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  1. That was the most disappointing RP for my first time back on the server 😞 no wonder why pop is so low now

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      brady has a big big toe

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  2. INTRO: Arrival Work in the US was scarce, so it wasn't even a question when I was asked to join the military. Just at the age of 19, I was confronted in the mall at one of the recruiting stations, asking me if i'd be interested in Ranger School. I learned about them from the small book he gave to me, they were the elite of the elite and I wanted to be apart of it. So I packed my bags and headed off to Ranger School. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but it was only a few months later that I was being shipped off to Iraq. I was loving my time in the military, but it wouldn't be until 3 years later that it all changed. November 9th, 2014 - my CO comes into our barracks and tells us about the outbreak in Chernarus, a country I've never heard nor cared for. He told us about the widespread pandemic that was happening, and said that we were assigned with dropping off care packages into the country. We took a C-17 to our military base in the Kunar Province where we were introduced to the care packages that we were going to be transporting. That day we boarded into our small aircrafts which were packed with about 5-6 care packages each filled with food and medical supplies. We start our flight from Kunar Province all the way to Chernogorsk where we would drop our last package. Throughout the aircraft. We start to reach our final destination over Chernogorsk when the plane jolts and starts leaning to the left. The other rangers and I immediately go for the parachutes hanging on the walls and strap them onto our backs. The interior of the plane starts to catch fire, and we can feel the plane starting to nose dive. I run to the door with the flashing red sign, "EXIT" on it and open it. I look down and see Chernogorsk just a couple hundred meters below us. Without giving it a second thought, I flung my body out of the airplane and started my journey into Chernogorsk. As I fall towards Chernogorsk I watch the plane make its way into the ground, but I never saw anyone else leave the plane. The plane hits the ground, turning it into a ball of fire, and I immediately expect the worst for my fellow rangers. I slowly make my descent towards the earth. When I land I search my pockets for any sort of help for direction but there's nothing. I chose a direction and start walking with nothing but the clothes on my back. I spent most of my days rummaging through what was left of the trash cans in the towns. It wouldn't be until 3 months into me travelling alone that my life here changed forever. I was walking through the woods by myself when I see 9 men with long white gas masks walking towards me. They seemed friendly enough, so when they asked me to follow them I did so. At first, I was nothing but a pet to them. I followed them around and did what they said. Every now and then they would put their new found skills to the test. They would slice me up, cut things off of me, and a plethora of other thing. So much so that eventually I just couldn't feel it. I realized pain was just a feeling. They didn't tell me who they were or what they were going to do with me but they seemed to not want to hurt me. They fed me, gave me a knife, and kept me safe as I followed them. That was until everything changed for me. I watched as one of those lifeless things came out of a building, and started going towards one of the men who seemed in charge. I took the small knife they gave me and drove it through the dumb cunts skull. He seemed grateful. He told me his name was Doctor V, and that I didn't need to know the rest of his name. He told me that he was so gracious and it proved my loyalty that I would no longer be a pet. He took out a long syringe filled with a liquid of god knows what, and put it into my veins. I felt different, I felt attracted to the doctors. Not in a sexual way, but I wanted to be with them and protect them. The doctor tested out the new serum in my blood. He said sit and my body took control. I got into a squatting position on placed my butt on the ground. I felt like he had full control of me, and I liked it. After that I listened to everything the Doctor told me. Part 1: The Beginning of a New The doctor introduced me to Pavel, the Head of Security. I worked with Pavel for many months, slowly working my way up the chain of command. Eventually I found myself right below him at Deputy Head of Security. Pavel and I worked together for many months, making sure the doctors were safe and made sure that the test subjects came with the doctors willingly. It was a day to day operation. We would start with getting some deathly looking fellow off the street, and tell him that we were going to help him. Than once he was out of sight, we tide him up hog style and dragged him into the woods. I stood a distance as the doctors did their work. I was never sure exactly what they were doing, but I didn't want to know. The screams were all I needed to hear. That continued for a while until the doctors wanted fresher subjects. Things got a little harder than. Pavel, me and a few of our men had to find healthy targets, by themselves. We had to befriend them and lead them off to a road that no one could see us. We’d tell them to drop everything or we’d shoot them in the fucking head, some listened, but a lot did not. Some of the bigger ones always tried to fight but they couldn't fight my bullets. Some I wouldn't shoot, I would just smash the butt of my gun on there temple and they'd be out. There was one patient I will never forget. It was a nice fellow, maybe 20 years old. We took him back around a building and told him to drop everything he had but he didn't listen. He tried to pull his glock on me but I was too quick. I shot that faggot right in the shoulder and he was down. I took the glock and smashed the butt of my rifle into his forehead, knocking him out. The doctor wanted me to make sure he understood what he got himself into by resisting. The doctor taught me how to skin human meat, and how to cleanly chop body parts off. So, when this poor fellow woke up he found his feet without the meat on