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    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    *sigh* Fiiiiiine...

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    I didn't sign up for this ....
  3. It really do be like that sometimes. Democracy???
  4. Who would you pray for?
  5. Just thought this was photos of people... this is why I never create threads always put them in the wrong area.
  6. Just wanted to post some photos I took today with the Snowy weather in my town and thought id share them here as well. Most images are low quality since i took them by phone (DSLR wasn't charged ;-;) but i still think there gud enough to show. I would say i'd post more stuff here another time but my IG photo thread hasn't been updated in over a year..... Guess i should change that.
  7. Being born into a rough life in Port Harcourt of his farther abandoning him and his mother before birth he had to grow up and work hard to support his mother and himself for water and food. Unfortunately at the age of eight his mother fell incredibly ill and shortly succumbed to her illness. Now Akachukwu the only person left in his family and his farther to never be heard of he had to work hard at everything he does to keep on going. Over the years Akachukwu was getting harder and harder finding honest small jobs he could do with just enough pay to feed himself and eventually took up the mantle of piracy. Around this time a notorious pirate group called Akachi and signed up to join them. Akachukwu found this very profitable with constant successful raid plenty of food and water to have and a place to stay with people who wanted him there. This was now norm for Akachukwu of a life of ransacking ship and slaughtering people. With the constant influence of Mongo and that Akachukwu look at him as a farther figure and followed his every order and his second in command Adonde Akrabutla. One day Mongo took up an order to take over a Yacht full of South Africans. While this remained successful on boarding the vessel the authorities soon showed up and chased after the Akachi Pirates for weeks. Eventually we had landed near Eastern Chernarus and were welcomed by a horde of infected. The crew fought back valiantly, but a majority of the thirty man crew were killed either in the wild crossfire or by the infected themselves.

    Computer giveaway


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    @Wungus Bill REESE'S PUFFS REESE'S PUFFS. EAT 'EM UP. EAT 'EM UP. EAT 'EM UP. @Viking Borderline edge. @WildCurtos o7 Why haven't I killed you yet IRL.... @Squillium Don't ever run groups again, other than that you Gucci. @Monday Love you all and hope we all get to eat a nice bowl of Reese's Puffs™ together while screeching C H I C K E N B L O O D around the campfire.
  10. *teleports behind you* Nothing personal kid.
  11. I just want to creat a small event where its up to people if they want to come down or not. I want to create somwhting out of the norm atm where just going to Kvars market and hearing people constantly moan about the VDV, just want to give somehting a change of pace and make something fun for people to enjoy. And the need for another server for temp events arnt needed unless its a massive event which this is not, just a couple of garages in a random location for people to come down and get a chance to win good loot will having interesting RP. *snif* Sure when I feel I can get the offically going i'll let you know on what we need help with.

    Where's everybody gone?

    Litterally nothing part from the odd loot runs around the place, but i could be wrong.