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  1. To the nato, if you're still around [Open. Freq.]

    *Isaac listens to the radio broadcast and shakes his head. He takes the radio from the pouch from his vest, frowning a little as the barely healed wound gives it's protest* "So, after Frank "All over the wall" Dominicks stuff? Hate to break it to you. I have no god damn clue where his stuff is. And better so, I guess. The man didn't want to spill the beans about his... Employer so now he's dead. All we wanted to know where the girl is, and to be let free. But no. The man had to play his fun games with us. And one hundred thousand dollars? What you going to do with them? Light the fire in the oven? Good luck with that." "Helvetin idiootti... Hauki, meillä on hommia." *He depresses the ptt and gently pushes himself off the ground and starts heading towards the road*
  2. Doormats [Open Frequency]

    *Isaac sits inside his sleeping bag, cursing the aching shoulder. He listens to the broadcast and struggling stands up and looks to the court yard to see his friends, komrades. He wiggles the radio out of the sleeping bag infront of his mouth and presses the ptt* "We are awfully busy folk it seems. Being at many places at many times. And men in black using an M4 holding a town up? Impressive. It seems that either we raided some gothic clothing selling store or you are mistaken. *Chukles* Because there is only one man in Black with us, and well. He seems to be damn tough son of a bitch to be able to do that on his own." *He sits carefully back down onto the concrete* "And well. Peace is always an open option. But what is use of a soldier during the times of peace I ask? As much as dead man needs his breakfast." *He opens the bags zipper a little and takes out morphine injector and sticks it onto his arm, and starts to sleep again.*
  3. Raspad Vosstaniye

    From NATO with love.
  4. I'll promise you, I'll Finish you some day. And was having loads of fun.
  5. Great time at the event, though Extracting my ass off from the scene was the best decision I made. But two seconds too late, as some cunt ( <3) named @Galaxy I think came screaming to put hands up or die? I even gave you the ammo at AF after smokey situation. And then my friend died to a heart attack. And shit. Then some one shoots me! In the shoulder, it's damn fun and challenging to rp out a wounded man in the middle of the night though! Had fun, would get initiated again. Though getting shot is never my plan...
  6. Pasi Blomqvist

    Pasi Plomqvist is a old man. Kind man of sorts that don't usually come around.
  7. I also remember that time when it was tested out and proven that it had nothing to do with the server side lag, and was only problem to the wooden PC's that some people had. But let's not delve into that any longer. Half of the people on both sides are banned and gone, and no need to stir the pot anymore. But at the moment there is this little rule that was put in after the lorewipe which I have not seen being used quite a lot. Even though it adds to the role play and as an example has been used by NATO alot. Atleast when I have been rolling with the group. 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable.
  8. I'm too lazy to read anything else besides the 1st post. But. I am campfire RP:er to heart. I roamed around the chernarus in the previous lore as the Old man "Pasi" part of the 101. Things I learned about PVP'ers then was that they seem to be immortal, rinse and repeat type of bad guys, whom just came back 2 hours later, trying to wrestle what you own. I'm not claiming that campfire RP'ers were any better then. But atleast we weren't the ones bringing up the mundane "super soldiering" regarding why we werent rp:ing out our wounds. And when the same accusation was flailed towards the PVP'ers they just said that they were "grey matter, soldiers that were not important" or something like that... What I know of this so called "RPVP" is that there is RP before the PVP and RP after the PVP. There is no RP during the PVP. Not ONCE I have heard the attackers or defenders "RP" during a firefight, besides yelling "PUT YOUR HANDS UP CYKA" Or "FUCK OFF YE ROSSIAN PIECE OF SHITE". No outcry of sorrow and hatred seeing a friend die next to you, no cries of the wounded, tossing away their guns and crying for mercy and help of a mother. RPvp and HOSTILE RP are two different things. There is no RP in rising your weapon and pulling the trigger. Ever. The RP ends at the point the gun is rised in the game and pointed at someone who will either run or rise his own gun. I'm fine with the RPvP'ers. It just bothers me alot why the hell they do it multiple times a day. Sometimes it feels that they do not have any other things to do (treating wounds, celebrating another great heist of supplies atc) besides going somewhere yelling+text initiating "Put your hands up or you die." And then they wonder that some guy who is walking from 250 meters comes to the scene get's shot and then reports the initiators because of not knowing what is actually going on. I don't know. This just my opinion, which will most likely be ignored by many. But Hey. I still remember this attitude. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. In Viridian (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck! We are all going to need it.
  10. Real life picture Thread

    Operators gonna operate
  11. Brotherhood Of Thieves [The Depot]

    But...But... My precious campfire! So warm. So... so... Cuddly!
  12. Brotherhood Of Thieves [The Depot]

    @Buddy Did my dear fisher turn into a thief? How grave times these are... good luck.
  13. How many times have you been a hostage?

    I remember before the lore wipe that if you had a god damn Plate carrier or smerch vest, and you were walking alone in a bad neighborhood well... Time to be a god damn hostage. Oh, and been taken as hostage maybe 6 or 7 times? Usually I survive. And most of the time people feel(felt) bad for taking the old man hostage...
  14. @derNils I'm already yelling three words. "Target rich environment!" Hope to see ya all out there.
  15. Changing forum theme?

    Thanks for the quick answer Red. Question has been answered.