em. Funny right? Makes me laugh everytime. Never seen just bone on feet, quite cool actually. Welp, we made this poor bastard walk into the woods. It took a few hours, and a lot of screaming but we made this fucker go all the way to the top of a mountain, where the doctor was waiting. He began his experiments. That was quite an experience. But it wasn't as crazy as when we went back to base that night. We had been coming home from that experiment, that's when I walked into our piss shed where I found a fully naked man. He looked at me with a crazy look and I immediately backed away. I kept the door locked until I got the courage to talk to the man. I walk up to the door and open it slightly to see the man still up against the wall of the shed. I tell him that my name is Brady Barns, and ask him what his name is. He tells me in a creepy voice that his name is "Edward" but we can call him "Teddy." After that things between Teddy and I became completely different. I found out that he was captured by his uncle to help him do experiments on different people. His uncle took him under his wing and showed him first hand what he did to the kids. He would never tell me what he did to them, he always was too scared. Teddy behaved somewhat like an animal, so that's what I had to treat him like. I took a long rope and tied it around Teddy's neck, then tied the other end to my backpack. This way Teddy could follow behind without getting lost. Another thing I found out was that he liked eating certain things that most would not be comfortable with. One day, I decided to take him on one of our experimentations. The doctors made me tie my new pet to a tree near where they were doing the experiments and asked me to watch him. This experiment was different from the others they told the man. They had to cut each of the man's fingers off to see how the experiment affects the joints in the fingers. Teddy seemed to get excited when he said this. We couldn't get Teddy to eat anything since we found him. The only thing he would eat would be leaves he found off trees and the grass off the ground. We couldn't get anything solid in his stomach. But after the doctors cut the first 3 fingers off he kindly asked if he he could have one. I grabbed a finger for him, to where he kindly munched on it. Well, we found what Teddy likes. Both Teddy and I slowly grew our relationship. He grew on me, and became more than a pet to me. For Teddy, I became his master and he listened to whatever I said. I slowly let him off his leash, and he began to follow me wherever I went. Teddy and I had formed a strong bond together, I was his master and he was my pet. Part 2: The End Things in our small group would stay the same for years. Capturing men, killing them, torturing them, experimenting, and then sending them off. We would often leave the men with nothing, to just fend for themselves. But things would change fast. One day we woke up at base camp and the doctor was just standing at the edge of the cliff with a gun in his hand, looking off in the distance. We knew something was wrong but no one wanted to ask what was wrwong. Something was off with the doctor that day, like he was sick. We walked off and began looking for a test subject but failed to find anyone. We went back to base that night knowing we got nothing out of that day. It had been weeks since we last gone a day without finding our prey. The doctor seemed very sick still when he went into his tent that night, and it was tough trying to sleep knowing there was something wrong. I woke up early that next morning, maybe 5 am? I'm not sure time is not relevant to me now. I wake to see that the doctors tent is zipped down, so I go to close it. When I arrive to the entrance I see that there is a note taped to the inside of the tent. It says, to Brady. I open it and it reads- Brady, It has been a great few years with you, but things have to come to an end. Do not come looking for me, do not miss me. You will never find me. I need to find myself before I come back. I came into this abrupt world, without any warning, and it's been hard for me to change myself. At first I wanted to find the cure, like we were all going to do, but that changed into something completely different. One day I will be back, it may be quite a while but one day I promise you I will be back. Best Regards, Doctor Yennin Vitsen Everyone was in shock. Out of everyone to leave us he was the last person we would think of. Months later after he had left us, things were never the same. We would try to replicate what he did with his experiments but it was hard. He was an expert, and we were just his mere helpers. We had no idea what we're doing, especially when it came to finding a cure. We eventually went from “experimenting” to just straight torture. Nothing was the same without him. We had no meaning to our doings. All we did was hurt people. After about a year or so without the doctor is when we decided enough was enough. Slowly more people started leaving, trying to survive on their own. And when enough people left the remaining of us decided to just end our objective. We assigned one person to stay back at camp, just in case Doctor V decided to come back. Once he did come back the one person would call us all on our radio frequency, to where we would all come back to base camp. I left that very day, leaving one of my security members behind to wait for Doctor V. I travelled miles, making my way up north to try to find civilization, but there was nothing to be found. I eventually found a small military compound that was abandoned. I walked around and found military supplies, ammo, food rations, and other materials. I stayed there for months, and my life finally seemed at peace. That was until one day my radio began to play a tune. The Lincolnshire Poacher. A crackle came, and then a voice said - We have been sleeping for a very long time. I suppose it's time to wake up and start the day. You know where to find me. Part 3: The Turn We did know where to find him. After weeks of traveling up north I made my way back to our original base, where we transmitted our numbers. There was nothing there that I had not left from before. No note, no Doctor Yennin Vitsen. The only sign of life that I could immediately see was a small fire that had been left unattended for weeks now. It may have been the Doctor, but I was