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  1. Brady

    Turns out packing for a weekend trip took WAY longer then I thought

  2. [GAME] Continue the Story

    Surface he looks calm and ready
  3. Get out of jail card idea

    Im gunna have to say no to this. People are banned for a reason, they had multiple opportunities before to stay on the server but they fucked it up. They should not get another chance just so we can turn a profit on it. Also, I cant name you a single side project that has brought more players in, nor have we had a side project that has worked. Whens the last time you've spoken to someone and they have said they came to the server for desolation, or LiF, or any of the other failed side projects. When you start these side projects, even if its on DayZ, people are going to play a normal survival server because they like normal survival, not RP. We cant expect to make these servers and then have people just randomly hop onto our RP servers when the side projects dont work out. The only thing that is going to bring new players in is attracting the correct audience through advertising, with youtubers, other websites, making videos.
  4. Worst Fears

    I have four brothers, they put a lot of shit in your head when your younger.
  5. Brady

    Its nice being back :), going home for the afternoon gunna set my computer up and hop in game! 

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    2. Brady


      Ugh nvm I had to go I could feel it crowning

    3. Jamie


      damn, that's a shame 

    4. Brady


      it was about 2 feet long so thats a big W

  6. Worst Fears

    My biggest fears are kinda fucked. My biggest one is heights, I dont fuck with it. Next biggest one is having someone stick their finger in my belly button, and having it rip my stomach open. Last one is never losing my lose skin from weight loss.
  7. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    The most meaningful hostage situation I have ever had was when we took @Sleepyhead and @Watchman down to balota(I believe you were there which is why I'm using this example). The build up to this situation was HUGE, one of the biggest members of our faction had left to be with the leader, I had been tortured because of them, my men were killed because of them, and even then there was no reason to execute. I had the upper hand on them, just like most of the people do when they have hostages. Instead of shooting these people in the face, we tortured them and made them work for us. If they didn't do what I said, then I would ask for permadeath. That is a good build up, most people(I believe) now a days have one bad interaction with someone and believe that is enough rp to pistol whip. Nothing is truly meaningful to people anymore, there are no story's. I tried to bring cool story's when I played(like the one described above), but there were always those groups who don't give a fuck that go around killing everything. If you can honestly give me some top quality RP galaxy, and it's not as simple as an initiation to execute then fuck yes you can perm me any day.
  8. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    Since I was whitelisted until lorewipe I played the exact same character, not because I wasn't committed to the realism but because all of my deaths weren't RPed out properly(in my opinion). Most of my exections were extremely quick, and had no RP involved. To give you an example, it was usually an initiation, movement to another location, and then I was executed with very few words exchanged. Now, I'm not sure about you but there is no way in hell im ending an amazing story I was working on for nearly a year with just that. Now, I havnt been in game in over a month, but from what I've heard things are already going back to that sort of RP. I always told people, if you roleplayed with me to the best of your ability I would let you do anything to me, but that never happened in my hundreds of hours of playing.
    • Brady
    • Boston


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    2. Brady


      @Strawberry started it, u made it a thing boston

    3. Strawberry


      Best internal meme to pull out in-game. Brady just be talkin to people, you run up and start a conversation about shoe sizes ;)

    4. Brayces


      IDONOTLIKEFEETWHYGODWHY. This has followed me ALL OVER! Haha, people come into TS. "Oh hay I heard you like feet, issat true?!" The Feet Friends ©. 

  9. Brady

    Probably gunna hop in game Thursday :) 

  10. Hello :)

    Welcome back!
  11. Brady


    1. Sleepyhead


      come back brady

    2. Keira


      come backkkkk

    • Brady
    • Jamie

    U did gud dad.

  12. bye staff.

    I will miss u bb
    • Strawberry
    • Brady


    come back

    1. Brady


      One day my son. Really busy and still need to figure out my schedule but soonTM...