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  1. Isaiah Rinkasonn

    Isaiah Rinkasonn

    Stream is a starto 


    1. Camo


      @Isaiah CortezPVE Just want to say, props to you for shooting the captors. I find it petty of them filing a NVFL report. They screwed up, and they're taking it out on you OOC on the forums. All of this is considering the fact that none of them had their weapon trained on you. The odds were in your favor to quick-draw them. Even if there was more of them outside, you could of pulled it off. Perhaps even had the other individuals in the room to fight for their lives with any others who dare entered the building, evening the odds evermore in your favor.

    2. Camo


      Frankly, I am amazed the only guy who shot you was still standing... He has no ballistic protection. You riddled his upper-torso area, with many bullets. Which even I myself seeing that many blood splatters would of suspected he was dead before he hit the ground; which I think you subconsciously switched to the next target thinking exactly that.

    3. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      @CamoRP Thanks. But what I did was stupid and will result in my character being pk'd because I am a stupid jackass. I guess it's time to keep a break from the community.

    4. Camo


      I disagree. You had a fair chance. If your character gets pk'd; I would say it's equally valid to say the two men you killed should be pk'd too for not valuing their lives by assessing you as a threat.

      The hostile party failed to:

      • Frisk you, in order to confiscate your weapons.
      • Stay alert of your actions. (Such as keeping their weapon trained on you.)

      Frankly it seems to me the leader knew what he was doing, but his men didn't comply to his orders. They just pretty much had you stand in the corner a few moments after entering the room. Instead of frisking you as they were ordered to do so.

    5. Camo


      I also think you shouldn't take a break, whether you have to create a new character or not. It's a great community to play in. We all feel like shit after dying, it's just a phase.

      I will say, that I am attached to my Trent Jaegar character, and I know what it's like to lose a character you like. If it were to come to that. I know to this to day, that I regret killing off Axel Vansteuden.

      That all being said; don't be so hard on yourself! 🙂 

      Think positive thoughts! Not all NVFL verdicts will result in a character being PK'd. If so, you can always appeal it.

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