sick of waiting. I was tired of waiting for this fucker to come back to us for so long now. I put down my sleeping sack against one of the benches and got ready for some well needed rest. I shut my eyes and begin to feel my brain begin to separate itself from my mind, but then I was awoken by a loud moaning coming from the shed. I walk over and open it, to find my poor poor teddy chain by the neck to the shed. He was left with three cans of beans and one bottle of dirt filled water which he must have finished weeks ago. I look at his frail body, only to see what little remained of him. He looked like skin in bones, barely living. I reach towards him and he doesn't resist. He remembers me after all this time, and I think of all those sick fucks that left him behind. I regret never taking him with me. So from that day forward I took care of Teddy. I took the chain off from around his neck, and fed him some beans which he seemed to enjoy even though I knew he normally wouldn't eat them. I guess any sort of food was great. Everyday I would go to a Stary Sobre and get enough food to feed Teddy and I everyday until I felt that he was ready to go out on his own. We started slow, it took Teddy months to get back to his normal state. He went back to being an animal like he was before. But after a few months he seemed to turn into something else. I knew he would never be the same again and neither would I. Both of us seemed to bond more than we had before. After a few weeks into helping Teddy out all the time, my mind started to turn into something else. I would constantly get the chills when there was no breeze. My mind would wander off to thoughts of my old life, torturing, killing, and I craved it again. Eventually my voice started to change as well. It started off slow, but my voice began to shake when I spoke. It would only happen every now and than, but a few days into these effects taking place I could tell that there was something wrong. My voice was constantly shaking and I couldn't control it anymore. One day a small boy came into our camp. He was maybe less than 20. I couldn't control myself. At the time I was behind the shed with teddy trying to teach him how to dig up worms if he was every hungry and I wasn't there, and the boy was standing at our fire looking for warmth. I snuck up behind him with a FNX-45 and jabbed the butt of it into his temple. He passed out. I didn't even think of doing anything else, my immediate impulse was to hurt him. I tied him up while he was passed out incase he woke up and thought of what I should do. On the inside, I didn't want to hurt anyone anymore, but I couldn't control myself. I didn't know how much longer teddy would be able to stomach just some beans everyday when he was craving meat. So, I did something I hadn't done in a very long time. I took the rusty cleaver from my bag and sliced both of his juicy legs off. Blood poured from his limbless torso and Teddy went over to drink it. For the first time in months I felt normal, I felt happy. I couldn't stop myself, I took the cleaver and chopped his arms off from the elbow down. I gave a sick cackle out as the boy woke up from his sleep. He was on his back at the time, and looked at me with blood all of my face. I picked his head up from the ground and looked down at Teddy drinking the blood from the stubs at the bottom of his body. He let out a scream, so I shoved my pistol down his throat to shut him up. I bent down next to his ear and told him what I was going to do to him, “I'm going to slice a hole through your goddamn chest and cut your worthless fucking heart out because of that scream.” He looked at me, he no longer had a look of pain on his face, but a look of fear. I grabbed the already bloodied machete from my bag and cut his shirt off. I slowly jab my machete into the left center part of his chest, and push down just hard enough to cut past the meat and bones in his chest. Immediately blood start flowing out of his chest and I continue to carve around his heart. The small circle I carved out caves into his chest, and I grab it to reveal his heart. With all the arteries and veins attached, I pull the heart out of the man's chest and show it to him. Teddy comes over to the heart and takes a bite out of it, the man screams in pain before passing out. I check his pulse and I feel nothing. From that moment forward, I changed. Teddy and I both felt the urge to do the same thing over and over again. We craved the need for blood and death. Stas Stepanov Born in the city of Berezino, Chernogorsk, Stas Stepanov would grow up being a poor boy. His mother, a simple cleaning lady coming home with barely a few coins in her pockets. Getting a piece of bread every night for dinner would be a struggle for Stas. His father was a failed musician, his only item of value being the piano in the corner of his house. Stas was a raised based off of a very simple ideology, to follow the rules set by his parents. The rules were simple, respect his parents, and do what they ask no matter the task. Growing up, following these tasks were easy for Stas. His mother would ask him to do simple tasks like clean the house, clean the dishes, and wash his own clothes. As he got older, his father's musical career kept spiraling out of control. He would be able to rack in a decent amount of money every now and then when people would let him play, but eventually no one would let him play anymore. Every time someone wouldn't let him back he would start drinking, and then he would take his anger out on my mother. That's when the tasks began to become harder, my mother wouldn't come out of bed for days at a time and she began to get sick. Stas couldn't take it anymore, the night before he would leave for university his father got another call telling him not to play again. He grabbed a bottle of vodka from the cabinet, and started drinking. Hours later he had downed half the bottle, and as my mother walked in from a long day of work he stood up, grabbed the bat, and ran at her. Stas watched helplessly as the bat connected with her temple, knocking her out cold. He couldn't take it anymore, just watching like a helpless animal. Stas stood up, grabbed the bat from his drunken father and start beating him in the face. After he was done, he couldn't tell if his father was dead of alive. He didn't care.
  3. This took way too long lmao

