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  1. Brady


    Before I SCHLEEP, I would like to take this last couple of hours with this Lore to shoutout everyone that has made my time in game amazing. @Tristyn, you my boy. First person I met in game, and you have literally been by my side since day one. Cant wait to make a new character and start a new friendship with you. @William, one of the people to teach me how to RP, also a fine young future frat boy. Also one of my boys forever. @Boston, you were a huge influence on my RP since day one. I loved watching you torture people, you did it smoothly and people would come out happy no matter what happened to their characters. @Lyca, met you a long time ago but never RPed much until recently. I fucking love playing with you, you will forever be my mother ic and ooc. @Jamie, Ill be honest I hated Neil the first time I met him. But he grew on me, Brady always considered you a friend no matter how much of a prick you were. @Strawberry, where do I fucking start man. I met you after I tortured a bunch of your friends and we ended up being best friends. We all started a group together, and it was honestly the best time ive ever fucking had. I actually had a brother in game, and you gave me some of the best RP I ever had. I know your going through some shit right now, but I hope you see this. @Brayces, honestly we barely RPed together. But from what we had I had an amazing time. You gave Brady a purpose to keep walking everyday. Wish it couldve ended different, but sadly we are out of time. @Aiko, I give you shit for ruining that section of RP but none of what has happened recently could have happened without that one simple interaction we had. Honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened to Brady. 

    I cant sit here and shoutout everyone that has influenced Brady. Here is a short shoutout to everyone else. @Galaxy, @2Eazy, @Cocomii. I would tag a bunch of permed players but I see no point. Thank you SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. BostonRP


      There was one thing we didn't get to do.

      Feet love with @Brayces

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    3. Brayces


      AWW! <3 I wish your PC didn't die right before LW :((((( But I'm happy for the fun times we did get to enjoy!!!