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    Lmao no way

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    Soft voice

    @Psycho not sure if you can do this but I feel like you could possibly
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    Dealing with Depression

    I am going through some stuff right now and things that have helped me are surrounding myself with friends, talking about everything going on in my head, as well as taking these really long drives to take my mind off things. Listening to music and driving takes your mind off everything, because all you can focus on is listening and not crashing. Its been the biggest help to me.
  7. Brady

    Triple H Appreciation Thread.

    The Triple-H's two daughters go to the camp I work at over the summer, so Ive actually met him a few times when hes come to pick them up. I can say hes just as large and scary looking as he looks on the TV.
  8. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    This is not a POV, we need a POV of the entire situation not how you got over the wall.
  9. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    Thanks. Now that we have who was actually involved calling in @Dew @Sassy @Blitz @Mak for a full and detailed POV, as well as to list anymore allies. If you are not involved in this situation do not comment further.
  10. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    You are not involved in this situation, I have asked you to list who was involved and you have not. You will remain banned until you answer my question, and just my question.
  11. Brady

    GearRP - Vybor Industrial 11/12/18 (20.05)

    Calling in @bghost96 to post his full POV, as well as to provide us with any video evidence from the situation. Do either of you have names of the people? Or do you remember anything that would identify them with a group?
  12. Brady

    S1 Green Mountain - Griefing + BadRP

    Who in your group was involved in this situation, please list their names.
  13. Brady

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Calling in @CaZ to post his full and detailed POV as well as to provide any video evidence from his side
  14. Brady

    S1: RDM at Green Mountain, 12/11/2018 estimate 06:40

    Calling in @Saintguy, @BetterLegion, @Specky, @PurpleSockz to post their full and detailed POV as well as to provide any video evidence you may have, unedited.
  15. Brady

    S1: KOS / Pavlovo - 11/11/18 11:49

    Calling in @OnionRP to post his full and detailed POV. If you have anymore allies list them here, and any video evidence post it here unedited.
  16. Brady

    KOS- Ouside zelenogorsk 10/11-2018 21.14

    @Sophie a question for you. Were you in anyway involved in the original initiation on Gaerodo, or were you just a bystander watching?
  17. Brady

    s1 - KOS / Vybor Military - 11/11/2018

    Do you wish to continue with this report?
  18. Brady

    S1: KOS / Pavlovo - 11/11/18 11:49

    @TheRedOne if you are involved in this report please post a full and detailed POV. Any allies you had during this situation list them here.
  19. Brady

    Ritchie s1 - KOS / SOSNOVKA 11/11/18

    What exactly did you do to Exotics friend? Im sure he didnt just willingly give you his mosen, please go into more detail on this portion of the situation.
  20. Brady

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Calling in @Pyrewolf to post a full and detailed POV on this situation. Please list all your allies, and give us any video evidence you have on this situation unedited.
  21. Brady

    S1 - RDM GRISHINO - 05/11/2018 - 19:15

    To recap, we see Matt starting a boxing club in Grishino to where he becomes quite good. Everyone notices how good he is after losing some bets, and begin to retaliate against Matt. Matt is mobbed by fists, and is killed with a final blow from a pot. Mixen, in your POV you state you are the man with the pot. Looking at logs, your final swing with the cooking pot is the one that killed Matt. Previous to this kill, it is quite obvious there was some tension going on with the boxing, but there was still no initiation involved on him to which you were involved. You did not hold any kill rights against him as he has not committed a hostile action against you. The only way you could have had the right to kill him was if he threatened your life, or if you had threatened his life previously and he did not comply(as in reference to 4.2 and 4.3). Due to you killing someone with a cooking pot when you did not have any kill rights, you have been found guilty of invalid kill - roleplayed. In the future, we recommend that you be more careful with the objects you swing. We understand that everyone was punching the man, but to pull out a pot and hit him in the head took it too far, and ended up killing him. Being more careful in these situations will avoid there being any mistakes. We would also like to address the ganging up on Matt. For those who began punching him, boxing matches must be mutual. Both sides need to agree to the fight, you cant just start punching someone like it was done here. Outcome @mixen | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | Guilty - 3 Day Ban, Banstrike me @lukaszxe @Jamie
  22. Brady

    S1 - RDM GRISHINO - 05/11/2018 - 19:15

    You say Alexander did, do you mean your character was the one with the cooking pot?
  23. Brady

    S1 - RDM GRISHINO - 05/11/2018 - 19:15

    Looking through logs there was some other people involved in the fighting earlier. Calling in: @mixen @Kranous @Nightwing @Richard Fisby Please post a detailed POV about the situation. If any of you know of who the Officer is who killed Matt, or if you are the Officer please come forward. @Kranous will be temporarily banned until his POV is posted due to his inactivity on the forum.
  24. Brady

    Real life picture Thread

    Bradez Formal Day!
  25. Brady

    Player recognition system

    This could work like the current king of the hill on arma 3. Its a panel system where you can ask players to join your group, they can either accept that invitation or deny. Once they accept theres a marker placed on them to show they are friendly. That being said I gotta give it a -1 cuz it would just ruin immersion. I want it to feel like the zombie apocolypse, if we add this in its just going to make it seem less realistic.