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  1. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Time to stream! Many hours, yes yes! 


  2. Isaiah CortezPVE

    The Truth Will Be Found

    *Denis looks at the shattered bottle on the table, moving the pieces one by one with his finger, on top of each other. He thinks. Piece by piece. He presses the ptt.* "T-the truth can be shattered with few words. T-the pieces can be glued together slowly and p-painfully. But you w-will never get the truth you want. I t-tried. But you didn't listen." *Few droplets of blood stain the clear glass, from cuts on his hands and fingers. He looks at them with interest.* "My m-memories are like mozaika... Shattered and wrong. But at the same time... beautiful. I r-remember now more than when I crawled away from you in fear. F-fear of you knowing me. When I d-didn't know you. B-but I remember. A lot more. Who I were. What I did. Who m-many others are, and what they did. And w-what happened to me." *He squeezes his hand together, lifting his arm up, blood slowly flowing down his wrist onto his arm.* "We all are l-living on spare time. G-g-granted by others. Maybe I am the devil? W-would be fitting for a man like me. Wouldn't it?" *He looks at the tower of bloody glass in front of him.* "I didn't get hit to my head by anyone. I fell. While talking to Shock. While looking for someone I care for. Frantically." *He sets the radio onto table, standing up and leaning onto it. After few moments of silence he swings his arm to the glass, making it fly all across the room, onto the floor.*
  3. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE



  4. Isaiah CortezPVE

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Nooo mooree basseeesss.
  5. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    fuck it. Let's burn this hard drive out real good 


  6. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    I have big hopes for this group.
  7. Isaiah CortezPVE

    S1 Cherno 0 UTC; BadRP, Troll RP, KOS, NVFL

    POV of the night: Me and the WP are hanging out at our compound in Chernogorsk, talking with peeps outside. Some time members, some mercs. Some 3rd party people too. While we hang out, @JamesRP @RavenousRP and 1 or 2 of their friends loiter around the gates with mercs and people are just generally chatting about things. I am standing on platform in guard, as I see Zac running through the doors, just going in not stopping when asked. People inside confront the man, and I move back to the gate. Through the next hour, the merry gang of misfits cause little trouble, not following our requests, trying to find entry and annoy the people inside. Then, someone initiates, and firefight ensues. It goes on for an about hour before we decide to hike off from the area. I ask perms from Zac and log off when we are at Elektrozadovsk. end of pov
  8. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Stream ended, no continue, keeping a break! idk how long. Maybe long.

  9. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Time to stream some more. 


  10. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Caleb destroyer of forrests

    God damn it caleb
  11. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Letse goo! 


  12. Isaiah CortezPVE

    S1: AOGM in Cherno - 6/16/2019 02:00

    Server and location: S1, Chernogorsk, Wolf pack camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-06-16 22:00 Your in game name: Denis Sokolov Names of allies involved: @Ram Name of suspect/s: @Ryan Shepherd Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Timestamps: 00:01:05 getting into compound, confronted by @Ram (ally) and @Ryan Shepherd and rest of people raiding. 00:38:34 returned to the compound, finding out the dug out portion, restricting any way of access into the building or out of it. 00:46:53 getting stuck momentarily Detailed description of the events: Had managed to yeet my ass from the rooftop, just before @Ryan Shepherd came knocking on the door. Within camp, we had been preparing for invasion by unknown faction for a while, but death of mine, made 3rd party allies and friends evacuate through back door. During this time I spent with NLR rule, the raiders had gone through the base. As Ryan states within his pow, he had tried digging out the posts and/or building a platform to get inside. Got stuck on the mud plats a couple of times, one time almost deciding to ask GM help to get out, before managed to crawl my way out. In role play sense it makes no sense, being able to dig indoors multiple garden plots to get inside. end of pov
  13. Isaiah CortezPVE

    S1: AOGM in Cherno - 6/16/2019 02:00

    Will post more information and pov of the situation when I wake up. Got server time, vods and screens of situation.
  14. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    I just realized I am on groups lore. Oh. My. God.
  15. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Time to streaaaammm 


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