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  4. My quarterly update, hello how is everyone

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  5. Streaming a bit of A3L might hop on for some RP in a bit!



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  7. wait how did u get mvp

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  8. Someone should make me new graphics but with Mac this time pls ❤️ 

  9. Ooooo did I have a fun day today! Met so so so many people today, the horseman and the 5.0.3. gave me some great RP. I met some guy named Buck(im sorry idk your forum name) who I ran around with for a while! Overall good day thank you to everyone!
  10. First if you think a rule is being broken submit a report. Second of all, I have been back for a week or two and played a decent amount so far. I personally have experienced mainly friendly groups/friendly people(but thats just two weeks so in all honesty I might be wrong). Just to name some ive met IG, the green mountain charity and that stew kitchen(idk if thats a group or not). From what I get from your group is that your here to set up Laws in the land, have you guys reached out to any of these peaceful organizations to maybe see if they need protection? What has been your game plan so far with your group, and what actions have you taken IG that could have led your base to be attacked? Basically I guess my point is maybe your group is surrounding and taking actions against the wrong groups. Also I think you guys need to move your base haha, it looks like people know where it is and maybe its time to put it somewhere more discrete if you dont want your things stolen!
  11. The thing with the map if I remember correctly is that Lord Rolando used to be the only one that could update it, and getting that man to update it took a lot. Also, its kinda like meta, you just randomly have access to a map that shows you where every group has control and what they own? I think it was a cool concept but in all honesty ive found like 3-4 locations to what groups control what just today, and all I did was talk to people. I say no map!
  12. I just started playing after a year too but no need to worry! Just try getting used to the game mechanics again and running around/talking to people. It took me a little bit to get back into the groove but in all honesty its not that hard. Youll start remembering the old days and all of your old great RP will start coming back to you! And I agree with this, I would be on your own for a bit and see what kind of RP is around. Maybe you wanna switch it up from what you used to do, or trying a new style of RP. Joining a group right off the bat might just hold you back from something else you wanna do! Good luck!
  13. This is what I play! I play a character named Brady, his 2016 time is the best time to explain this. Some friends and I played as crazy scientists who were trying to find the cure for the infected, and the only way would be to capture people and test them to see what was in their body that makes them turn into zombies. We would do crazy things like cutting peoples fingers off or feet and tried giving the best roleplay we could, that also came back to the fact that we were trying to help(in our eyes). I dont believe this type of RP has been done in a while, but now that im playing again ill be trying to get it going again. If youre worried about being goofy, dont worry about it you can still be goofy and still play a character like this. If you go on my page you can see videos of what im talking about:), and I have had a lot of groups/characters like this so if your looking for ideas just send me a private message!
  14. Wheres my RP boys at!

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