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Isaiah CortezPVE


"Old man never changes"

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  1. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    The moment when you just fucking want to stop having camps because people do stuff that doesnt make fucking sense.

    1. FalkRP


      Yeah I know what you mean, I was there with @NozzyRP and we saw a man eating worms 

    2. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      Yeah. But this goes over everything that fucking goes on. It's annoying. Seriously. People have means of doing stuff other ways, trying to get better and provide stellar RP, but what happens? Shit hits the fan, and nothing really happens except the same old same old with on repeat. I'm tired of it @Falk. So god damn tired.

    3. MiaPVE


      Did camp get attacked again?  Or is it the usual shenanigans?

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