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  1. Brady

    Midterms are a bitch... almost done

    1. Dew


      Finished mine last week

  2. Real life picture Thread

  3. Real life picture Thread

    I would say I am equally cute to that young one...
  4. Real life picture Thread

    I wish you held me like that
  5. Weight Loss Thread!

    The one thing I hated is having people who have never been over weight trying to tell me how to lose weight, I cannot fully know how to gain weight when being underweight but I can tell you that being on a caloric surplus diet will serve you well. There are free websites out there that can calculate the amount of calories you need to consume to be in a caloric surplus
  6. Weight Loss Thread!

    When am I going to start being the PLUG is the real question
  7. Weight Loss Thread!

  8. Weight Loss Thread!

    Its crazy looking back on what I have done in the past year, one of the things I have accomplished is losing a fuck ton of weight. Nearly a year ago I started a journey on weight loss, and since then I have lost 80 pounds. 280 pounds: 200 pounds: Recently I had a conversation with my brother who wants to lose weight, but really cant find the motivation. I told him pretty much everything I am typing here: Losing weight is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can honestly say it has turned my life around. Before I lost weight, my life was pretty much video games for nearly 13 hours a day and eating wendys(Fast Food) twice a day. Switching to eating salad and going to the gym everyday was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was something that had to be done. I made so many more friends, I started actually going to events and being social, I started working harder in school, and overall I just felt like a more fulfilled person. I have a lot more to go but I can honestly say I am satisfied at where I am currently at. Now I am not making this thread to show off, but I know I have spoken to a lot of people on DayZRP that have asked me about weight loss and help. Since I love you all more than you know I am willing to help all of you out. If you need help getting started, diet plans, workout plans, literally anything send me a PM. If you have lost any weight recently and wanna show it off lets see it!
  9. Brady


  10. See Ya Boys

    Later Suturb. Have fun doing what you do, I will always remember you dad
  11. Brady

    I have been in an acoustic mood recently

    1. Anouk


      10/10 Song

  12. Brady never suicided at all because my computer broke!
  13. @Dio Brando @William @Lord Strawberry @Jamie @Brayces Were all huge influences on Brady!