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  1. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Chapter 2 Media Thread

    Arnôst's terrible pictures Listening the German play Daughter and the medic Headless smoking chef
  2. Isaiah CortezPVE


    Guns! Guns! Guns! You get a gun! You get a gun AND you get a gun! Somewhat I am still baffled about the discussion always going to guns. Someone has too many, some have too few. Usually it's that the campfire role players have too many of them, and hostile pvp:ers too little. And it's always about Automatic guns. No one ever bitches that they cant find a role play Mosin or Shotgun. "All the AK's and M4's are gone!!!!" And usually it's either a hostile group or a new player saying this. I truly hope that one day the discussion on the forums goes that "It's so god damn difficult to find ammo and food and medicine. Not forgetting the guns." But once again this is a video game. And we are here to have fun. To some, it's fun to have loads of internal and external rp, go looting, trading, fighting and just "living" in the world we have here. And to some it's go shoot up a camp, take some fingers, ask for perms to PK and pew. And for 3rd the peeps that just go into bush, set up a tent and gather gear gear gear. But every time someone raids a base it's either 3 things they take. Storage, Guns or nails. Not specifically in that order. And 75% of the time it's offline raiding, because heck, why interact with people. Sometimes I wish someone would nick the god damn ibuprofein, charcoal tablets and 50 steaks we have for our group. But naah. Guns, storage and nails. Because the world of DayZRP is FULL of everything else. I spawn in, walk into city and am pretty much geared. Tadah. Except the dank roleplay FAL or M4. You can see where I am getting at here, on this response to this thread about Creates, turned into talk about guns and hoarding of guns. This is too easy for big groups to amass equipment, just because there is so much of it. I remember someone saying that 556 will be made more rare. Well, it is still most common ammo type after .45 acp. Or food? Easy. I spend 10 minutes in smallest town and leave with least 3 cans of food. Wildlife is easy to find, medical supplies are plenty. Only thing that is rare or uncommon are GUNS. And Guns are not really a requirement for RP, only pvp. End of story.
  3. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Dark moments

    He didn't... that fucker missed.
  4. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Cycle of Survival

  5. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    The effect could be the same, if it could be made so that water and food meters go down faster. When you take damn amphetamine, your body goes into overdrive, and starts burning energy really fast. So, food and hunger meters should go down faster. It could be a good downside to this, if it could be made to work?
  6. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Should I dober den, or dober dont?

    1. Phoenix


      you mean dobre

    2. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      That's the thing

    3. Ducky


      always dobre do

  7. Isaiah CortezPVE

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Will we slava Chernarus the foreginers now???
  8. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    Dobre den! Stay safe, and hope to meet you lot.
  9. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Impulses of the Adolescent (Collin Rose)

    @Deagle We are doing what?!?! Also, good read
  10. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Gabreta Fenix

    Had a damn nice meeting with you all last night, and I hope we keep on meeting! Good luck!
  11. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Short stream today 


  12. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Slava Chernarus! You left too quick!
  13. Isaiah CortezPVE

    "John Trying to contact Liah's Father on open channel"

    *The father is sitting next to his daughter, holding her hand. He picks up the radio and presses the ptt.* "Ahoj, This is her father... She is... not doing well right now. And I am waiting for my doctor friend to come here and have a look at her... I'll... I'll tell you later, ano?" *He sets the radio down.*
  14. Isaiah CortezPVE

    The Visit

    Slava Chernarus!
  15. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE


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