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  1. Brady

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    • lunathecat

    Oh god here we go again

    1. Hunter


      We just need @BostonRP back



  2. Brady

    Funeral Parlor

    I remember when this group was up before! Good luck!
  3. Brady

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    I can finally say I miss the good ol days of 2016. But yes I can partially agree with statement, but I dont agree with the staff part. Staff was one of the best things that happened to me and even though you yourself accused me of bias I can honestly say this "bias" accusation is all blind attempts at a roast. Yall dont know what going on in staff stop assuming you do. The issue with staff is not the bias but with the lack of decisions being made, I luv u roland but you're a hard headed man and its hard to change your mind. Im positive something is being worked on right now to fix these problems, its just the case of figuring out the best option and the time it takes to convince big man. (Ive been gone for long time and im not updated with all the drama so this is just my opinion based on my own experiences in the past no roast thx)
  4. Brady


    Not much longer until summer!

    1. Strawberry


      you got a computer rn?

    2. DrMax



    3. Brady


      Of course! I just dont use it that much right now im busy with school but once thats done ill be hopping on a lot more!

  5. Brady

    • Brady
    • Aiko

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Brady

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Woah this sounds familiar! This happened a while back, there was a massive amount of hostile groups taking people hostage, constant PvP with eachother, and a lot of dead bodys. Now, I havnt played in a while cause im pretty busy right now but... from what you said it sounds like this same situation is happening again. I hold the same opinion I did on this matter that I did months ago, hostile groups need to chill out. Now I understand this is a two way street and all but if the hostile RP groups didnt mess with the normal players a lot, then the normal players never would have gone into their hidey holes again. It makes me sad that this is happening again because one, a rule was implemented long ago to where hostile RP groups needed to need a real reason to initiate and I hated it because it restricted RP so much, but fixed the issue of too much hostile RP. I then fought for it to be reverted and now its happening again. Basically, chill with the hostile RP a bit and initiating so much, talk to the other groups who dont do it, and then eventually everything will be fixed.
  7. Brady

    Whats your occupation?

    Lots of stuffs! In the summer im a camp counselor, but this summer im in charge of fishing at the camp. Right now I am a sophomore in college, im an accounting and management major. My end goal is to start my own business, not sure what it will be, but I know I dont want to sit in an office and live a boring life my entire life. I do want get my CPA after college and take a year or two to get my masters, see how I like the accounting world but as of now im just going with the flow. I am also very poor and dont have a job during the school year so if anyone wants to send me monies that would be lit.
  8. Brady

    Interview With A Community Member: Cookie

    Everything looks how I left it! Good read
  9. Brady


    What is up my dudes

    1. Brayces



    2. ToeZiesOG


      Oh my fuckin guy

      #June19th Squad is fuckin BACK

    3. DrMax


      It’s Brady 

    4. Watchman


      pls dont be a april fools

      pls dont be a april fools

      pls dont be a april fools

      pls dont be a april fools

      pls dont be a april fools

    5. Aisling



    6. Eddie


      Hey Brady 👋

  10. Brady

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    • Ark


  11. Brady



    1. DrMax



  12. Brady

    • Brady
    • Dan

    Lmao no way

    1. Jadeboat


      who is this?

    2. Dan



  13. Brady

    Soft voice

    @Psycho not sure if you can do this but I feel like you could possibly
  14. Brady

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    • Jadeboat


    1. Jadeboat





  15. Brady

    Dealing with Depression

    I am going through some stuff right now and things that have helped me are surrounding myself with friends, talking about everything going on in my head, as well as taking these really long drives to take my mind off things. Listening to music and driving takes your mind off everything, because all you can focus on is listening and not crashing. Its been the biggest help to me.
  16. Brady

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    The Triple-H's two daughters go to the camp I work at over the summer, so Ive actually met him a few times when hes come to pick them up. I can say hes just as large and scary looking as he looks on the TV.
  17. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    This is not a POV, we need a POV of the entire situation not how you got over the wall.
  18. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    Thanks. Now that we have who was actually involved calling in @Dew @Sassy @Blitz @Mak for a full and detailed POV, as well as to list anymore allies. If you are not involved in this situation do not comment further.
  19. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    You are not involved in this situation, I have asked you to list who was involved and you have not. You will remain banned until you answer my question, and just my question.
  20. Brady

    GearRP - Vybor Industrial 11/12/18 (20.05)

    Calling in @bghost96 to post his full POV, as well as to provide us with any video evidence from the situation. Do either of you have names of the people? Or do you remember anything that would identify them with a group?
  21. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    Who in your group was involved in this situation, please list their names.
  22. Brady

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Calling in @CaZ to post his full and detailed POV as well as to provide any video evidence from his side
  23. Brady

    S1: RDM at Green Mountain, 12/11/2018 estimate 06:40

    Calling in @Saintguy, @BetterLegion, @Specky, @PurpleSockz to post their full and detailed POV as well as to provide any video evidence you may have, unedited.
  24. Brady

    S1: KOS / Pavlovo - 11/11/18 11:49

    Calling in @OnionRP to post his full and detailed POV. If you have anymore allies list them here, and any video evidence post it here unedited.
  25. Brady

    KOS- Ouside zelenogorsk 10/11-2018 21.14

    @Sophie a question for you. Were you in anyway involved in the original initiation on Gaerodo, or were you just a bystander watching?
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