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  1. TeigenG

    Lying in a report and "positive attitude"

    just to point out this as said in the verdict "The entire group is responsible for this rule break. However, due to the entire group not being responsible for the hostile action (punch that caused the entire firefight to start), the group members will be given a verbal warning" read once again before posting please. as stated we all got a verbal warning, salty? where? please elaborate with me. as this thread were about Is lying in a report okay now if you apologise to the admin team once you get caught? and then get shorter punishment when several cases before got shorter? thats what i know ryan wanted us all to talk about
  2. TeigenG

    Lying in a report and "positive attitude"

    could you make it clear what youre refering to? whole group? there were one it were focused to due to a punch in the face you mean i should get 5 days and banstrike for a punch i didnt do? just because im in black skull?
  3. TeigenG

    Lying in a report and "positive attitude"

    this isnt about trying to get BTR punished for more, idk about you but we are over it, read again and you see its about the fact the punishment has been reduced due to a little apology when several reports where lying and holding back video has been given a longer punishement, here now its been changed due to saying sorry. its clearly seen that in this case it was held back, it was barely 40 seconds video. you could also hear there were going to be said more when it cut of. ryan asked at least 4-5 times about the evidence, not before Lyca asked for it it acually were brought up it was "corrupted" as it truely was NOT he can say sorry as much as he want, apologizing to staff, where is our apology for the OOC hate clearly stated in the video? anyway this is derailing from the topic a punishent is a punishment, you can say sorry as much as you want but a Rulebreak is a Rulebreak, and the full punishment should have been given in my opinion. doesnt matter who the person is
  4. TeigenG

    I'll be back [open frequency]

    *as he eats he hear ryan`s message about leaving, he quickly presses the PTT* "ryan dont you get yourself killed and take care. good luck pal" *he waits a few seconds* "im gonna ask you like as woods, bring me some of that good russian vodka, not that type tasting like piss water but the really good quality ones" *He`d release the PTT*
  5. TeigenG

    The Economic Blockade

    Haha good to know
  6. TeigenG

    The Economic Blockade

    Haha As allways I feel forgotten since I stood most of the time on the inside of the camp. Haha jk good writing
  7. TeigenG

    How many times have you been a hostage?

    probably 6 as i can remember, i rarely get taken 1. i usually lie my ass out of the situation and it has prooven success 5/6 times. good example is when i was taken by the Horsemen and i lied so bad that the one friend i had with me said after ended situation that he couldnt believe all the crap i told and just had to follow my lead. and well we came out of the situation with no harm, and that was great since at that time i was with A World Without Borders and no one found out. still one of the best memories as a hostage. its always fun to lie so much they start believing you and gives you all gear beside of your guns back 2. im a horrible pvper i usually die quiet fast or i tend to stay in a medium to long distance away from the situation going on so it gives me some times the option to leave to fight an other day. the times im directly involved, almost face to face i get killed
  8. TeigenG

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    as ive pointed out to someone supposingly must be your friend bothering me with PMs, all maps you would find in game will never have a marking saying its a camp there and therefore should you find out about the information ICly until asked for im not gonna post anything here
  9. TeigenG

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    yeah we wanted to roleplay it out to know who was there and i strongly want to point out WE DID NOT KNOW YOUR SETTLEMENT RULES iN CHARACTER therefore your statement about that is completely false when yousay its baiting. why do you think thats idiotic is way beyond my understandings. how should we know the rules of your settlement? use metagamed information? violate several rules to find out about you? Ofcourse not!. you went OOC to tell us this was a settlement wich you should have been RPed out instead going //this is a settlement, and so on. so by RPing it to find out information youre telling we were baiting you to attack? false. we knew OOCly the rules forbidd us to attack, even tho if we wanted we couldnt. and yeah we went outside RPed we had an blockade due to the disrespect we got from you and people that even werent a part of your settlement but still enforced the rules uppon us as much as we knew rules OOCly we didnt know them icly its up to you as the settlement owners to state them in character
  10. TeigenG

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    ive not much to add since i didnt not see the kill but heard it happened me and the rest of Black skull went up north to novaya to check out a camp we heard about so we could know IC who they was. we find the camp empty and a door locked. we try to open it and succed. and some of the saviours comes out. after some arguing and lowkey hostile RP we were told to leave after they have told us that we couldnt be there due to us having our guns out. we walk out of whats their settlement borders but we are around in the area to prevent anyone go in there, creating a blockade just to make a point we didnt like the disrespect from them. at this point no one had Kos on us. i went off for dinner and comes back maybe 15mins later. i hear my people are standing around in novaya having the blockade and i join up with it and im taking my position in the treeline against bash. i then hear later about that one of the saviours guys had shot from the inside of their settlement out to us that was standing outside, NOT in their compound not violating any rules. and shot @Solo dead. i also heard that @ThatRyanGuy had punched @lukzo2024 and it all started after that. ive to point out @lukzo2024 aint a part of their settlement and shair these rules. anyway we takes shots from the inside and shoot back. im curently at that moment running around novaya trying to find a good place to shoot from. i find one and takes shots but gets away from it. during this time ryan and bradley is killed. i shoot at one guy and misses. after that i do as the rest of the survivors, moving away from novaya
  11. TeigenG

    To Endevour Western [Open Frequency]

    *Marius picks up his radio and presses the ptt* *Calmly* "If it would make any difference maybe not. But killing someone that did wrong to a friend makes me in a better mood. Especial wrongdoing against the one most innocent of the group. Of course you had to take him after he had left the group finding his own path and without any protection. If you want to take the reall ones maybe you grow a pair and fight us instead. Its gonna be a pleasure taking mister western and his kid. You don't know me but I'm always around, western ain't the hardest man to find *he laughs* get ready" *he continues chuckling for himself as he releases the ptt*
  12. TeigenG

    TextRP ban

    my only answer to that is that i followed up RP provided by those acting hostile against me. being sarcastic to one that initiated on us all that were fighting. beside of that i dont have much more to add than what ive said
  13. TeigenG

    TextRP ban

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/9192bac0c113f64b6c6005a7859f070e Why the verdict is not fair: ive no idea why i was blocked from it so im not sure what i really did wrong since i did not get any warning message about it Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: we were RPing a firefight in the text RP, it might have gone over the top at some points being hostile but i dont see it far to block someone out of it, we acted it the same way as we did IG, and used //for aknowleging if anything happens. as Rolle said "Yes, the text chat is supposed to be mostly campfire RP. " i kinda assumed it was allowed What would you like to achieve with this appeal: being able to use TextRP again What could you have done better?: avoid using hostile RP in textRP
  14. TeigenG

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    hahahaha the best RP in a long time
  15. TeigenG

    Black Skull Media Thread

    managed to get something together from yesterday, execution at 52min RIP
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