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  1. ToeZOG


    I miss Toez.

    1. Falk


      i dont

    2. RogueSolace


      ❤️ He'll be back soon

    3. Mexi


      He will?🤔

      Glad you enjoyed the PK though!

    4. ToeZOG


      Falk: Eat my E-Peen. 

      Rogue: Unfortunately He got shot by some rather nice Chernarussian folk as he looked over a nice windy river the same day you gave him his options... I don't think he'll be going for his treatment. I'm sorry!

      Mexi: It was the right thing to do, a fairly peaceful way to go and just fit at the time in terms of RP. As much as I would have liked to keep him going, gotta let things happen otherwise nothing ever moves forward and any war would be stale as ever. You guys executed (Pun intended) it so well aswell, never pointing a gun etc. and just letting the RP flow. I was very impressed. ❤️ 

    5. Mexi


      I wasn’t there but I wish one of the fuckers recorded. I was told that it was good and you enjoyed it, which is the main thing!

      Maybe people will stop talking shit about the group as a whole OOC, seems to be difficult for people to grasp the idea that we’re good at RP AND we can actually act upon our threats. 🤔



    6. ToeZOG


      Awh bugger! You should've been there, definitely. 

      It played out nice, seemingly for once I've gone down to an RP situation, looking for Good RP, and found it through some of the most peaceful hostility i've experienced. 

      You've left me with a new character though and accents are hard ya' fecker. 😠 

    7. TheMrGasMaskOG


      Hey next Lore Wipe. Two good characters will return. ❤️

    8. Mexi


      New Lore no old characters.

      Change my mind.

      It was more the fact you were going to die anyway, didn’t make sense to make you suffer beforehand to the guys I don’t think so you got a nice exit. Glad you enjoyed.

    9. Xehara


      When is lore wipe again? 

    10. Mexi


      It's not scheduled at all.

    11. TheMrGasMaskOG


      Hope it's soon. 🤞

    12. Mexi


      I don’t. Plenty of other stories going on currently that aren’t finished.


    13. RogueSolace


      Well shit I did not know that

      And yes, there are a lot of impt stories both happening and waiting to happen that a lot of people are not realizing exist 

    14. TheMrGasMaskOG


      I hope it happens in a couple of months. I'm struggling to even come up with a new character plus I miss playing Artyom so... 🤷‍♂️

    15. Mexi


      I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

      Lore wipe is meant to freshen things up with new characters and scenarios. Not being back old ones to turn shot back to the same as it is now.🙄

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