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  1. Hello @Kenshi, If you would like to close a thread you can comment the thread itself requesting to close it, or you can go into waiting for staff help where a Mod+ can close the thread for you.
  2. @Boston u did good here

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      I got 2 or 3 Vinyl's of Boston. 

    2. Boston
  3. No it will be reviewed when they get to it.
  4. Admins review whitelists.
  5. Hello @SmartPlayerZ, As you were told in helpdesk, you should put a support request in. The support request forum can be found here: I have always had to put a card in to ever buy subscription perks, if you need a card but dont own a credit or debit card you may want to purchase a prepaid card at a local store. Also from having tested out the subrscription perks, it looks like the only option would to be to put a credit card in. I may be wrong but I saw no
  6. If your question has been solved, please check the answer that has helped you the most. A guide on how to do so can be found here: If you have anymore questions feel free to keep asking.
  7. It is perfectly fine to use TextRP on our servers. Just as long as you know the difference between OOC talk and IC talk.
  8. Hello @Mr Muffin Man, If you have questions about the whitelist, I recommend checking out this section of the forum for basic questions. The whitelist should take between 24-48 hours depending on the amount of applications coming in. If you have any more questions feel free to check the section I have linked, or ask them here.
  9. I had to stop watching the confusion was hurting my head
  10. Great getting back to SOF shit with @Tristyn Hudson, @Jacob Turner. Grade A RP from @Galaxy and the other guy I never got his name. @Strawberry, one day we shall burn a knight helmet into someones head, but tonight was not that night. SoonTM.
  11. See you in a bit!