things are then.
  3. One normal day in rp. That is all I ask. One normal day without big events or lore factions making it special. Let me sit around my campfire and play guitar and do jokes with my friends.

    *Cries in campfire rp*

    1. Majoo



  4. Aslak Morottaja POV: I logged in today to find equipment and supplies for the severograd summer camp where I am staying with my family and friends. I come up to the summer camp and notice that my friends have done quite lot of building. The thing though what i notice is, that front door is missing and all supplies that I thought would be inside. This happened around 09:03 server time as I commented it on the discord. After that I went on my way to gather new supplies to fortify cabin for me and my wifey. End of POV
  5. I have been enjoying the lore immensely. And the lore and experience is never just handed out to anyone. You have to work for it, and do things yourself. I have met and interacted with all lore factions to certain extent. And I have gotten superb rp out of it. I have taken my core group of people and incorporated them into the lore. We are not main characters. The lore factions are not main characters. The lore factions are there to be interacted WITH. Not just being the "oh, hoh. These guys are privileged with lore." No, the lore masters cant drag everyone into the fold, but it requires effort on the matter from every player themselves.
  6. I'd rather wait for few days and see what happens. As if you nuke the server straight away and add the mod, we are back at square one with the crashes.
  7. Praise be that hacksaws wont work no more. And you must break the door
  8. It's Summer time. Nights are supposed to be a lot more bright. During winter/fall nights are dark as fuck
  9. The guns "lost" from MSF-C were basically just reskins to guns. No civvie guns were lost, so not really caring.
  10. I really hope Anarchy doesn't come back as it is... Overly used group concept and really boring idea in itself. Maybe after a year.
  11. Why am I on the trailer. Oh shit. Looking good though!
  12. Thanks for the good RP on the first day! You did good. Except that one guy who starved to death in Vybor. Shame on him.
  13. Aslak was born in Lappeenranta, in 1980’s to a mixed family of Sámi and Savonian parents. Soon after he was born, his family moved back up north as his mother deemed it being better for Aslak to be raised far from the buzzing life of the border town. He spent his youth hiking, going to school and learning about his mother’s culture and ways. When he turned 15, he moved away from the home, to start practical nurses tuition in Jyväskylä. It was first time he would be living away from his parents, but he noticed that it was quite easy. Few years later he completed the tuition and worked for a while in elderly veterans home, helping them and hearing of the past and sparking an interest in him for his conscription. When he turned 19-years old, his conscription started at Pori Brigade, in FRDF’s (Finnish Rapid Deployment Forces) Supply Battalion. During his conscription he got selected into medical NCO training, and got more extensive training on battlefield wounds and their treatment, including the leading of frontline field hospital defensive crew. After his conscription ended, he got chance to go abroad on mission to Lebanon, as part of UNIFIL force. He enjoyed the job and helping the locals with their injuries and this kind of life suited him. In the upcoming years he took part of UNIFIL five more times and did two tours in Liberia, part of UNMIL. In 2015 he decided he had seen enough of the world’s conflicts and decided that it was time to help around his own home country, and “retired” as staff sergeant. Soon after this, he applied to technical university to get a qualification to be a paramedic. When he was having a holiday in year 1999 December he met his future wife Astrid in a Y2K party in Helsinki. It was love at first sight, and year later, after 6 months deployment there was a summer wedding. 9 months later his daughter, Emma was born. His life revolved around the peacekeeping abroad and family life back at home. In 2018, when the first sightings of the Frenzy flu was seen in Turkey, Finland prepared quickly for the spread of the flu and instigated travel bans and extra measures to prevent it from spreading wide within the country. This was quite successful as people who got it were counted in hundreds, not thousands. During the one two year’s quarantine the whole family decided to go for a trip once the travel bans and quarantines lifted. In start of February 2020 family took a flight to Chernarus, region in Russia after Astrid had found a flyer telling about the country and peaking an interest in her. After few weeks of spending their Holiday there, it became time to head to the airport and back to Finland. But the 3rd wave had already started, blocking them from leaving and stranding them in foreign country where things were not well. This is their story.
  14. The fern tents actually could retain some components of the storage. As, this would mostly be thought as solo survivor "base" object. You can change the inventory not to accept any guns, and if you are concerned about gunstacking, remove the backpack slot from it. single rifle on the tent wont change the world. Ammo boxes are rare as fuck, and wooden boxes have already been disabled on the gun storing part. As I personally would use this as nomadic character who is not having bigass base.
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