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  1. Community Summit

    I like this idea! I always say we need to figure it out instead of just complaining. I like the idea of having 2 members from each group represent and have them ask staff questions and what not.
  2. Hello?

    I will forever know you as ~ baby face ~ Welcome back!
  3. Flaming-5 Points

    Hello BorisRP, A team of staff has taken a look over your appeal and come to the following conclusion: In your reply to the status update you directly tag two people and say they are getting thrown in the - (insert trash can picture). Then, in your appeal you state "I meant being dumped like trash not calling anyone trash." You said it here exactly, by saying they are being dumped like trash you are implying that they are trash. Not only that, but all your replies to the status update as well as the original one were clearly not meant to be in a respectful manner, and were instead to provoke some sort of reaction. This is not behavior we want to see, and for that reason the points will stay. In the future, be respectful to all community members. Also for future reference if you want your appeal to be taken in a serious way I highly recommend not making the text colors into a Russian flag. Outcome: Appeal Denied - Points Stay. verdict by @Brady, @Hebi Kotei, and @Chewy
  4. Hmmm

    +1 good suggestion father
  5. Brady


  6. Teamspeak and Discord

    It was voted on months ago and the majority said keep teamspeak, ill try and find the thread for you.
  7. Flaming- 5 points?

    Hello @UndeadRP, A team of staff has taken a look at your appeal and come to the following conclusion: In your appeal you claim, "I was trying to figure out what angered him so much that he felt the need to get so heated and say such words." Although this is a reasonable thing to do, we see you posting it publicly on his profile is not the way to do it. If you truly wanted to figure out what was wrong in a peaceful manner, you could've spoken to him in teamspeak, or through PMs. Instead, you decide to post on his profile publicly so everyone can see. After a little bit, he did not respond to you, you even took the time to reply again and say "I mean are u gonna say that and then not respond." It is abundantly clear your purpose was to not just figure things out peacefully but to get some sort of reaction out of him. In the future, if you truly want to talk things out in a peaceful way, take it to PMs or a teamspeak conversation. Just to further clarify, your original post on his profile as well as your response has deemed as flamebait. Outcome: Appeal Denied, points stay. Verdict by @Brady, @Chewy, and @Hebi Kotei
  8. KOS 18-02 00:01

    Connection: Hit: Kill: Calling in @NateRP to post his POV as well as listing any additional allies he had during this situation. If anyone has any video evidence on the situation please post it, unedited.
  9. KOS 18-02 00:01

    Please update your report with the following template: Failure to do this within 24 hours will lead to this being closed.
  10. This is Madness

    Hello, Please update your appeal with the following template: You will have 24 hours to do so before this is closed. I also highly recommend you take a step back and look at your attitude in this appeal when editing your post.
  11. Real life picture Thread

    Now I know what youre really doing instead of staff work
  12. Verdict: @DustyRP [Metagaming/Combat Logging]: Not Guilty @NateRP [BadRP]: Inconclusive [Invalid Kill/Combat Logging]: Not Guilty @DeRoccya[Invalid Kill/Invalid Initiation]: Guilty @ColeKatso [Invalid Kill]: Guilty Explanation: To recap the situation, Dusty sees DeRoccya in the hills next to the warehouses and goes up to start some RP with him. DeRoccya immediately initiates, so in response a firefight breaks out to where Dusty ends up dying. NateRP hears these shots, as well as his friend in trouble over the radio and goes over to take action. NateRP sees the suspects that killed his friend, and takes shots at them leading to the death of DeRoccya. ColeKatso then returns fire at NateRP leading to his death. To first address the accusations of combat logging. Since both of the accused died, that automatically reset their combat log timer making their disconnects from the server completely valid. As for the metagaming accusation against Dusty, we have found him not guilty. In the video provided by Dusty it is quite clear that Dusty did not give out any information OOC that would have aided Nate in his endeavor to seek revenge for his friend. For this reason, we have found Dusty not guilty. As for the KOS accusation against NateRP we have found him not guilty. Nate has said to be at the double hangers as the initiation was happening, and he runs up to find the two who had killed his friend. Since he was in range of the initiation, and had KOS rights on DeRoccya, his kill has been seen as valid. As for the BadRP accusation on NateRP we have came out inconclusive. We have no video evidence on the situation to say whether or not the RP was bad or not, so we cannot make an accurate verdict on the matter. In this situation we also see DeRoccya initiate on Dusty for the purpose of finding out if he was a certain person. In staff eyes, this is a completely invalid reason to initiate. It does not take much to peacefully talk to someone and find out more about them rather then threatening their life for the first time you have ever seen them. For this reason you have been found guilty of invalid initiation. To go along with this, since the initiation was invalid DeRoccya’s kill on Dusty was also invalid. In accordance to our rule 7.4, any kill rights gained from a rule break will be considered invalid. Since this situation fits that perfectly, you have been found guilty of an invalid kill. We also see ColeKatso kill NateRP, and since ColeKatso gained his kill rights on Nate through an invalid initiation we also deem this kill as invalid. But, under extenuating circumstances and NateRP opening fire first it is understandable that you would want to protect your life. For this reason, your punishment for this rulebreak will be slightly reduced from a three day ban and ten warning points, to a one day ban and ten warning points. Outcome: @DustyRP [Metagaming/Combat Logging]: No Punishment @NateRP[KOS/BadRP]: No Punishment [Combat Logging]: No Punishment @DeRoccya[Invalid Kill/Invalid Initiation]: 3 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points @ColeKatso [Invalid Kill]: 1 Day Ban, 5 Warning Points Verdict by @Brady, @Chewy, @Stagsview
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  13. I am currently in the middle of the process of moving my dorm room in college, and Ive had to be at home for the past couple of days until I figure it out. Its really fucking stressful, and ill have to make new friends and stuff but I know in the end everything will be fine!