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  1. Feat. The Squad with special mentions to Rooster, who spent most of his time banned rather than playing, @ImNathan for only coming to discord to tell everyone he will be on later and then leave and @ImS8n for involuntarily lending me his smack talk.

    1. Masonn


      Shoutout to @Charlie for being our EU pride in Syndicate. I forgot you were making this.... thanks bro

    2. ImS8n


      ahahahahahaah lol


  2. Hello Roleplayer Roverbeast, to answer your question, my Character is ,new‘ but that doesnt mean he has not excisted beforehand, please refer to my Character Page if you want more information.
  3. Hello Roleplayer RoverBeast, as a reputable member of this community you should know that accusations should always be backed with evidence. Saying that we ,Metad‘ you is therefore very disappointing. You said you were a ,Chernarussian‘ who had to think twice about his last name. Richard Palmer has extensive experience with Chernarussians and was just unsure why any normal Chernarusski would ever leave his glorious country. So just to make sure I asked you for the Capital of Chernarus, you could not tell me. Thirdly, when I addressed you, you answered with ,Da‘ which truly and deerly threw me off. After asking you why you answered in Russian you told me ,Chernarussians’ speak Russian. After hard thoughts and maths I came to the conclusion you are a bad scam, which you then later confirmed. We didnt metagame your character, you just had a shit backstory. And before you lose your shit, I did check your profile afterwards just to make sure I am not an idiot, I was not. I wish you a nice Sunday and hope to not have to read aimless accusations again.
  4. Hello DayZRP Forums and everyone reading this while sitting on the toilet. I had some awesome and inlighting roleplay with the Pizza Boys on a new character of mine, they took me hostage and used me as a gate cutter. Due to my superior intellect I fucked it up, to later be shamed in a circle of shame. Server crashed a bit here and there, some fake Chernarussian woke up and I rustled his jimmys, I then got inside the compound and started looting for that sweet sweet gear we all crave. Not to sure what was going on around the area of the prison as I was a hostage for 90% of the time, later I did help boost some people but it seemed gucci to me. Slava Chernarus
  5. @DownhillPlagueX get back to me on discord about what you would like your graphics to look like, ill make you something decent.
  6. *the radio would fill with voices* Kurwa, imagine being so weak like you are, sometimes I wonder how you survived so long in this hell hole. I hope we never meet again. Slava Chernarus *the radio shuts off*
  7. Charlie


    Hello Roleplayers last night we did a little raid on some roleplayers at a compound. They had 3 gates. The first gate I hacksawed, the second gate I guessed the code, the third gate they took the wire off the wall to make it a fence. Bear in mind we were in an active firefight with said compound. Is that OK to do? If yes, can I just take all the wires off my gates every time I log out to stop people from stealing my sweet hoarded loot? I remember an exemption was made when code locks were broken that we were allowed to make our gates fences and in other situations it was considered AOGM? Dear Administrators, please give answers, we are craving for your wisedom.
  8. Since I don't know how long you've been part of this community, but ever since I can remember the verdicts of other reports are NEVER president for any other report. Every situation is handled seperately and depending on the situation.
  9. Seeing as I will be called in: Gosha Sevcik gets called in by Noah Russo to talk to the Russian we have captured. I give him the whole Chernarussian hates russian ordeal and give him a task to fullfil before the next time we meet or ill send him to execution land. I stop to RP with him as Russo takes him into the barracks and gives him more and more RP concerning his occupation. Later Riley shows up and identifies him as Cartell and for that he gets executed. On the other hand I want to say even when I RPed with you, you were very lippy and talking back. Saying you were „scared of the guns“ is just not correct. One could fully hear in the tone of your voice that you were being sarkastic and bored. Secondly, I RPed with you probably for 15 Minutes before I handed you over to Russi who also Probably took the same amount of time before killing you. Therefore I think you saying „There was more RP to be had“ is also not gonna catch any fruit. We came to the point where you were interrogated long enough and you just said „No“ everytime we asked if you were with Cartell. Slava Chernarus
  10. First Good luck with the group good to see some old faces.
  11. *a gun is cocked in the background, blood is dripping from my mouth and nose, my tears are staining the rag across my eyes, the zipties holding my arms together are bloody from me squirming in them* "DE NAEM, YUOR RAENK, NUMBAH AN' DE DATE OF BIRFF" *for the repeated time I feel the cold barrel of some kind of long gun against my cheek* "EVAN SCOTTSDALE, CIVILIAN, WAR PHOTOGRAPHER, 23 OF OCTOBER 1987" *I scream this at the top of my lungs, for the millionth time. It is day 236 of my being captive, the day I will be rescued. At this point in time I do not know this, I dont even know what day it is, I do not know what time it is. 236 days ago I left with the IEDD squad of the 704th Battalion stationed in eastern Afghanistan, to take pictures on a routine mission to clear a civilian road of potential improvised explosive devices. Routine. My father would say, nothing is ever routine. If something becomes a routine, you have to change it to stop yourself from making mistakes. Today was a routine mission and today we made mistakes* "WHY AR YUO LAIING MISTAH" *the man talking to me has been the same one for a long time, they swapped out regularly before, but I think they are running out of interrogators* "EVAN SCOTTSDALE, CIVIL- *bang, shooting, screams, distortion, someone grabs me and pulls me across the floor. I repeat the 9 words I have repeated for 236 days over and over again, I cant hear myself talk over the ringing in my ears, I just continue to scream those 9 words. For 236 days I believed those 9 words would save my life and halfway through that day, they did* "SIR, SIR, STOP SCREAMING" *somebody is shouting at me in plain english as I feel the sun on my skin* "SIR, YOU ARE SAFE, THIS IS THE US ARMY" *I hear something like a helicopter and sand hitting my face like small needles poking me* "For fucks sake, get him out of the restraints... SIR, MY NAME IS MAJOR MÜLLER, I AM FROM THE BUNDESWEHR, WE HAVE COME TO RESCUE YOU" *suddenly the zip ties behind my back are removed and my hands fall down to my side like a sack of potatoes. The same instant somebody pulls the rag away from my eyes, and I am immediately blinded by the sunlight of the unforgiving country if Afghanistan* _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "My name is Evan Scottsdale, I am a hobby photographer looking to do some hiking in the mountains and visit the country" *I am standing at customs and immigration's of the country of Chernarus at the Novigrad national Airport, while a customs officer is questioning me about my stay. I came here to escape my episodes that remind me of those faithful 236 days, I have stopped the war photography and through my book "Two Three Six" I have earned myself enough money to retreat once a year for 1 month. But at that point, I didn't know that my attempt to escape my own insanity would get me into the insanity of a different kind*
  12. Thank you very much Nozzy, I hope to finally fullfill my dreams and become the american I always hoped to be.
  13. "Geaux Tigers Geaux Tigers" It sounds through the Tigers Stadium through a fateful evening. Richard is standing on the bleachers with his classmates and friends but he is not cheering is favorite team on. On his phone he has an email open from Johnny Edwards campaign team, accepting him as an intern to join his idol to Europe. Johnny Edwards was one of the people Richard looked up to most, he was a man of great principles and words. Before Richards father died of cancer, he would never stop talking of the great J. E.. The man who actually cared for his OWN people and didnt waste tax dollars on some refugees stuck in a jail cell. Richard could never join the KKK Chapter in Louisiana, his mother forbid him after the car bombing attack on one of their "secretive" meetings. But now, since he is able to finally work together with the team of Johnny Edwards, he is confident of a brighter future for his people. For the american people.
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