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  1. That's like the bloody point of having Bolt actions and pump actions in game. Remove that, and it's the same if all guns would be semi auto...
  2. Guitar is good. Just dont put it in Axe model. Following clip proves why:
  3. Raiding should not be a 5 mins job. It should take careful planning, gathering supplies and more planning. Stacking gates after one other is possible by game mechanics. I see no problems with that. Technically you can stack gates irl. So why not in game? Saying it's not ok or part of rp, so is not rp:ing wounds after getting shots. But hey, what can I say?
  4. *He smirks and presses the ptt* "Come now Wulf... I am a busy man. Got lots and lots of things to do. These link towers are not getting themselves operational by themselves you know? Gotta keep on connections to home, you know." *He sets the radio down*
  5. *He presses the ptt and laughs* "Think about it! How many reporters have had this first hand experience on trying it out! Imagine what kind of articles you could write out and what kind of prices you could win. Though... It's your choice, you know. See you around, Flamingo." *He sets the radio down.*
  6. *He squints at his radio and chuckles.* "Darling... Or flamingo. What ever. You can't describe them, it's best... to Feel them. Just for you, a try out pill. What do you say?" *He sets his radio down and looks at the radio relay buzzing wildly*
  7. image.png.3fe9d3a1b9f7236b71bb9be5df7390b7.png

    Surprise. But a pleasant one still. Intresting.

    1. Crim


      Any idea why?

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      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Not a damn clue

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      Congrats regardless 💪

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      wait how and why

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      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      I got no clue reddy. I got no clue

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      I'm confused how did you get MVP


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      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Because I have no clue either

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      Game activity is what I've heard

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      Top 3 most played on the server 2019

  8. Keep them both open, because variety is good. Enhance the lore on Livonia, even better! And if it feels you cant find people, well... Keep on looking. It's part of RP. No one has to cater to your need to rp, as it requires effort from both sides. Go to hotspots or get lucky on the road. And if you cant go to hot spots without getting told to put haaands up, well. Those are the outcomes of your rp. Happy new year folks
  9. Oh hello Darlings. 

