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  1. DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 Game

    I make a mean-ass Germany, especially with the current meta. Thought I'd love to play as UK wedzme litwe i chodzmy miedzymordze
    • Stiflex

    Were here to bully kyle now are we? :P

    1. Stiflex


      Indeed we are.

    • Venzzy
    • Stiflex

    Damn, that profile song, #neverforget

    • Stiflex
    • evanm23

    Ye wee junkey - 


    • LouieRP
    • Stiflex

    OI OI 

    1. Stiflex


      BOI BOI

  2. Endeavour's Farm

    Sounds great Lads, good luck!
  3. The excessive use of the word "fuck" makes the story a lot more interesting, idk why.
  4. My Edited Screenshots

    Damn, they look great. Would you mind if I'd use them for gfx? (Masks and etc primarily)
  5. Stiflex

    Now to wait another fucking year for the new season...

    1. Venzzy


      The walking dead is back soon

    2. Stiflex


      Quite some time till october.

  6. Promotion

    Sounds like a great way to get tycoon for free. Too bad I already have it. Will there be any point to collecting these points apart from getting name changes (which premiums already get) for tycoons?
  7. Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    Think that was Viserion... I wonder if Jon will ever get to plow his cousin. Would make for an interesting conversation with Brann afterwards.
  8. Roots

    Lookin great coco, hope this group works out lads!
  9. Stiflex

    Episode 6 leaked, Lich King Sindragosa confirmed.

  10. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

    Either Ian or Jorah