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  1. Well. So many people still live after getting shot and yadda yadda. But you really cant force people to kill their characters they have invested their time in. Like, if dying or scarring/wounding someones character would mean that Chernarus would be full of handless, legless and most importantly, DEAD people. These threads seem to pop up from time to time. And they never lead to anything but salt with extra salt. Been there, done that, seen it. EDIT: Also. The examples I see there are pretty... stale. Because I do know that there are pretty many bandit rp players out there who just walk it off, after getting shot. They just come back next day like nothing happened. That applies to many of the "campfire" rp'ers too. Somehow I feel that this thread just popped up because of one particular radio chatter thread out there...
  2. *Old man lays on his bed, wheezing, grasping for air as he hears the radio bursting alive after days of being silent. He listens to it quietly trying to calm his breathing before starting to cough so he misses half of what is said. As he regains his composure he climbs off the bed and takes the radio to his hand and presses the ptt* "Ahh... Sort of missed this noise on the radio. About how people come, fuck shit up and leave. And afterwards they preach on their greatness on the radio. Nonsense I say. If you go there, kick their asses out of there and then leave and they just lick their wounds and set it up again, you are not going to win! And if you are so high and mighty about defeating them, why not take Stary Yar! And hold it? Oh I know why... Because you are not capable of doing so." *Old man chuckles for a bit before starting to cough again. After a few moments it settles down and he continues* "It might be true that Akrasia, poney boys or what ever groups there were to oppose 101 are no more, but some of the sly bastards still live. Because they were so weak that they abandoned their friends and this... "justified" cause they were having against the 101. I say to both sides. You are not going to win this war in the radio. You will win it out there, man against a man. And Hamish, my dear friend. If you hear this. Let them take what is not worth it, make them dance like we did before. Let them think they won. Only to be scattered in the winds again. Like the ones before..." *He depresses the ptt and takes a bottle of pills from the table, opens it and drops a few on his hand and tosses them inside his system* "Painukoot vittuhun koko vhammane sakki. Hävivät taas kumminkhi..."
  3. @Jordan White Yesterday at Tisy. Worst and funniest idea at the same time. Even though it could have ended badly. Till we meet again?
  4. Great time eavesdropping @Sarilla, his man and Boris. Also that one guy who walked past me and just weeped all the time. I hope to see you again, at some point. Also. The M4 was gone by the time I got there. Damn shame.
  5. I'm not sure how, but I do know that within A3, my gaming community uses a custom repo for all of the modifications we use on our server. It installs all the mods into right folder and does install the addons into TS automatically. Don't ask me how it does it, but it is possible.
  6. *Old man arrives to the doorstep of his "house" and opens the door. All the tables are covered in dust and the painting he had hauled in had gained mold from water dripping from the roof. He shakes his head as the radio spurts the last message* "Alliance is sure dead. But some of the people who were in it are not. Don't shun the man for asking, even before you know what he has to ask for. Only thing I know, is that the alliance died because of the indecisiveness of some groups and the ego of not sitting down and talking about the things. But it's in the past, and no need for opening the old wounds I say..." *He depresses the ptt and sits down on one of the chairs looking around his house and wondering are his friends still alive, somewhere*
  7. *Rasping steps can be heard from the road as an old man walks on it slowly. He minds his own business in the silence he has accustomed this past month. Suddenly his radio bursts into life, startling him for a moment. After the message ends he presses the ptt to answer* "Go ahead. I'm listening. Unless it is something you want to talk with the scottish guy, Hm?" *He depresses the PTT and tucks the radio into his worn vests pouch and walks downwards the vary same road he has so many times, filled with wrecks of cars and apc's.*
  8. 101

    Jesus plank... Get something else to do? If you don't want to be here just, delete the quick select to DayZRP and find something else to do... Don't bother us with your memes. It's not our fault that your buddies have left, is it?
  9. I really love how spineless the people were who took the "easy" way out. If you get fed up with something, you try to change it. If it doesn't work you take a god damn break, and look at what you tried and think, "Why didn't it work this time?" Then you try again and not going out there, posting shit on the forums, or ruining the RP of so many others. The rules are there because of a reason, and the rule enforcers are there because people don't follow the rules. If people would follow the rules, and THINK before they act or do anything things would not be like they are now. It is RIGHT to open your mouth if you think that some things need fixing, and it is RIGHT to give suggestions and flesh them out that they could actually work. But it is piss poor WRONG to piss into other peoples cereal. If you don't like someone, you still have to realize that in this tiny world, you will always meet people you don't like. Or things you don't like. But guess what some times in this life you just have to get along with the things you don't like. Be it people or rules. If most of the new people can follow the rules, why can't old? This is the question. Did they feel such superiority that even the rules would not affect them?
  10. Well, time has come to actually accept the fact that, DayZRP in it's all glory can't keep me entertained. I've had loads of fun, met lots and lots of really nice people, gained friends, made enemies and had really tough discussions about how things should be and should not be done. I will miss some people (like I mostly did, besides one man, three times with an svd to the back), but hey! Let's keep in touch. I will return at some point, when I need more RP. Most likely when Desolation starts running. Old man out!
  11. And do you imply that this kind of behavior is carried out by every single settlement owning faction and it's every member at every time? Why is there not more reports out there about this matter, if the case is this?
  12. The reason why 101 and "the Alliance" Pushed in so hardly about the need of this kind of rule was because if we get attacked about 2-3 times in a row, by the same people we just killed and the quality of the rp was the following: "Put your hands up or die" written up and sent out with a press of a macro, how is that good rp? And still, If some one waltzed in your home, shat on your table and then demands you to feed him, do you give him what he wants? Or what he deserves? As there has been stated multiple times, if there is a Rule and a chance to use it should you? No, not always. ATM there are so many other things to look at and polish than the settlement rules. Settlement rules work as intended atm. I have not heard about a major shit storm of groups/bunch of groups just sweeping in against a camp/settlement over and over again during a small period of time, like before the rule was put in. And the comment "but you take away a lot of potential roleplay from hostile/bandit RPers" Is kind of... stale. About five times out of about 20 to 30 times, hostile RP players have came to the camp/settlement with different kind of approach than the basic "Put your hands up or die" Approach. Honestly. The other times it usually ends up either a firefight that either side looses, or the initiated side surrenders, is stripped of equipment and maybe transferred somewhere for same old "Torture, threatening, execution as revenge" stuff. I remember the times (2) when I have been taken hostage, and they have been quite entertaining. But as I hear the stories of people who have been hostage more than that and sometimes by same groups they say that the pattern does not change. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes it makes me wonder, that do the bad guys ever just go to a place and, you know? Chill? Sit around the campfire and try not to induct fear with the same methods? Maybe for a change visit a place with intent of chit chatting and not paddling? Most likely will get a major shitstorm with this kind of message but let's try the luck again.
  13. Thanks. And I feel that this kind of ads have increased lately. That they are not shown but BAM! right to your face.
  14. Also. Either I'm really bad reader or I just cant find the premium panel to turn off the ads? Until these ads are removed I'm damn surely going to keep ads off.
  15. I just noticed that when I open DayZRP site and try to go to Forums tab. I click it and it opens some Ad page. Sometimes it opens it when I'm in the forums opening a thread. Pretty damn annoying i could say?