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  1. @Username
  2. How's this:?
  3. Would committing suicide with a rag be considered abuse of game mechanics and be bannable?
  4. This is how you initiate boys
  5. That was fucking beautiful mate.
  6. I don't have a golden voice nor have I been here for more than a year, however, I am pretty good at graphics here's my portfolio, I can also lend you my voice if needed - here's my channel.
  7. Finished on The Defiants, still taking in group page requests.
  8. I'll try this out once I get in-game, I've been using shitty programs like or obs to record, I've used shadowplay to record many other games and it works perfectly without cutting frames. Thanks for the guide mate.
  9. Dank memes are made of dreams
  10. Goodluck lads.
  11. The greit eskeip
  12. We don't discriminate the differently abled. Isn't that right @WeeMan ?