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  1. Basically what tomu said we focused on a corner to get in but it took three panels for me and Bryce to get in. Tomu Video shows it all.
  2. Yeah i was one of the 3 with @BrycePottre on the initial raid into the base. @Tomu was the first to enter and search around while me and Bryce struggled to get in. Tomu search around and told us what he found and then later opened the back fence into the store room, where he encountered a glitch on unable to re-place the bags back into the storage crates so we moved the smaller items over to the tents. Basically the only things that were left on the floor was the ruined equipment that was used to get in and the glitched bags, which @Tomu should have recording of.
  3. Born in the North eastern side of London living with his farther and mother, who she was a Inspector for the Metropolitan Police. Over the years seeing his mother in service protecting the peace around London she was the Roll model for young Rob and wanted to become a officer just like his mother. Years passed and Rob was nearing the end of secondary school when trad edgy struck of one night of his farther coming back from the store he was mugged and stabbed, multiple times and left for dead on the pavement. By the time the ambulance arrived he already bled out. With the death of his farther was a tragic loss for him, this drove him even more focused to become an officer and fight crime and stop any more incidents happening just like what happened to his farther. Few more years passed, with him succeeding academy and becoming an officer of the law for the Metropolitan Police in London. With this he faced many challenges along the way with rampant knife crimes, bike thefts and drug raids, but no matter how many people he arrested more and more crimes were happening. (WIP) One day with a few work colleagues they decided to book a holiday together on a hiking trip around Europe and Asia. Chernarus was the last stop before a flight to Taiwan. It was the perfect trip for them but unfortunately whilst traveling across Chernarus a deadly outbreak occurred stop all traffic out of the country.
  4. He died for our sins.


  5. S M R T.... I mean S M A R T 

    Everyone fixing there group goals.

    1. Squillium


      Their* dummy

    2. Hebee


      Classic Simpsons



      @Squillium No u dum dum. Now u give me gum gum

  6. Ur queen has arrived. Fo as I noe dae wey.


    1. Chewy


      Do you no de wey?



      Yes i noe de wey


    1. Nihoolious


      the forbidden fruit

  7. @Wungus Bill Thee most valued Community member out here a real OG. 


  8. Who da birthday boi. I am. <3

    1. Aisling



    2. YNW Law

      YNW Law

      happy birthday feller


  9. @WildCurtos o7 Thank you for checking up on me with my crippling depression valued community member.

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