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  2. Staff Feedback: Brady

    Thanks for the feedback @Brayces!!! Its nice to get a pat on the back once in a while to keep motivated. I will continue to help you and other community members out as much as I can!
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  6. Stas Stepanov

    Born in the city of Berezino, Chernogorsk, Stas Stepanov would grow up being a poor boy. His mother, a simple cleaning lady coming home with barely a few coins in her pockets. Getting a piece of bread every night for dinner would be a struggle for Stas. His father was a failed musician, his only item of value being the piano in the corner of his house. Stas was a raised based off of a very simple ideology, to follow the rules set by his parents. The rules were simple, respect his parents, and do what they ask no matter the task. Growing up, following these tasks were easy for Stas. His mother would ask him to do simple tasks like clean the house, clean the dishes, and wash his own clothes. As he got older, his father's musical career kept spiraling out of control. He would be able to rack in a decent amount of money every now and then when people would let him play, but eventually no one would let him play anymore. Every time someone wouldn't let him back he would start drinking, and then he would take his anger out on my mother. That's when the tasks began to become harder, my mother wouldn't come out of bed for days at a time and she began to get sick. Stas couldn't take it anymore, the night before he would leave for university his father got another call telling him not to play again. He grabbed a bottle of vodka from the cabinet, and started drinking. Hours later he had downed half the bottle, and as my mother walked in from a long day of work he stood up, grabbed the bat, and ran at her. Stas watched helplessly as the bat connected with her temple, knocking her out cold. He couldn't take it anymore, just watching like a helpless animal. Stas stood up, grabbed the bat from his drunken father and start beating him in the face. After he was done, he couldn't tell if his father was dead of alive. He didn't care.
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