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  1. My quarterly update, hello how is everyone

    1. Watchman


      better now i know ur alive ❤️ missin u boo

    2. Whitename


      what the FUCK is good brady how u livin

    3. Brady


      Hello friends I am alive and well

    4. Eddie


      Hey Brady glad to see you're well man 

    5. Watchman


      best birthday present

    6. Will



    7. Brady


      Ahhh I miss this 😞 sad no time now

  2. Streaming a bit of A3L might hop on for some RP in a bit!



    1. Eddie


      Lmao, not sure what this mofo is saying but I like the beat xD

  4. Someone should make me new graphics but with Mac this time pls ❤️ 

  5. Ooooo did I have a fun day today! Met so so so many people today, the horseman and the 5.0.3. gave me some great RP. I met some guy named Buck(im sorry idk your forum name) who I ran around with for a while! Overall good day thank you to everyone!
  6. First if you think a rule is being broken submit a report. Second of all, I have been back for a week or two and played a decent amount so far. I personally have experienced mainly friendly groups/friendly people(but thats just two weeks so in all honesty I might be wrong). Just to name some ive met IG, the green mountain charity and that stew kitchen(idk if thats a group or not). From what I get from your group is that your here to set up Laws in the land, have you guys reached out to any of these peaceful organizations to maybe see if they need protection? What has been your game plan so far with your group, and what actions have you taken IG that could have led your base to be attacked? Basically I guess my point is maybe your group is surrounding and taking actions against the wrong groups. Also I think you guys need to move your base haha, it looks like people know where it is and maybe its time to put it somewhere more discrete if you dont want your things stolen!
  7. The thing with the map if I remember correctly is that Lord Rolando used to be the only one that could update it, and getting that man to update it took a lot. Also, its kinda like meta, you just randomly have access to a map that shows you where every group has control and what they own? I think it was a cool concept but in all honesty ive found like 3-4 locations to what groups control what just today, and all I did was talk to people. I say no map!
  8. I just started playing after a year too but no need to worry! Just try getting used to the game mechanics again and running around/talking to people. It took me a little bit to get back into the groove but in all honesty its not that hard. Youll start remembering the old days and all of your old great RP will start coming back to you! And I agree with this, I would be on your own for a bit and see what kind of RP is around. Maybe you wanna switch it up from what you used to do, or trying a new style of RP. Joining a group right off the bat might just hold you back from something else you wanna do! Good luck!
  9. This is what I play! I play a character named Brady, his 2016 time is the best time to explain this. Some friends and I played as crazy scientists who were trying to find the cure for the infected, and the only way would be to capture people and test them to see what was in their body that makes them turn into zombies. We would do crazy things like cutting peoples fingers off or feet and tried giving the best roleplay we could, that also came back to the fact that we were trying to help(in our eyes). I dont believe this type of RP has been done in a while, but now that im playing again ill be trying to get it going again. If youre worried about being goofy, dont worry about it you can still be goofy and still play a character like this. If you go on my page you can see videos of what im talking about:), and I have had a lot of groups/characters like this so if your looking for ideas just send me a private message!
  10. Wheres my RP boys at!

    1. Will



  11. If they committed a hostile action on you then you have kill rights on them. Going to the rules: 4.3: "You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information" Basically, give the guy a good RP experience and make sure that it makes in character sense for you to kill him and you should be good. It needs to be justified. Dont just initiate on the guy for stealing your spoon and then shoot him in the face.
  12. Ah yes I missed these posts... The thing you have to respect is that people enjoy different types of roleplay and although this isn't your style it is others. This has been a problem since my prime, and I promise will always be around. The rules have been warped a lot, especially my time in staff. I remember when I first started the rules were so vague and so much different then they are now. They became a lot stricter, and then when people didnt like how strict they were they changed to how they are now. This has been a style of roleplay for a long time, and in all honesty it brings spice in our lives. Yes it sucks to have all your stuff taken but some of my best Roleplay interactions and overall experiences have been created by them. The groups I have created wouldnt have gotten so interesting without them, and I wouldnt have had such an amazing experience here without them. Its something you have to work around, and if you feel like a rule has been broken feel free to submit a report.
  13. Not sure exactly who was there and their forum names, but the Green Mountain Charity! They were my first true interactions since starting to get back into game, I was a little bit rusty but I hope I played Brady off as well as I used to. Thank you guys ill be back again soon!
  14. I havn't played in a year and as Aiko now calls me, I am a whitename! I died the first like 3-4 times I played a few days ago and honestly had no idea what I was doing anymore but im finally learning. Yes the zombies are harder but in all honesty theyre still not that much of a bother. Just take those fists out and start pounding their face in and dont get too many on you at once!
  15. I have played the same character basically my entire time here, and in all honesty I feel like long terms much better. The stories that develop and the amount of people your character meets is incredible. It develops a story line over time and its far more interesting then playing a character for a week or two and then just killing it off. That being said I can see the fun in doing short term, making a character and trying something you haven't done. My character Brady lasted about a year in 2016 and he had moved from about 3-4 different groups and made so many connections to so many people and I think thats what its all about
  16. Happy birthday

    1. Aiko



  17. Hello

    1. DrMax



    2. Brayces



    3. Anouk


      Hi there

  18. Whats good in the hood

    1. Watchman


      ayyy ❤️

    2. Whitename



    3. Saunders


      Guess who's back? Back again, Brady's back, tell a friend!!

    4. HarveyLR


      Brady is missing some bomb ass arpee 

    5. ToeZ


      Have my uterus

  19. Oh god here we go again

    1. Hunter


      We just need @BostonRP back



  20. I remember when this group was up before! Good luck!
  21. I can finally say I miss the good ol days of 2016. But yes I can partially agree with statement, but I dont agree with the staff part. Staff was one of the best things that happened to me and even though you yourself accused me of bias I can honestly say this "bias" accusation is all blind attempts at a roast. Yall dont know what going on in staff stop assuming you do. The issue with staff is not the bias but with the lack of decisions being made, I luv u roland but you're a hard headed man and its hard to change your mind. Im positive something is being worked on right now to fix these problems, its just the case of figuring out the best option and the time it takes to convince big man. (Ive been gone for long time and im not updated with all the drama so this is just my opinion based on my own experiences in the past no roast thx)
  22. Not much longer until summer!

    1. Strawberry


      you got a computer rn?

    2. DrMax



    3. Brady


      Of course! I just dont use it that much right now im busy with school but once thats done ill be hopping on a lot more!

  23. Happy Birthday!

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