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    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    Correct me if im wrong but im pretty positive it says you must be 16+ to apply, maybe things have changed since my departure. (EDIT: Just read the memes(arks) post im stupid) Either way people get through, they get caught or they dont until they are of age. Some of the best RP ive had has been with underage kids I found out were underage later on. Its hit or a miss with how mature they are.
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    1. Ark


      Anything else to do?

    2. Brady




    3. Ark


      I’m biased but I say yes @Aiko

    4. Aiko


      Wow Brady! Now I know you never loved me. 

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    Unnecessary Post

    A team of staff has taken a look through your appeal and came to the following conclusion; In your appeal you state, "There was nothing more the contribute to the thread." You solved this for us. An unnecessary comment is one that adds nothing to the conversation, you saying "ya yee" added quite literally nothing. His problem was fixed, and it should have ended at that. The points will stay, in the future please remember to not comment on a thread unless you have something truly constructive to add. Outcome Appeal Denied Signed by @Brady and @Ark
  4. Brady

    Unnecessary Post

    A team of staff has taken a look through your appeal and come to the following conclusion; Taking a look through the rest of the thread you were pointed for, there are plenty of other posts similar to yours. If we were to have handled this fairly, we would have had to point everyone else in the thread as well. That being said, we are not going to do that. The thread is closed and no harm has been done. For that reason, your points will be revoked. Although we are accepting this, it doesn't mean you did not do an unnecessary post, please remember in the future that if you comment on a thread that it must be constructive to the conversation. Outcome Appeal Accepted - Points Removed Signed by @Brady and @Ark
  5. Brady

    Caution appeal

    A team of staff has taken a look through your appeal and come to the following conclusion; Although we do not see your post as flame bait your post obviously wasn't adding anything to the conversation, you went out of your way to say someone was "sore" about a situation which adds nothing. Its pretty simple, in the future only comment on a thread if you have something constructive to add to a conversation. Outcome Appeal Denied Signed by @Brady and @Ark
  6. Brady

    Old layout on posts or similar

    I miss this layout as well +1
  7. Brady

    S1-Invalid execution of a hostage- 10-18-18 around 21:00

    We have taken a look through this report and have agreed to close the report. First we would like to address a few things. If you are going to search someone for weapons, make sure that you are take action to remove those weapons. You searching for weapons does not necessarily mean you have taken them, be more descriptive in your emotes to avoid this confusion in the future. As for the kill, make sure that if you are going to execute someone that it makes in character sense. That being said, we are glad both party's could speak this situation out. This report will now be closed. /closed Signed by @Brady, @DrMax, and @Harvey
  8. Brady

    S1-Invalid execution of a hostage- 10-18-18 around 21:00

    Your right, but before we decide to close I still have a few questions. @jakem10001 in your POV you state that you just decided to kill Reckless, can I know why? Was it because your friend was shot and killed? Please go into a little bit more detail. Once my question is answered we will look back into what we want to do with the report.
  9. Brady

    The great Youtube Crash

    This is an interesting one. Time to nerd out with my business major shit. I fnd it interesting that now a days, YouTube "stars" have more pull then any celebrity now a day. For example if Wendy's wanted to do an ad, they would pay much more to have Jake Paul or some other youtube star in their ad then someone like brad pitt which is crazy to think about. In all honesty if it were to dissapear a new platform would come out, but even then if youtube were to be dead it would have a huge impact on businesses who are looking to attract millennial's, which for most business's are looking to attract more millenials. Idk, crazy to think about how much the world would change. Also im on adderal so looking back this was alittle too much sorry
  10. Brady

    Real life picture Thread

    Me and the lady
  11. Brady

    One Group

    +1 Best group, tried bringing it back a few times didnt work out though Honestly the Symptom would also be lit, both these groups were at one point ran by me so im bias but its ok
  12. Brady

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    ner! vytis
  13. Brady

    The Saviors [Selective Recruitment]

    If this is anything like the original saviours itll be interesting Good luck!
  14. Brady

    Meeting People IRL from DayZRP

    Im bored and I saw a thread about kinda this, thought some interesting storys would come up. So basically this is a thread from storys about meeting up with people you met on DayZRP! My story is when I met @William. I went to visit my friend at school a month or two ago and I decided to meet up with Will because they go to the same school. I meet up with Will outside my friends apartment building, we smoke some cigs together and talk about shit. Then I sneak him into my friends room, take in mind Will is already fucking obliterated at this point. We play a game of beer pong, will runs to the sink saying he needs some water and honestly looks like hes about the throw up everywhere. My friend says he needs to go, so I escort Will out and thats it! If you have some stories put them in here I think it would be interesting!
  15. Brady

    Real life picture Thread

    Hello Fams This is what your boys been up to since my departure from staff Yes I still have not been sober for more then 10 hours since being back to college
  16. Brady

    RP Hub Tab

    I dont like it. RP needs to flow naturally, not dictated by an admin who has set a certain location where people should RP. These locations should be player decided, decided in game by the players who are determining the flow of RP. ALL of the great RP hub spots in the past, Kabanino, Stary, Severo, all created by groups. I think a better approach would be for groups to naturally create these hubs. Instead of you choosing the hub, you let it be naturally created and mark it on the map when it is created. This way, new players will be able to find the RP hub spots you are talking about. Although I understand where your coming from, wanting to keep player retention up, but changing how RP flows is not the way IMO.
  17. Brady

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    That was brody 3/10
  18. Brady

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  19. Brady

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      what in the hell

  20. Brady

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  21. Brady

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    Happy birthday!

    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      It's Aiko's birthday whenever we feel like it. xD

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    Didnt think id be writing this, but goodbye staff!

    Currently with my schedule at college, and what im going to be doing the next few months I will have absolutely no time to do staff work. I dont know how long ive been in staff for, probably about a year and a half or some shit like that but it brings a tear to my eye thinking ill be done with it.

    I can honestly say staff changed my life, before I joined I was a socially awkward fuck that didnt wanna leave DayZ, and joining staff made me a more social person. So social, im more involved in social activity's then I ever have before. Its been a lit time, but I just cant do it anymore. 

    I am pleased with the work ive done recently, and although I cant spew it to the community people like @Jamie will know. 

    I would tag a fuck ton of people, but if I fucked with you you know who you are. If I didnt fuck with you, you also know who you are. Ive worked with some really amazing people, and ill never forget the past year and a half. 

    Ill still be lurking, and ill most likely be applying again soonish.

    - Brady signing off

    1. Sleepyhead


      You'll be missed Brady! Good luck in your future endeavours and remember Jamie & I love you lots! 💕

    2. DrMax


      I'm gonna miss you Brady ❤️ 

    3. Storm


      this is so sad

      you did alright though probably one of the better recent staff members, take it easy

    4. Cobe


      Good luck dude, you was alright 😉

    5. Para


      Top lad @Brady, wish you all the best with the upcoming year! 

    6. Brayces


      I'ma miss you Brady. 😞  You and I always did verdicts together and whatnot ... STUDY HARD! MAKE US ALL PROUD!!!

    7. lukaszxe


      Take care Brady and good luck with the studying!

  23. Brady

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Mass unban makes no sense in my opinion. Why would we unban everyone, that includes people who have come on here and only caused havoc to do the same thing...?? What I think would make sense is going through each individual ban and deciding whether or not they are worthy, rather then not accepting back any permed players.
  24. Brady

    Restraining and F2

    I would say an OOC statement that they put their hands up would work for now, but its up to Roland on how he wants it to work.
  25. Brady

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    We will still be able to see who kills who, it just wont say character name, logs will still give us UUIDs.