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  1. Shane Is Dead


    1. Brady


      Hello @Shane,

      First of all, I would like to thank you with sharing this to me. As you know I am a strong supporter of his music, and he has gotten me through many things. I appreciate this. If you do not know already, his new Album under the name of, "Everybody," will be dropping tomorrow. I am quite excited. In fact, I am SO excited that I am not going to school tomorrow just so I can listen to it all day. If you would like to have a constructive conversation on the topic, I would thoroughly enjoy that. 

      - Brady (SoonTM)

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Yung Brady,

      I too am really looking forward to this new album and am extremely hyped for it as Logic is one of my favourite artists. His music is amazing his flows are dope and his freestyles are insane. I would highly recommend listening to the video I have just shared it is very lit.

      - Shane.

    3. Brady



      Dia dhuit Shane,

      I will take into consideration what you have just offered me, currently I am trying to figure out who I shanst take to prom, as I have waited until the day before to decide. Once I have figured out who I am taking, I will most likely listen to this live youtube video. While I listen, I can also confirm I will be skimming through the DayzRP forums waiting for someone to ask a question so I can answer it immediately to impress you and your people, as well as dreaming about what its like sitting in help desk for hours. Again, I would like to thank you for sharing this with me.

      - Brady(SoonTM)