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  1. Well, just to tag on to what everyone else has pretty much been saying: Traders and Fast travel is an awful idea.

    Secondly,  I'm gonna almost guaruntee that certain groups that just want to meme will just make all their guns pink or some stupid all color, and I can't wait for that to ruin my immersion more as they all fast travel away after all buying ghillie suits and cat ears. 

    This wasn't very cash money of you.

  2. Absolutely amazing stuff displayed by @StagsviewRB for Pt.1 of our adventure. Truly an immersive and fun night to be had and really well done. All I can say is hats off to him, for making a lot of the specific stuff for our group up on the fly and still making it fit and makes sense and flow. 

    Basically, HUGE +1 Staggsy.  ❤️ 

    <Also Major helped a little I guess.>

  3. Hey that's me! MUM I'M ON TV!

    No but seriously, I stand by what I said and will further the point here: I believe that big events can be a thing, and i'm sure like you say, you have stuff set up and in the works that just requires a lot of commitment and trust and likely a lot of backup plans. It's hard work, and I think we do, or at least should, appreciate that. 

    Whilst personally I loved the concept of the war between the two factions, it simply made no IC sense for my character to go for it either way, and on an OOC level I wasn't too bothered about a PVP Event to a point where I didn't want to make another character just to play for it, because it wouldn't develop my story lines. I think the key to getting people interested, dedicated and involved in big lore events is always to give an incentive, dangle a reward or a prize in front of our faces. Now obviously that is going to be difficult, you don't want to be just doing events for a few guns or whatever, and you don't want to take it OOC. I know that with the development a little while ago and the reports of large hoards making their way over from the NE, there is an incentive to have the upper hand in that battle, or sway that battle. Let's be honest as well, everyone just wants to be seen, to be remembered, to be acknowledged and have a name for themselves. Maybe some of these things can be taken and used. 

    I think it all boils down to a simple formula;

    Issue -> 1 or more resolutions leading to different results -> Reward or consequence. 

    This works for anything negative, for example the hordes, if maybe radio broadcasts go out and it is organised that certain things need to be accomplished in order to slow the horde, and if the horde is slowed then maybe supplies etc. can be dropped for the people that clearly slowed them etc. ACTION = REWARD. The RP along the way built from this should be gently guided and as long as the people participating in said event / action have any sense about them should be building their own RP from the gentle push given by the event. 

    I don't want to write too much more before I just start building ideas for Lore events etc etc. However I think that the overall issue at the minute is this: Everything feels hunky dory. This is the apocalypse, and yet it feels like we can all walk around without too much of a worry because we've all hunkered down into our own spots. The events need to bring a gritty, desperate feeling in my eyes, things need to get notably worse if something is failed, something that people can be miserable about, something that can keep people talking. 

    I don't know the answers, I'll continue to brainstorm some stuff to try and develop further on these little points, let's move things forward and make the events something progressive in terms of the grit and overall atmosphere of the server.

  4. Whilst we may have just gotten stoned and tipsy, i've had an amazing night, something I've really needed recently, and I've got so much love for all of you guys, to be able to chill, relax and actually still get some RP development? You're some of the best people i've met here, and i've met a lot of people. 😛 


    My love goes out to @McLeranth, @cheeks, @DookieCS, @Franny, @Ducky, @Azu and to anyone I missed, I'm really sorry, I can't think of usernames right now. Just know you're all in my heart. ❤️ 

  5. @Franny @Ducky @cheeks @Azu - Y'all are some amazing people, love the roster we've got together, I've not had a moment of boredom yet.

    @Isaiah CortezPVE @MajooRB @derNils @Demaabd - Real interesting stuff very likely coming up v v soon, I'm excited to see how we mix

    @McLeranth @DookieCS - I tried looking for the rest of y'alls profiles but couldn't find them. I love how are groups are interacting, and the way it's so dynamic with a lil bit of mystery between us but a whole lot of love. Can't wait to see where this whole thing leads.


    Much love for all the action we had go on tonight, now we just have to find that tank...

  6. ToeZies POV:

    Ducky, Cheeks and I are treated badly by the foreigners when we first walk through Kab and so decide that we will go back and try and take action.