    1. Masonn


      Uh oh what does this mean 🤔

  10. Hence it's my own opinion regarding the matter. I've seen so little improvement on talking out the reports that I've stopped doing it. It requires a special case and situation that I would see any kind of benefit of it.
  11. If you feel that report needs to be filed, that rule has been broken, File a report. If the report is made in intent of making or causing harm/ban on false basis, it is a false report. If it's just misinterpretation of the rules, Staff will fix this view, and no bans will be handed out. But indeed, if rules have been broken by the accused it means that report was filed on good basis. I know cases where reports are filed out of pure spite, and "counter reports" filed so that report might be talked out instead of run its course. But, I personally these days, have very little interest on talking reports out. White listing is too lax, and old players seem to bend and stretch the rules that exist to the extremes, seeing where it finally gets them hit. And then, that becomes the new bare minimum of RP. I follow reports, I mainly use forums to follow only reports. To see what is going on, and what people do and think they are doing right or wrong. These reports give me insight on the rules, and what can be seen as good, and what bad. So, there are no unnecessary reports. Ever. Unless it is deemed as false by staff.
  12. Aki was born into the ever growing city of Helsinki in 1976. His mother worked as a clerk in a hotel, and his father as active duty officer in Santahamina's garrison. Through his youth he got good education and training before his conscription time came when he hit the age of 18. He applied for the Keuruu's engineer battalion and got in. Over there he was selected into CBRN unit to be trained as combat engineer. During his service he managed to get selected into officer's training because of his steadfast nature, calmness and fitness. After the one year and half service was over, he was asked if he would want to stay in the service, training future combat engineers for CBRN troops. He agreed. Years later, he was sitting in hi
  13. naaniii!!!! Here we go again. The blue berries are back
  14. It feels as it should be 3 years into local apocalypse. Ammo is rare and hard to come by. You all have already shot most of it.
  15. You take 10 pieces of sheet metal and combine with pliers, as result, you will get little metallic box baby named locker.
  16. Lockers my people. Lockers. You can craft em. Store guns in em. They look dope as heck. Find em, craft em, put em in a stew!
  17. Hello, the all knowing gracious beings known as staff. I have small question, well actually quite big question regarding thing that usually doesn't cross many peoples minds. Character page pictures. Of your character. I have recently made a new character, and now I am being contacted that my character image, in fact cant be drawn. This baffles me. The image in use looks like an older man, completely realistic without any scifi or fantasy elements. But then I get told that no, you may not use it. Intrigued by this I dive into the rules section and find nothing of the matter. Only mention I find about character page pictures requirements is as follows: "Characters Before you can play you will need to create a character page for the character that you wish to play. Your character page must always include a sensible and realistic name, at least one picture of your character and at least 500 characters long backstory about your character." In the sentence above "At least one picture" is what strikes my eye. It just says a picture. I clearly can see if someone slaps a Wall-E or some crazy anime character onto there that it makes no sense, but well drawn portrait of a person is a nono? If this is so, why is there no set examples what it requires to be? As a support member contacted me about "invalidity" of my character page explaining that it needs to be picture of real person or *Sound of drums* Picture from IN GAME, in DayZ makes no sense for me at all. The vast variety of DayZ models really doesn't do justice to people who want their characters be little more fleshed out than what you can find with rigorous searching from the endless imagebanks of the internet. And why cannot the drawn picture be the 2nd or 3rd picture inside the character profile, but must be deleted nevertheless, even though only people who see it are ones viewing the page? My character page as refrence: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-18393/ So question is. Why are not well drawn, realistic looking pictures allowed, but in game DayZ pictures are and why is this not precisely mentioned within the character page rules/guide. I can clearly see how immensive amount of time it still takes from good support members of the staff, just to skim through the character pages for "invalid" character page pictures. I would like this to be responded by people above support, thank you very much. ASK: @Saunders, Thank you for the swift answer. I still would like to say, that I was asked to remove the picture even as it wasn't the 1st showing picture and as 2nd on my profile.
  18. Sakke was born in Jyväskylä, into an educated family of Librarians. Both his father and mother were highly educated and sought after their sons training and schooling. He went through college and university at his time, and soon was conscripted into mandatory service in the struggling defense forces. At age of 19, as his service was over he thought on his choices. His parents pursued him to follow their foot steps and seek intellectual work, but he felt more at home doing things with his hands and body. Even when he decided against his parents to seek work at the constructions and wood clearings, his parents supported him. For a longer while, he was the hired-man for companies working. But soon, he decided to start his own woodcutting company, "SAK-LOG." He asked his old military friend to join him on his business venture and the company soon thrived. After two decades of working, Sakke felt that there were more in the woods than met the eye, the tranquility of the woods and nature drew him in. He soon started to retrain himself on becoming a forest ranger in Finland, taking care of wildlife, untouched forests and protected areas. He still held his position in his company, even though he did the opposite that it did. He was called a hypocrite for this, but he just laughed it off. He did more good than bad, knowing both sides. In 2016, Sakke and Pasi started planning a hunting trip abroad. To Chernarus. Finnish traveling agency had started to arrange trips to the recovering country as there were plenty of wildlife and it's own kind of nature. In March 2017 Pasi and Sakke boarded an commercial airlines which took them to Chernarussia. At the airport they were guided to the traveling agency's local HQ where they received their papers and equipment which they had mailed there earlier. Few days later a helicopter took the two friends and a guide to a field in middle of the forest. The helicopter was supposed to pick them up in July. After great many experiences in the foreign country their trip was closing to an end. They had a cabin deep in the forest without any radios or electricity. Their guide had the only radio to contact the helicopter and it was kept off to conserve battery for informing the pickup or cases of emergency. They hiked back to the pickup location, pitched down a tent and waited for the helicopter to arrive. The guide tried contacting the company many times, but with no avail. After few days they started walking down to the nearest city to find out what is going on. On the outskirts they saw the burning city and heard the gunshots and screams carried by the wind. The guide wished the best of luck to the two friends and left in look for his own family and friends. This disgruntled Sakke. He wanted home. He wanted back to the place he belonged into. From this, he started having arguments with Pasi. About what should they do and where should they go. They were not Finnish, out there. They were people who they didn't know. So why should they care. Pasi wanted to help people. Sakke wanted to head home. After longer while, they split up, Sakke heading up north to Russia. He traveled long, met lots of people who were either suspicious or straightforwardly hostile to the Finnish old man. But he just didn't seem to get any closer to Finland. Soon after, regret returned. That he had abandoned his good friend. But he kept on going forward, until eventually he just realized, that he was back where he had started. Southern zagoria. What a shame.
  19. Tomorrow is Lord of the rings day. I got good nice 12 hours to watch em all. Uncut. 

  20. Sláva. Good luck ridding the country of foreginers.
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