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Isaiah Cortez


"Old man never changes"

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  1. Isaiah Cortez

    Isaiah Cortez

    So tired. Argh... someone. Bless me with slep. 

    1. ToeZiesOG


      I had 10 hours last night and I've woken up feeling like I've never slept in my life. 

    2. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      I slept 4 hours. 

      Also, I'm stressed as fuck. And needing like, lots of hugs. Maybe I should try drinking?

    3. ToeZiesOG


      Drinking is always very good for the stress. If in need of hugs, find a woman to drink with!

    4. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      I have never drank in my life, and I possess social skills of a potato


    5. Mia


      *Rose picks up her magical wand and lightly taps the old man on his shoulder and says* 

      "Lay your head down and go to sleep.  Sleep, sweet man, sleep."

      *The shocked old man opens his eyes, stares at Rose, and in a Russian accent shouts*

      "Dammit Rose, why you hit me on shoulder with stick?  I was just about to fall asleep!"

      *Rose looks at the old man, shrugs her shoulders and says*

      "Not falling for the old fairy godmother trick, I see."

      *Laughing quietly, Rose turns and walks out the door*

    6. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      @Mia Maybe you should... Stick around 👺

    7. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez


      Essentials found

    8. Mia


      Damn, old man, that is a lot of vodka!  

    9. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      I know right! It became dark, So I couldnt search for more. 

    10. Mia


      The dark, sometimes a blessing in disguise. 

      (Kaz thought he had a handle on your drinking problem.  Boy, was he mistaken.  Don't worry, I won't tell.)

    11. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      Well... Grachi hasn't seen anyone in few days. He feels alone.

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