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  1. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Grachi is staring at ceiling, radio buzzing next to him. He just smiles to himself as he picks the Radio up.* "This is... Ridiculous. Think about it. How a one place, that reminds of the past, with rules and morals gets this much attention from everyone? Eden, a place where all started, full of snakes. Though no one got the apple. Just a bullet, after bullet after bullet. Couple knife stabbings too... And snapped fingers?" *He just sighs to the radio, rubbing his leg that got shot earlier that day.* "You know. Burn the place down. Do me a favor, and make it go away in flames. It's easier to let go of the past, and build anew from the ashes. I got already a fucking country full of people after me... And only reason I get that... I exist. By me just existing it seems I am able to unite people against a common goal? An old man, who wants people to be happy and have place to rest... But, hey. I'm from wrong country and making friends with everyone, it makes me a big target. So, yeah. What if... You all just forget about me? You all got more enemies you can look for, just like me. But I'm just a single man, when your enemies are counted in dozens. And they can shoot a lot better than I can. But hey, Carry on. I wont judge. *He takes a swig from the canteen.* "All will burn, Everything will be destroyed, Everyone will be forgotten. So, live for yourself, and people around you." *He sets the radio down.*
  2. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    Time to save the world, one child at a time!


  3. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Black Roses Media Thread

    Will Bobbys face ever recover?
  4. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    WELP! Got rid of the camp finally! Enjoy the hubless world!

    1. Lyca


      Much safer without a camp anyway 😛 

    2. Saunders



    3. Ender


      Camps only lead sheep to slaughter. It sucks, People put so much effort into base building, including modding items in for base building, but every time someone tries it gets fucking obliterated within a week or two. Whats funny is the people that destroy and ruin literally everything that is even attempted on the server are the main ones usually bitching that the game is stale with nothing to do. Maybe if we actually had the time to make a difference before getting fucked into archival or leaving the community, things would change. But that would actually require people to care about the community. Most don't anymore. If you do you're in the minority.

    4. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      I will hit a new camp up some time after the wipe *wink* @Ender

    5. Ender


      Good luck dude. I'm hoping for the best. 

  5. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    New NAME! BOIIII!!!

  6. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *A radio is pushed to Grachi's beaten up face.* "I Grachi, Leader of camp eden, Denounce myself as leader of the Camp Eden. It has fallen, and I give it's ownership to Viridian.* *The radio is taken from his face and smashed* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Few minutes later, Grachi is walking, dripping wet, rifle on his back, new radio in hand, grim smile on his face. He presses the ptt* "Yeah... Fucking camp Eden has fallen. It's free for the taking. Enjoy, as far as you can. Who ever wants it. Or takes it. Everyone who wants to contact me and have my frequency, please do. We can talk. There is always someone wanting to talk. Always." *He puts the radio into his pocket and wipes the blood from his chest*
  7. Isaiah CortezPVE

    To the people of South Zagoria (Open Frequency)

    *Grachi is sitting ontop of a ridge, looking into his camp, leaning his chin to his fist, listening to the few radios he has next to him. He hears the James's message before picking up the radio and pressing the ptt.* "Hello there, Mister Carter. This is Grachi speaking, Leader of Camp Eden. This suggestion of yours sounds wonderful. It sounds too good to be true, but... I have met people. I have protected, taken care, nurtured back to health and... well... seen them die. I have talked with countless of groups, negotiated them with my friends and family, and what do we always get in the end. Gun pointed to our faces, by the people we thought our allies. Because of reasons we couldn't affect. Some call Eden a Chedaki camp. Some call it as the House's camp. Some call it the Batteries place... Because everyone comes there, to make their claims and demands. And we, weak and alone do what we must to survive. And it's not enough anymore... *He sighs deeply as he rubs the cast splinted finger in his thoughts before continuing.* "We wish to offer a moments respite from the horrors of the world, some food, some company for people. Some spare supplies that we might have. But there are people, that would rather see us gone... And it just looks more close every day, that it might happen. But sure, Mister Carter. I am up for this meeting. Why? Because I still have a small ember of hope left. Ember that might light a fire that purifies this land and perhaps gives everyone the new chance... So... We will see. Shall we?" *He sets the radio down, next to others, before picking up another one and with sigh, starting to talk in it.*
  8. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Isaiah CortezPVE

    The moment when you just fucking want to stop having camps because people do stuff that doesnt make fucking sense.

    1. Falk


      Yeah I know what you mean, I was there with @NozzyRP and we saw a man eating worms 

    2. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      Yeah. But this goes over everything that fucking goes on. It's annoying. Seriously. People have means of doing stuff other ways, trying to get better and provide stellar RP, but what happens? Shit hits the fan, and nothing really happens except the same old same old with on repeat. I'm tired of it @Falk. So god damn tired.

    3. MiaPVE


      Did camp get attacked again?  Or is it the usual shenanigans?

  9. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Looking for Community

    *Grachi is sitting in a forest, holding a cold water bottle on his forehead and listening onto the radio. He sighs deeply and picks it up onto his hand and presses the ptt* "Hey there, miss. My names Grachi, and I'm the leader of camp Eden. It's... It's not a bastion against the horrors of the world, or the most shiniest beacon of hope for man kind, but it's a place to definitely rest your legs, have a chat and meet people. It wont be the most safest place, nor the calmest. But most people there are good people. Usually. But you are welcome to visit or stay. I really don't pick the people who come in. So, see you here." *He sets the radio down and gets up from the ground, heading back to his camp*
  10. Isaiah CortezPVE

    S1: Camp Eden - Killed while complying and no RP

    Server and location: S1 camp eden Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-20, 20:13 Your in game name: Denis Sokolov Names of allies involved: A lot Name of suspect/s: unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were standing inside the camp, when we suddenly get text and voice initiated. Moments later, a man with one hand up gets shot. Moments later, we start getting conflicting orders from the hostage takers. After this, we just start getting shot one by one. end of pov
  11. Isaiah CortezPVE

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    God damn it. Now I'm gonna have everyone after my ass
  12. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Roof Creatures in Chernarus

  13. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Roof Creatures in Chernarus

    We are not village people. We are roof people
  14. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Old mans diary (rambles of an old man)

    *Old man is sitting in small cabin, in Tisy's summer camp. He is sitting next to a man that had been drugged with some kind of drug earlier. He glances through a gap at door at 30.03.2019 - Camp Pisces This has been a wild day. I met truly interesting people today. Some people pushing drugs, a young child and a man that unfortunately got given the drug. And some good people too. Doctor Hope's people. I met Fred on the road after getting toughed up by these drug dealers. And we went into a house to spend the night in, cooking and talking. And next thing when I step outside, I see a girl, Elly sitting there. For a while, I was so confuse what I should do. Or say. I hadn't given a second thought that there might still be children around. And the young one was quite lively. Though, she had been afraid to come and knock on the door. We decided to walk her to Heaven if there would be someone to look after her, or knew her. Unfortunately, we met these drug dealers. Buzzo and his people. They took Elly away and gave a pill to Fred, before disappearing as soon as they had arrived. And from there, started this small adventure through Chernarus, from south to north. We talked quite a bit. I like the girl. She feels... like there is a tiny spot of sun left in this world. *He sets the pen down and looks at sleeping Fred next to him, and then back to the other cabin, before starting to sleep.
  15. Isaiah CortezPVE

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Remember people of Viridian. If you don't take care of shock, I will take care of you all. With love, Grachi. ps. Good luck
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