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  1. Stiflex

    Anyone got any suggestions on a name for a youtube channel? Something related to my nickname

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    2. Mexi



    3. Stiflex


      Does it sound like an actual channel name or a total meme?

    4. Mexi


      StiffStrats sounds better imo

    • evanm23
    • Stiflex

    what tf is a C nami Bog you mooslim

    1. Stiflex



    2. evanm23


      good game, good mission. 

      explains my hatred

    3. Stiflex


      God is with us.

  2. NATO - CFOR [Post Lore-Wipe]

    Great to see a western power in the apocalypse, will be interesting keeping up with nato-russian skirmishes in-game.
  3. Rebirth (Post LW)

    That logo looks amazing, mind me asking who's the designer? Everything else looks very interesting, I love seeing a family type group. I myself am thinking of either joining or forming a similar type one, preferably Russian mafia, might even consider applying if I end up not finding one.
    • Stiflex
    • TheProxJack

    They finally got you.

    1. Stiflex


      That's what you get for being a prick

    2. Venzzy


      Settle down ok

  4. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    I did. I generalized the statement so it would work for anyone who has the same feeling which I quoted. It's a golden rule for me personally, if you took any of their shit after initiating, you must provide role-play, otherwise it's badrp and it's reportable - which is what you should and MUST do in order to make shit change, if you don't even talk it out in teamspeak - then they'll never learn and will keep on doing ten seconds robberies just for gear. The lore wipe will change jack shit. Everything is going to be exactly the same only the setting/time period/groups/names will change. It's nothing short of a glorified reset. Unless the staff actively do quality checks on groups and approve only good ones and root out these robberies - nothing will change. That being said, it's not only the staffs job to improve the roleplay, if someone just robbed you and left you naked, you head over to the staff channel in teamspeak, get their name, talk to them - explain to them that they can't do that shit, if they don't care or do it again - report them and get them banned, perhaps, that way they'll learn.
  5. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    Drop this mindset or go play on public servers. Dayzrp is not a place where you're free to loot to your hearts desire, we're here to role-play. I've multiple times come across the typical "role-player" who's clearly here for the loot, you can spot them very easily - all black, alice backpack, full of ammunition and so forth. I sometimes strip these people to their pants and shirt and start a fire just to burn the shit that I don't need. Tip: Wear a shirt, pants and boots perhaps a hat and a primary weapon - that's it. No one will rob you and you can actually role-play with people.
  6. Common Folk [WIP]

    Ironically, I was the person who made the graphics with tlou, no idea why he didn't shrink 'em down. I myself didn't like that there's so many tlou pictures used, but if @Western wanted them so be it. If he does change his mind on the graphics I'd gladly design the page and make it as original as possible. Of course I'd first need the group itself fully finished on what it's going to be.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a big finish planned out for your release, sadly I was literally cut off mid sentence.
  8. Character Name: Michael Zhukov Country/Timezone: Lithuania GMT+2 Roleplay Experience: One year Gameplay style: Bandit What type of connection are you looking for?: Anything really. Current groups or affiliations: Something Russian/Chernarussian related. Additional notes: The character will definitely be corrupt/crooked/generally bad. Character Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5277/ will be updated when I finish writing the story.
    • Terra
    • Stiflex

    Stiflex : Her lacking knowledge on weapons begs the question what has she been doing all her time in game...

    Stiflex : Filthy campfire rpers...






    1. Stiflex


      Not like this...

    2. Terra


      Oh yes... LIKE THIS!

  9. Idole's Picture Album

    Looking great, you should use the filter on all images like you did on the first one.
  10. Why does everybody RP Master Chief?

    I did this exactly for a few days when I joined dayzrp, then one day some guy came up to me and called me a shiny toy soldier then him and his goons proceeded to rob me.
  11. Summer Challenges 2017

    Once upon a time, in a small village named Berezhki lived an ugly barnacle, he was soo ugly that everyone died. The end.
  12. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    The devs go as far as censoring youtubers for criticizing their game, Silo got blocked on twitter by the devs because he said the new patch isn't good, I got banned from dayz reddit for saying it's shit. The future for the game is a very dark forest and the only reason to play it is for the rp or with friends, preferably both.