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  1. Isaiah Cortez

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    I enjoyed the event, even though I never got to see the traders. But, it was fun seeing people almost behaving, having small scale conflict and a nice chat with people. Also enjoyed playing the guitar for the folks, and people sang along! Though, then there were the mood killers... Oh well. Things happen, and you can only go forward with this scale of events! Keep up the good work! Though, I agree. Teleporting people wont work. It's better that people drag in in small dribbles, rather than teleported to place. It feels little out of character to suddenly appear to place.
  2. Isaiah Cortez

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Have some fresh beanz for the way. It will be rough
  3. Isaiah Cortez

    Cortez's Video thread

    Oh, of course, mentioning some of the bastards... @Drake and @sh4wzy Here it started. Now we have to see how it continues, right?
  4. Isaiah Cortez

    Cortez's Video thread

    Well, It's time to post again, because I was a lazy ass and didn't post before. So here we goo!
  5. Isaiah Cortez

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    So, I am not allowed to give out suggestions to the community on the said topic. Even if this would be thought out, it will take weeks, if not months to be even nearly close to testing. And saying that you are not afraid of anything in this game, quite proves the point. But true. It's a game, and it's meant to be fun. The community is still allowed to ponder things like this, and what could work and what not. Attitude like that wont change things in any direction. And screw stopping hostile RP. It's important. But hostile RP without any other consequence than regear is pointless.
  6. Isaiah Cortez

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    I'm reading out on these comments, and it shows that people do not want to be afraid of the infected nor the firefights. No reason to sneak around in cities, not to keep distance from infected, and if things go to shit, role play, call on the radio for help. Take onto your friends. Even enemies to help you. Rather, people get beaten and bruised by zombies or shot by a stray bullet in firefight, and just eat and drink wait for a moment and "I AM FINE!! NOTHING HAPPENED", and continue on their way. I know, people would not like it, that they just cant run from place A to B, not really give a crap about zombies, or the consequences about getting shot in a robbery or a fight between groups. Because hey, life's full of sunshine and flowers and nothing what harms you should be more than just a minor inconvenience. Screw the idea of furthering the RP and game mechanics. Let's just be god damn super humans with regenerative tissue. Think about it. But yeah, it's true. Getting one shotted by a zombie or wolf is total ass thing to happen. But... hey, such is life. As instead of all saying that "nah wont work, bs, No one make any mistakes ever", what if instead give insight to why, how could it be worked instead. This is suggestion thread and not one liner thread. The way it could be done to actually work, is as follows: Health regeneration is slowed down significantly. By doing so, people would think twice how to dive into danger of infected, face other survivors, good and bad. Increase the amount of medical supplies spawning, and giving purpose and increase of amount in medical RP and the actual use of people playing medical personnel. Meaning another thing people would look for. Other than 556. Giving a new way to roleplay to the bad guys. Extorting the medical personnel to help them, making them work for you, gaining supplies from the survivors in exchange of treatment. Making survivors gather medical equipment and trade them out. But hey, I'm a filthy campfire RP'er who enjoys the challenges of life. Not all are like me, and there is as many ways to RP as there are people. That's all I have to say about this.
  7. Isaiah Cortez

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    But this could promote RP by big notch. Calling out doctors and medics, and trusting the good will of strangers. The medic groups would actually matter. If you get bruised and battered by a horde, and are left limping, calling out to people could save you. Or stubbornness kill you. But I agree, there could still be chance to be healed up by waiting, but it should be alot slower.
  8. Isaiah Cortez

    The Haven Media Thread

  9. Isaiah Cortez

    Event Thread

    @Major When's the trading event taking place? I fail to find it from the thread.
  10. Isaiah Cortez

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oh, I know. Being old is one of my greatest feats. And stubborness is secondary. And I guess I have to get that apology some other way. Also @Drake, you need better friends. Also, it was nice meeting @Mademoiselle, even for a briefly time once more. Old man got to old man again. And also Rose, nice to meet Maries old friends. Glad to be your new friend, though I can't find you here
  11. Isaiah Cortez

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oh gods. Eventful few hours. like fuck [email protected] Where is it? Where did you hide the tracker??!! Also, I was seriously of thinking about punching you with a knife. Though it might have ended badly... Gave me and @Scarlett a real scare and adrenaline jump. And people talk. Both ways . Also, really nice to meet some new nice faces, and some old. @PandaTM and @Sythara for keeping the old man from running into dead of night to look for his friend. Also, good luck with your broadcasts mister @dracoman45 and kennword, if I got the name right. And all others who helped and talked with old man. Thanksies for another good night.
  12. Isaiah Cortez


    I could say that old man stands out a little
  13. Isaiah Cortez

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for supporting to Kab Derek (Too many dereks to ping), and really big thanks to @Ram and @Rover for patching the old man and @Scarlett. Changed the old mans opinion of the people of kab.
  14. Isaiah Cortez

    Old Man Frequency (Open freq)

    *The old man sits inside the house, on the gravel floor, covered in the jacket his friend covered him in. The arm aching, covered in moist bandages fiddled with the radio he had found in a house with great effort.* "This is the old man. I'm alive. I did wish that I wouldn't when I fell asleep, the pain... felt too much. But here I am. I realized something, as I have been sitting here. That no, I don't want revenge on these men, that tortured me and my friend. No, it wouldn't change anything. Just more dead people. Not all of them were bad... Just... lost. Lost their own way, following someone's else view of the world, and how it should be. I... I judge the men by the size of their heart, not their strength or way of just... making other do their way with a gun in their hand." *He would cough a little and take a sip from the canteen* "I will still look into everyones eyes, look for the good still left in them. Even if there is a gun at my face. And even if there is no good left on the eyes of the men or women, wanting to harm me, I don't fear death. Not anymore. I've lived a long life. And all of it I have left, I will look in the eyes of men, and reach my hand out to you, to give it a squeeze, and show the way to brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow, where we don't have to think, to fear each and everyone. Even for just a week, month or a year. That there is still someone who will do his everything to lift up the downtrodden. One person can change the world for someone, by giving them hope. " *He would chuckle warmly, before giving a pained grunt* "Life... life isn't always easy. Or fair. But I will keep on moving. And I will keep on supporting my friends and the strangers alike. Because, even during the darkest time of the night, when all you see is darkness around you, Remember, sun will rise. And brush away the coldness of the night. To the new morning, and new day to make your own decisions. Your own future. The future for your friends and family. The stranger on the side of the street and the man behind the mask. You choose. Old man Out. *He would put the radio away, and look as his friend would finally wake up. There was a smile on his face.*
  15. Isaiah Cortez

    • Isaiah Cortez
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    Oh gods... more stalkers. *Worries in finnish*

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