    We go into the town, initiate on the people in the piano house, one is killed for not complying by cheeks, the one upstairs is taken hostage.

    I go out to watch the front gate and see movement and a yellow armband by the store and so move over to secure, I initiate a couple of times on the store from right by it to ensure that I am within my rights, I peak into the back door and see someone with a yellow armband trying to hold the doorway. I kill him and we start moving the prisoner south to interrogate / torture, however as we are moving away one of their own kills the hostage and we come under some light fire, none of us being hit. We exfil. North and get to a safe distance and wait some time. Cheeks waits out the timer and Ducky and I decide we're not happy with being shot at so we go back. 

    We initiate on the piano house several times from both of us to ensure they heard us when Grenades start coming from the windows etc. I move around the back of the house, trying to secure the area, and then go to the store and secure that. I throw a bad nade which didn't go far enough and as I am about to move back round to the piano compound I get 1 tapped to the side of the head from the east. Silly me for not wearing a helmet.

  7. Dominik POV:

    Me and Maxim spend roughly 15 or so minutes watching this camp from the shadows, I have the only set of Night vision I take an opportunity to move around the side of the castle and get caught moving by one of the guys in the camp, I play it off casually and join them at the campfire, conveniently getting them to drop their guard somewhat.

    We were in desperate need of weapons due to getting robbed earlier that day. I see the flash bang come in and go off, stunning a couple of the people around the campfire before Maxim (Ducky) Runs up and makes a clear initiation.

    However Nadya had gotten up and was sprinting to the side during the initiation, which to me looked as if she was running off, and then after a couple of seconds, Ducky takes the shot and takes her out.

    During this I kept my Makarov locked on the one man by the campfire and keeping an eye on the shed the other man had run into, trying to keep the situation under control. We explain the situation that we were in need and would hopefully pay the Slovak back some day when we could, but right now we were in need.


    EDIT: No video evidence from my end #potatoPC

  8. 18 minutes ago, Dallebull said:

    Yeah. Got other problems now tho. I cannot find the server ingame. It shows up in DZSA tho but that doesn't help.
    I have to use "-connect=s1.dayzrp.com:2300" to get in 😕

    I wish they used the DZSA launcher and .exe instead of the vanilla one that barely works.


    Sex is Male but Char is Female, any way to fix that?

    Connecting through the vanilla Parameters works fine as long as you have all the mods installed, DayZSA sucks in my opinion. 

    To switch your char you need to kill the character, then on the "You are dead" screen, click exit, make your character on the home page, then use the server browser and find the server again, when you respawn you should be the desired model.

  9. How would groups etc. work transitioning from there to here? Just seems like such a large divide that PC will have nearly never heard of any of the people or groups... Also quick question out of curiosity, do you know if the servers will be a Hive between Xbox and PS4?

  10. ToeZ POV:

    Came up from the south barracks and set up on the plane as overwatch with Ducky, I wasn't paying too much attention, mainly just seeing if anyone was around other than our lads.  

    The initiation occurred but as there was a couple of the lads around  him I felt no need to do anything as I couldn't see / have a full grasp on the situation, OP got killed and we left.

    No video from my side.

  11. ToeZies POV:

    I was performing some early morning scouting for potential bases or small group strongholds in the early hours (1/2am GMT) and came across a small base that was worth a look in. I managed to jump and climb my way up onto and then over the walls and get access into the base. After quickly looking around I used the tools I had on me to break into a few areas and began to have a look around. I noticed that they had some items of interest and had themselves a vehicle inside their compound. After searching through what I could I took only what I deemed fair (which was one firearm and some other bits and pieces but I can't recall what, likely tools and the like). When in the process of leaving I  figured it would be a good idea to disable their vehicle, in order to prevent them from immediately roaming. In order to do this I fired at two of the tyres to ruin them - I did not wish to destroy the car, just make it so they needed to repair the car before going mobile again, I fired at two (2) to ensure they could not just replace it with the spare immediately and chase after me if they'd seen me leaving. This was a decision I made in-character but I appreciate that it was not necessary and could be construed as simply griefing but that was not my intention. I then made my way out of the compound and went about my business. The decision to ruin the tyres was born of my 2am brain and I apologise if it has been seen as unnecessary.

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