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  1. Just now, Firemoiselle said:

    I ain't feeling bleeding feet every 15 minutes and needing new shoes that I like either.

    IMO I'd like for it to be upped - but the degrading factor still being left in.

    That's the whole point of the thread, choose an option for how long you want it to take.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jorrdan Versock said:

    Im a Rapier Shield Main and Im Proud of it 

    Firstly, you disgust me.

    Secondly, you dishonour your country.

    Thirdly, nice clips shroudo.

  3. *Dominik hears the static pop through his radio before the familiar voice announced itself. Dominik immediately dropped everything he was doing, and pulled the radio off of his chest rig, pulling it up to speak, pushing the PTT*

    "BRATR! You are coming through loud and clear!"

    *Dominik let's go for a second as he punches the air in excitement that his old friend has returned*

    "You have returned from Jerusalem! How was it! How have you been! Bratr there are too many questions! I will come and find you! We will speak for days of your exploits! I am sure they will sing songs of them! Aha! You have brought a new life to Chernarus, I can already feel it! The deer won't even know what hit them! Ahaha!"

    *Dominik settles down a bit and pulls out his map, looking to figure out which direction Radomir would have come from*

    "I figure you'll be out in the west, as such so will I bratr, I will see you soon! OH, and let us not play joke, nobody kills Dominik, but Dominik."

    *Dominik let's go of the PTT, but realises he forgot to say something and quickly pushes it again*


    *Dominik releases the PTT and starts sprinting West, the ground shaking beneath the size of him*

  4. I totally agree with compensation. The removal of points means nothing, unless you are racking up points left right and centre, 5/10 points is nothing in the grand scheme of things. So for having to be forced off the game for 3-7 days for something that was found to be fine is a real ball-ache, for both the RP scenarios and the fact you then have to listen to all your pals havin' a great time whilst you sit there twiddling your thumbs and refreshing your appeal. 

    I think like a euro on the store for each day you were banned would be nice, that way people who were off for 7 days can have a pair of aviators or something. 

  5. +1 +1 +1, I remember when me and some guy called Oyface used to run around the coast, living off some boat just looking like pure filth, and like we'd come through an actual battle in the apocolypse. Not as if we'd just come from the dry cleaners. 

    IF it is at all possible to wear ruined clothes, please do so.

  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

    Why the verdict is not fair: The full phrase that I was yelling at the OP was, as seen in the video at 2h 32m https://m.twitch.tv/videos/422214882

    "Mister Blue! Drop that fucking gun! Right Now! Put it away right this fucking minute!"

    How this could possibly have been misheard or not heard at all is beyond me, I am right next to him, closer to him than the author of the video, and even the author was able to hear me clearly, there is absolutely no reason he should have been confused about the situation, let alone claim he didn't hear it.

    My weapon was raised, everyone else was perfectly aware of what was happening and the fact that the OP is incapable of listening to someone screaming into the side of his head is ultimately not my fault.

    Additionally, not only was he incapable of listening, he instead of doing as instructed turns around to face me with his weapon thus forcing my hand to fire.

    Never in my life have I seen someone get banned for reacting to something in this manner, this is the expected response when someone who has been initiated on and instructed to drop their weapon turns to FACE you with said weapon in their hands.

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: See above.

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed

    What could you have done better?: Wake up my neighbours by raising my voice louder than it already was.

  7. Mexi was mistaken, we didn't talk about Religion to YOU, that was another person. What we did argue about however was the idea that the Americans came to save the country and that they 'saved' the country. I gave you several warning about this and told you many times in the camp to walk away. When you followed us into the woods after we told people to leave, I initiated on you because you'd already angered us within the camp, and then when you were at the situation just watching what was going on, I decided it was appropriate to take you hostage and ensure that you weren't going to spreading that belief. I had all the reason I needed to initiate on you when i'm a nationalist, and you were talking about the American's being the greatest. 

    I said many times: "You in the blue" or something along those lines, you were the only one wearing anything blue. Everyone else had left. I think it's perfectly reasonable to initiate from BEHIND you, when you have a gun in your hands, I don't want you to try and shoot me. 

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